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Toro Snow Master Reviews

By: Darion Robinson

Aching backs, cold fingers or feet, blisters on the hands, and exhaustion. These are all the adverse side effects of using conventional products such as snow shovels to remove snow. More so, recent studies have also associated snow removal with a host of body injuries, which makes it a hot topic during winter. In this case, a good place for you to start would be with the best Toro SnowMaster Reviews. 

To be specific, these are electrical snow blowers, which deliver power as though they were gas-powered machines. Furthermore, the Toro brand is immensely popular for producing high-quality property management resources. Thus, toss out your shovel and get prepared for convenient winters all thanks to the Toro brand and its unique range of snow blowers. 

If you live in locations that experience regular snow, or if you are perhaps want to get rid of a back-aching shovel, then a snow blower is the way to go. These machines are generally lightweight and have unique mechanical structures to make snow removal a breeze. Below are some of the best Toro snow master snow blowers for you to consider. Also compiled with the list of reviews are some useful information that you should consider when buying a snowblower.



Featuring the exceptional and patented Power Curve System, the Toro Snowthrower provides an excellent way to get rid of snow from your property. It also comes with a curved rotor and funnel-shaped housing that his exceptionally durable. 

Aside from the wide rubber paddles that propel the machine forward, you can also expect a durable unit that offers immense longevity. This unique technology lets this snow thrower remove more snow in less time, thereby stopping any issues such as clogging.

With an average removal capacity of as much as 700 pounds per minute, this unit lets you remove large batches of snow with a short duration. Besides that, the snow cut depth of 10 inches per pass means that you won’t have to repeat any snow removal projects that you have already done. Since it’s an electrical snow blower, you can also forget about issues such as engine priming or clod starts. You trigger the engine on by flicking a simple switch.

Since this unit has a thoughtful design structure, it only weighs an average of 30 pounds, thus making it simple to manoeuvre. Also, the ergonomic handle provides optimal comfort and leverage, which allows you to transport the snowblower through different terrains easily. You will also appreciate that the handles never get cold regardless of the temperature levels outdoors. The unique cord lock system means that you won’t have to stop using the machine due to interrupted power.

The Good

  • Powerful 20-amp motor is powerful and silent
  • Ergonomic handles provide a comfortable surface to place your hands
  • The unique cord lock system offers a reliable power supply
  • Easy to customize and adjust this snowblowe

The Bad

  • Heavy to carry around for some users
  • The ergonomic grips are not durable enough


Change how you get rid of snow during the winters by using the Toro 38381 Electric Snow Blower. Designed to move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute, this unit offers optimal efficiency for your needs. Besides that, the inclusion of a 15-amp electric motor works well for various locations including driveways, patios, decks and more.

It can also provide an exceptional 18-inch clearance level, which allows for quick clearing results. The inclusion of power curve technology means that this unit can clean down to the pavement and also reduces clogging. With a unique 160-degree adjustable chute, this unit will allow for optimal snow blowing control results. 

The snowblower also has a full bail ergonomic handle and quick level that will make it simple to use. The Toro SnowMaster brand has also done well by ensuring that the snowblower features simple to use controls. This way, you can easily customize the machine to suit your specific needs, especially when working on difficult snow terrains. 

Best of all, this heavy-duty unit also has a collapsible frame that makes it simple to store after use, or during the non-winter seasons. The maintenance-free engine also roars to life without any priming or pulling of cords involved. While this unit features a powerful motor that is both energy-efficient and powerful, it still manages to be one of the most compact snow blowers you have ever seen.

The Good

  • Ergonomic handles and quick level provide optimal user convenience
  • The 15-amp motor is powerful and silent in operation
  • 160-degree chute does well to move snow in different directions
  • Compact in size and weighs only 25 pounds

The Bad

  • Could use heated handles
  • The wheels are not suitable for super thick snow


Life at home during the winter has never been this easy. The Toro 1800 18-inch 12 amp electric curve snow thrower offers the perfect snow removal solution for your property. The motor is both powerful and energy-efficient at the same time, thus making it ideal for heavy snow removal. This unit is an electric curve snow thrower that features a simple trigger start and with no parts to lubricate.

Furthermore, it has a powerful 12-amp motor that can throw snow as far as 30 feet. The snow thrower also has a durable plastic body, that offers longevity and enhanced performance regardless of the conditions. Even more, this unit is simple to customize, and the well-positioned user controls take your snow removal ability to the next level.

