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Milwaukee Chainsaw Review (2020 Update)

By: Darion Robinson

milwaukee chainsaw

Features from A Glance

  • 16-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Power state brushless motor delivers 400cc of power
  • Redlithium high output 12. Ah battery pack
  • Dual stud for enhanced chain and bar retention
  • Automatic oiler for proper chain lubrication
  • Onboard storage for wrenches

There is no denying it, a chainsaw is a powerful machine, and can be an excellent addition to your professional woodwork projects or even for DIY home maintenance. While choosing a good saw is vital for your needs, some brands don’t deliver high-performance machines where it counts. Based on several hours of research, we have identified some of the best of chainsaws for you to consider. 

An excellent example would be this Milwaukee Chainsaw review, which is an excellent place for you to start. Before investing in a chainsaw, it’s also important that you consider some few key features for the best user experience. These include the motor power, safety features, anti-kickback benefits and more. We considered all these features when identifying this saw, thus making it an excellent suggestion for any savvy woodworker.

Features Description

Brushless Motor

For those who are not aware, a brushless motor is a synchronous electric motor that vibrates using electric power. This chainsaw has a brushless motor that uses a direct current power to activate magnets that operate a rotor. Rather than using brushes and a commutator, these motors consist of a component referred to as the “motor controller.” The component rotates and in turn, produces electrical energy, which is converted to mechanical energy. The main benefit of such a motor is that it produces less electrical noises, no brushes to wear out, and also cool relatively fast. 

The motor also features a unique Redlink Plus Intelligence feature. This helps to prevent any further damage to the tool and battery as you engage in heavy-duty applications. More so, this feature does all this, while also maintaining compatibility across the entire m18 system.

Ease of Use Features

A power supply is a vital factor to consider when it comes to investing in the best chainsaw for your needs. The battery should not only provide reliable power, but it should also add minimal weight to the overall structure of the unit. This unit also features a unique red lithium battery pack, that will provide 50% more power, and runs 50% cooler than the conventional HD packs.

Furthermore, the superior pack construction also delivers some of the best protection against the aggressive conditions of a job site. Apart from that, the battery is also lightweight and does not compromise the overall weight of the chainsaw.

milwaukee chainsaw features

To take things to the next level, this unit also features a dual stud for enhanced bar and chain retention. The inclusion of an automatic oiler for optimal chain lubrication and improved productivity. While you may have to replace the automatic oiler at some point, it is highly convenient and suitable for heavy-duty projects.

Kickback Reduction

For those who are not aware, kickback occurs when you engage the chain in the “kickback zone.” Some saws for domestic garden use are capable of shieling this entire section from contact with the user with a unique “tip protector.” It’s important to note that cutting with a chainsaw might produce a reach force on the saw. This force should occur on the lower edge of the bar, where the chain is moving toward the saw. When the chain travels downwards, such as at the tip of the bar, the same reaction force might now occur backward.

Thus, this best chainsaw features a unique on and off switch. It deactivates the motor when such an issue occurs. Otherwise referred to as the kill switch, this unit is well indicated on the chainsaw for convenient user control. More so, the chain also features a positive click action for the switch. The unique switch does well to reduce the likelihood that the switch will change position accidentally, especially when working in hardwoods.

Unique Handle and Anti Vibration

The front and rear handle on this unit are well spaced to provide sufficient leverage for optimal tool control. Furthermore, the tool also provides enhanced control, especially when you come across issues such as a kickback. The operating controls of the chainsaw, such as the engine stop and throttle and the throttle, are well-positioned to make it easy to operate the tool.

Remember that it is difficult to use a rear handled saw with one hand. Attempting to control the tool from such an approach is not recommended. Even more, the Milwaukee brand has done well to incorporate the chainsaw with anti-vibration features. The anti-vibration helps to reduce any issues that might come across when using the tool for large projects.

16 Inch Oregon Bar and Chain

This unit features a powerful variable speed trigger that offers optimal user control. More so, the unique chainsaw will also provide more than sufficient power required to cut hardwoods. The saw cuts way faster than gas and will give as much as 150 cuts per charge. Thus, you can be sure of a chainsaw that has a design that meets the performance, durability, and ergonomic needs of a woodworker. Even more, you will also appreciate the unique M18 fuel technology that allows the machine to achieve full throttle in as little as 60 seconds. With such immense access to various power technologies, you can be sure of a machine that provides optimal productivity.

