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Safety Tips And Care For Using A Saw

By: Darion Robinson

I was surprised when I was provided expert reviews of the tips and care I should follow when using a simple saw. What I wanted was just a tool to cut pieces of wood. The saw I had chosen was widely used and operated on electricity. I knew it was capable of cutting wood and could even injure me if I came into direct contact with the blades. I was aware of the basic precautions I had to take but was surprised by the information given to me by my friends.

I only planned to use a simple saw and not any nuclear device. I also made arrangements to purchase one of the best models available in the market to ensure it would stand me in good stead. Nevertheless, I continued to receive the tips and care as I was told until I finally got fed up and decided to listen carefully once for all. Looking back I realize it was one of the best decisions I made because it educated me on how I could safeguard myself from injuries and accidents because I did not use the saw as advised. Let me exchange some of the tips I received so you can go through this article whenever you decide to use a saw for cutting any wood.

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My Top Tips & Care to Use With Your Saws

Wear Goggles And a Safety Mask

I didn’t need to look like Spiderman when using a saw but there certainly was no harm in wearing goggles and a safety mask when using this tool. It was essential for me to understand to understand the risk of splinters flying around is high when using a hand saw. I also had to be prepared for the event of the item being sawed rebounding and hitting me. The safety mask and goggles were just to protect my face and eyes which I couldn’t afford to damage or lose.

Choosing A Saw Of the Right Size

I was advised not to choose a saw without assessing the stock in my possession. I had to ascertain the size of the saw I want to purchase ensuring it wasn’t too big or too small for the project I had. It was also because hand saws are available in different sizes and capacities. So I choose a miter saw and have written some reviews on the best to buy.

Inspecting The Hand Saw Before and after Every Use

This was a warning I received from my friend who asked me to inspect the saw for any signs of damage thoroughly. I had to check whether the handle was loose, the blade is bent or broken, the blade has any missing teeth, and advised I should not be using the saw in my possession. I also had to ensure that the tool was not used by anyone else by marking it as unsafe.

Inspecting The Stock In My Possession For Knots And Nails

If the stock in my possession was going to be cut did I also need to inspect it? This rather took me by surprise until I was given the reasons for the same. Metal pieces, nails, screws, and knots which could be embedded in the stock had the potential to damage the blade. It could also cause the hand saw to buckle resulting in an injury. I was advised to properly inspect the stock in my possession if I wanted to avoid any such situations.

Checking The Sharpness Of the Blades

I was aware it was necessary to check the sharpness of the blades regularly and was prepared to do it as frequently as I was using the saw. Here again, I was advised not to use my hands for testing the sharpness of the hand saw with my hands or any part of the body. I was told any such actions may result in cuts and injury. I wondered how I could check the sharpness without touching the blade because I did not have any mechanism to verify the sharpness simply by viewing it. However, I decided to follow the advice provided to me and am still doing so without fail.

Begin Slowly

Just because I had a hand saw it did not give me the freedom to begin using the tool any which way I wanted. I was advised to use long and even strokes when I began to cut the material. It was to prevent the buckling and the rebound of the hand saw. This information was new to me and therefore I decided to follow it without fail.

Ensure That the Stock Being Cut Is Firmly in Place

I was advised I could avoid serious injury if I ensured I made arrangements to hold the stock firmly in place with a vise or a clamp if the stock was heavy on large. I could only hold small objects with my free hand if I was wearing thick gloves to protect my hand from the motion of the saw. I could also ask my assistant (if I had one) to hold the stock in place.

Maintain The Hand Saw Properly

If I wanted the hand saw to operate properly I had to ensure it was clean at all times. I also had to inspect it for damages and have it repaired or replaced as the situation demanded.

Storing the Saw In a Safe Place

I also had to arrange for a safe place to store the saw. The place had to be enclosed to ensure the saw was kept away from people not authorized to use it. I also had to ensure children should not be allowed in the vicinity where the saw is stored or whenever I am operating the saw.

Full-Length Strokes Directed Away from the Body Were Advised

In order to get the best results from every stroke along with stability, I was advised to run the hand saw along the full length of its blade. I was told to direct the tool away from my body and always to maintain a safe and comfortable distance every time I was using the hand saw.

Closing Statement

The safety tips and care I was advised for using a saw appeared as though I was purchasing a lethal tool which had the potential to turn back up on me if I didn’t follow the advise I was provided. Initially, I didn’t think much about it but only realized that the safety tips and care were provided to me for my safety. Ever since the realization I have always followed the tips and can now confidently state I am a careful user of a saw.

Woodworking Safety Tips For Saws

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Safety Tips And Care For Using A Saw
I was surprised when I was provided expert reviews of the tips and care I should follow when using a simple saw. But safety is the most important aspect to using any type of tools. Take a look here to see some of the best tips and tricks of saw safety and care!
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