When you want to clear a large area, you will really appreciate the powerful and compact size of this snowblower. It comes with a reliable and powerful 12-amp motor, which can deliver high torque, while also operating at relatively low speeds. Featuring a unique cord lock system, this unit also does well to eliminate any issues such as potential downfalls. More so, the inclusion of a simple start-up function, means that you can use the machine even on relatively cold days. Thus, using this machine is as simple as squeezing the trigger on the control bar and then releasing.

You can also forget about issues such as cold starts when using this unit. The unique performance of the engine means that there are no priming or cold starts required.

The Good

  • Simple trigger start offers ease of use
  • The powerful 12-amp motor can throw snow up to 20 feet
  • Durable plastic body and metal handle for optimal performance
  • Comes with a 160-degree adjustable chute for ease of use

The Bad

  • Some users prefer a 180-degree adjustable chute
  • The handles are somewhat small for some users


This list would not have been complete without the Toro 38371 12 Amp Snow Master. It is a compact and simple to use snow blower that is designed to provide the ideal power to ration level. It comes with a unique Qwik Key starting, that makes it highly convenient to use. Even more, the machine has intuitive controls, and the 25 pounds makes it simple to manoeuvre. The snowblower is also easy to store and manoeuvre, all thanks to its small footprint.

Featuring a powerful 12 amp electric motor, thus best Toro Snowmaster Snowblower can move as much as 500 pounds of snow each minute. More so, the blower is also able to clear broad paths that average at 15 inches wide, thanks to the unique Power Curve Technology. You can also use this unit to launch snow as far as 25 feet with optimal control. The inclusion of the convenient zip deflector means that this unit does a spending job of throwing snow to another location.

You will also appreciate the unique cord lock, that does well to prevent the machine from coming undone. Weighing in at just 25 pounds, the 1500 Snowblower is lightweight, and with a direction control handle that doubles up as portability solution.

The Good

  • Powerful motor suitable for sidewalks, decks, walkways and more
  • Can move as much as 500 pounds of snow per minute for efficient clearing
  • 180-degree direction control and zip deflector
  • Power curve technology cleans down to the pavement

The Bad

  • Some of the controls are not well positioned
  • The zip deflector is not durable


Discover the excellence of using the Toro Snowmaster 724 QXE Snowblower, which makes up for an excellent addition to your property management regimen. This unit comes with a powerful motor, that is both efficient and effective at handling thick snow.

The Toro Snowmaster brand has also done well to ensure that this unit is powerful, and without producing any unnecessary noise during operation. Yes, that’s right, you can use this unit to remove snow without having to wake the neighbours. 

Even more, the snowblower features all-terrain wheels, which work well to move the snowblower through different terrains. This unit even features easy to use controls, which make the machine simple to customize regardless of the visibility. You will also appreciate the highly ergonomic handles, which are exceptionally comfortable in the hands. The handles don’t get cold and are suitable for working areas that experience thick snow. Similar to all the high-quality Toro Snowblowers, this unit is both robust and reliable for several years. 

As one of the best snow blowers on the market, this unit also has a powerful auger, which can remove up to 200 pounds of snow every minute. With just the simple flick of a button, the motor on this unit roars to life, ready to take on any snow. The electric motor also means that you don’t have to struggle with inconveniences such as pull cords or engine priming.

The Good

  • The powerful auger can remove as much as 200 pounds of snow per minute
  • Heavy-duty snowblower construction is durable
  • Simple to use and customize machine controls
  • High-quality all-terrain wheels which provide enhanced mobility

The Bad

  • The auger is sometimes prone to thick snow
  • You might have to carry the machine when you meet pavements

How to Buy the Best Snow Blower

Before buying a suitable snow blower for your needs, there are some few key factors to consider. Start with critical features of the machine, which might include:

Snow Blower Stages

These are electrical appliances which classify into a few significant categories for ease of feature identification. Usually, all snow blowers feature an auger, which works to suck up snow from the snow and release it through a chute. To be specific, the single-stage snow blowers feature a corkscrew-shaped auger. The two-stage models feature an auger as well as an impeller. An impeller is a fan which works to direct the collected snow from the rear of the auger, and out from the chute. More so, an impeller is a component which allows the two-stage snow blowers to accumulate snow and releases it farther. In the three-stage models, you might come across an impeller and auger as well. It might also feature a component referred to as the accelerator. The role of the accelerator is to improve the rate at which the snow thrower can collect and throw snow.

Wheels vs Tracks

Most if not all snow blowers have wheels to provide ease of mobility. However, other single-stage brands allow the user to pull or push the snowblower. More so, some higher-end brands feature snow blowers that acquire power from the engine. Thus, these tools are highly suitable for clearing large loads of snow, particularly if you don’t have the strength to push and pull. Some snow blowers feature tracks instead of wheels. The benefit of the tracks is that they are ideal for steep hills and driveways.