What We Really Like

Designed to be one of the best chainsaws on the consumer market, there are various aspects we really like in this unit. For instance, we really liked the brushless motor, that does well to maintain optimal speed even when working on heavy loads. Furthermore, the motor can hold heavy loads, without bogging down. 

Besides that, the unique battery intelligence feature ensures that the tool provides maximum performance and protection from various issues. These include problems such as overheating, overload, and over-discharge. More so, the inclusion of the redlithium high output battery will also provide unmatched runtime for all your applications. Best of all, we also liked the unique full technology, that does well to take the performance and machine reliability to the next level.

Best Milwaukee Chainsaw Safety Tips

A chainsaw is no ordinary tool! It usually features a powerful motor that can rotate the chain bar with immense torque. With proper care and safety, you can be able to enjoy the benefit of owning such power in a simple to use and compact machine. Consider these top safety tips when using chainsaws:

1. Use the proper stance – when working with a chainsaw, ensure that you stand correctly. Usually, the “boxer stance” is the most appropriate when working with chainsaws. For right-handed users, this means that you have to consider placing one foot slightly in front and stand at a 45-degree angle. More so, put the left foot slightly back and ensure that your feet are approximately 30 centimeters apart. Then, bend your knees in relation to the nature of the woodworking project. 

2. Hand safety – ensure that you maintain both hands on the saw. Furthermore, ensure that you retain all your attention on the bar during the cutting process. You can also consider investing in additional accessories that you can use to protect your hands from any secondary damage from the chain bar. 

3. Plan the cut – you need to determine the specific location where which the chainsaw will cut. This process involves various techniques, such as determining the start and stop point of the cutting process. Being able to plan the cut is also an important safety factor for you to consider. 

4. Be prepared for the kickback – Always be prepared for the kickback force from the chain. The kickback force is sometimes too high for some novice users, and you need to well prepared for the effect.

5. Consider using a low kickback chain – unless you have sufficient training on using a chainsaw, you should always a chain that delivers reduced kickback. While such a chainsaw might cut slowly, it is often much safer than most chainsaw brands.

6. Wear the correct gear – wearing the appropriate gear when working with your chainsaw is highly essential. The conventional safety gear for chainsaw use includes gloves, boots, chaps, hearing protection, and more.

The Pros

  • Comes with an automatic oiler for the chain and bar which is convenient
  • Powerful HD 12. 0 Ah battery pack which is reliable
  • Variable speed trigger for optimal user control
  • Ergonomic handle and well-balanced chainsaw weight
  • High output charger included

The Cons

  • Plastic inside sprocket housing which might be prone to damage 
  • The chain is difficult to sharpen and might require a chain release for ease of motor use
  • Comes of the chain quite often and requires a much more durable chain design

Milwaukee Chainsaw FAQ

Does any cordless Milwaukee tool battery work with the saw, or do I need to purchase the battery that is available with the tool? 

Yes, as long as the tool features an 18volt battery, then it will be suitable. However, it won’t produce the same amount of torque and might last only for a while

Does it come in a case?

No, but the chainsaw is available with a bar guard that you can slip over the chain stop any further damage to the chain. This even helps to prevent any injury against someone who might brush up against it. 

The product number from the company says that this unit comes with a 12 AH battery. However, the description mentions no battery. Please clarify?

This is a combo kit for woodworking and cutting. The entire set features one 12 ah battery and a charger

What is the main variation between the 2727-21HD and the 2727-20 model?

The 2727-21HD is only available with a charger, while the latter version is available with both a battery and a charger.


The consumer market has various types of saws, which have as many different functionalities and safety factors to consider. In this case, the Milwaukee Chainsaw is an excellent investment for cutting twigs, branches, trees, and more. Designed to be both powerful and easy on the hands at the same time, this unit makes up for an excellent addition to your tool work regimen.

It comes with a powerful motor, and the ergonomic handles mean that the machine sits relatively comfortable in the hands of the user. More so, the features such as the automatic oiler and the redlithium battery, provide ease of use in various ways. As one of the best chainsaws on the consumer market, this unit also has excellent safety features, such as the anti-kickback mechanism. Thus, get a good chainsaw, and instantly take your woodworking project results to the next level.

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