Machine Construction

A good snow blower also has a solid framework that does well to plough right through the snow. Usually, these units have flexible edges and heavy-duty structures that make it simple to scoop snow from the ground. It should scoop snow, without causing any damage to structures such as your driveway. When combined with a powerful motor, you can be sure of a unit that can easily throw snow 30 feet away. 

Even more, the chute should also be adjustable to suit your unique snow removal needs. You should be able to rotate the head 180 degrees, just by turning the crank. In some cases, this feature is backed with a single button loaded adjustment lever to correct the angle of the thrown snow.

Consider checking the machine for a collapsible frame, that makes it easy to store during a period such as summertime. Other features such as an onboard carrying handle provide easy transportation between snow removal jobs.

Motor Performance

You also benefit highly by choosing a snow blower that has a powerful and efficient motor. Usually, a good snow blower has a motor that classifies in between 15 to 30 amps of power. Furthermore, the motor should be powerful, and without adding any unnecessary weight to the overall structure of the machine. The Toro Snowmaster brand is popular for producing snow blowers with exceptionally powerful but compact motors. Best of all, the way in which the motor starts are also important. Techniques such as pull cords or engine priming are sometimes not suitable for some users.

Other Features

  • Deadman control – all high-quality snow blowers come with a unique dead man control feature. It is an important feature that stops the impeller and auger from functioning when you stop using the machine.
  • Long handle – the length of the handle on the snowblower is vital because it lets you adjust the auger and impeller to suit your needs
  • Electric start – being able to start a snowblower with a simple flip of a switch is highly convenient. Thus, ensure that you select a snowblower with a simple to use electric start function.
  • Headlight – a headlight is highly convenient, especially if you have to work late in the evenings or early in the mornings
  • Speeds – most snow blowers come with several forward and reverse speeds. A choice of speeds are important and help to stop any issues such as clogs as you move through thick snow.
  • Trigger– the ideal trigger for a snow blower is handlebar-mounted, and provides convenient steering by cutting power from both wheels
  • Discharge shoot control – some of the higher end snow blowers feature joystick controls that make it simple to adjust the direction of the chute. Such a feature is convenient, and you should ensure that the control dial is also well positioned.

Questions to Ask When Buying A Snow Blower

There are three main types of snowblower. They include the single, two and three-stage electric or gas models. Before buying any of these appliances, you must ask various critical questions such as

Where will I use the snowblower?

People usually require snow blowers to clear different types of areas, including patios, driveways, pavements, backyards and more. Thus, being able to consider the average size of the area that you will clear plays a major role in your choice of machinery. 

What is the depth of snow that I need to clear?

The different classifications of snow blowers have as many different levels of height capabilities. For instance, while a single-stage machine is only useful for up to 8 inches of snow, the two and three-stage versions can clear as much as 16 inches. 

What type of snow do I need to clear?

Remember to consider the depth of snow that you need to clear at a given area or a specific point in time. For instance, places that experience thick winter will require a much more powerful three-stage snowblower. 

What type of terrain will I be working on?

The terrain is crucial because it helps you to choose whether your snowblower moves through wheels or tracks. Wheels are beneficial because they make it easy to move across the various types of terrains. That said, the tracks are highly durable, but won’t provide the same mobility benefits as a wheel.

What are the Main Components of A Snowblower?

A conventional snowblower might comprise of the following key components:

  1. Auger – this is a metal that has a spiral-like shape which rotates at high speed on the front section of the snowblower. It works to break down the snow and directs it to the chute for removal. In the single-stage brands, the auger works double roles, whereby it breaks down and release the snow in one motion. A two-stage snowblower features an auger that works to collect and transfer snow the central section of the machine for discharging. 
  2. Impeller – this is the second component of a dual-stage snowblower, which exists close the auger. The role of the impeller is to collect snow and direct it to the chute.
  3. The chute – the chute is a chimney that exists behind the structure of the auger. The role of the chute is to direct snow to the exterior of the snowblower


Winter is a time of the year, where you should get to relax and enjoy spending time with close friends or family. There is nothing worse than when you can’t move around your property because of thick snow. More so, there is nothing worse than the backaches and blisters you will get from hours of shoveling. Therefore, a good snowblower is the perfect way for you to go in this case. To be specific, the Toro SnowMaster Reviews are excellent for anyone who lives in areas that experience regular snowfall. 

You want an appliance that is powerful, simple to use, and best of all – easy to store when there is no winter. With a Toro Snowblower, you can easily enjoy all these conveniences during winter, and reduce any likelihood of issues such as back injuries. 

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