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Leatherman Wave Review (2020 Update)

By: Darion Robinson

leatherman multitool

The wave is hands down one of the most popular multi-tools in the world. It comes with various updated and unique features so that it can tackle tough jobs for many years.

  • Fit more functionality – a variety of pliers, wire strippers, serrated knives, bottle openers, spring-action scissors and more
  • Practical tool design – sometimes you only have one hand to spare. Thus, the Leatherman wave is simple to use with just one hand.
  • Compact and ergonomic design – thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, you can easily stash this unit in your pocket and have it when you need it
  • High quality steel construction – the high-quality material construction of this unit makes it ideal for various applications.

For those who are not aware, the Leatherman wave is among one of the most popular pocket tools in the world. Re-designed way back in 2004 to give it much more style and functionality, this tool has become a mainstay in the DIY and professional industry as well. The Leatherman brand has taken things a step further by adding premium replaceable cutters, thus making this the ideal tool for quick fixes and more. 

While the Leatherman Brand name might seem like some form of marketing, it is a name actually inspired by the developer of the company – Tim Leatherman. He developed the design of the tool based on his many ventures outdoors, where he realized he needed an excellent tool for the purpose. After several years of re-designing and research, he came up with the legendary Leatherman knife which offers myriad user benefits. 

Today, it’s rare to find a DIY enthusiast who does not have a multi-tool wherever they go. Taking such an item along has become as important as grabbing your keys or wallet in the mornings. If you haven’t yet discovered the immense benefits and convenience associated with this tool in person, try this test. For the next few weeks, determine how many times you might have required needle nose pliers, screwdriver or pocket knife?

Also, if you want an excellent gift for a close friend with similar interests, then consider the Leatherman Wave. If you want a multi-tool that you can easily carry in your pocket daily, then this unit will be highly beneficial.

Leatherman Wave Multi- Tool Review

The Leatherman is indeed a big brand when it comes to the specialty tools and knives category. To be specific, the brand has been presented in the gaming industry for well over three decades.

As a dynamic tool, this multi-tool features various components. Weighing in at 8.9oz and made using this stainless steel, this is the ultimate tool for diverse outdoor applications. The long list of these components includes:

  • Dynamic file for metal and wood 
  • Diamonded coated file for hard steel materials
  • Small bit driver for small screwdrivers
  • Saw with sharp teeth for ease of use and convenient maintenance
  • Large bit driver for convenient swapping of drivers
  • Wire strippers make it easy to strip various wire types
  • A 420 HC stainless steel knife that is rust-resistant and simple to maintain
  • A 420 HC stainless steel and a serrated blade for cutting through different types of fiber
  • 8-inch ruler for accurate cutting results
  • Bottle opener to suit different types of bottles
  • Can open fitted with punch style for opening many types of cans outdoors
  • Needle nose pliers suitable for holding small objects
  • Regular pliers for manipulating and holding items
  • Wire cutters for cutting standard gauge wires
  • Medium-sized screwdriver with flathead to suit different screw sizes

Features Description

On the most basic level, this best multi-tool can perform various tasks. Among some of its main components include the:

The Material

This multi tool kit features high carbon (HC) stainless steel that makes it the perfect high production tool. The material has reinforced structure and heat treatment for the best longevity. Furthermore, the black oxide material is a powder-based coating. The unique coating is ideal for various applications, where giving away your position would be costly. Thus, the tool is also used in the military, where the coat helps to reduce glare and reflection issues. 

The rest are key tools that you will need for various DIY applications. The main ones include:

  • Knives – the waver comes with a dedicated standard knife that is suitable for various types of cutting. Thus, you can make quick work of items such as cardboard, food items, par, and more. Furthermore, the waver feels sharper, and it produces much cleaner cuts each time. The dedicated blades on the Wave are also long, wide, and straightforward to access. 
  • Wood saw – while the saw blades on this unit are not necessarily at the state-of-the-art level, they work well for cutting applications. The blades feature alternating teeth, which have an adequate surface area level. More so the wood saw is also durable, and won’t get compromised by issues such as sawdust accumulation.
  • Pliers – the pliers on the wave reign supreme, thanks to grips that are comfortable and stable. Plus, the pliers has a pivot point that moves smoothly, and the leverage system allows for easy access to the pliers. 
  • Wire cutters – once again, this best multi tool kit has outstanding wire cutters for various applications. For instance, you can use the wire cutters to cut and repair cables. More so, the wire cutters are also sharp and will penetrate different types of materials with ease.
  • Scissors – accessing the scissors of the wave is simple and straightforward. Each time you fold out the spring, the scissors will pop out for convenient use. The scissors work well on various types of material, including cardboard materials.
  • Knife files – the inclusion of a convenient knife files makes it easy to sharpen different types of knives. The file on this unit is also “diamond coated,” which provides various unique user benefits. More so, the file is durable and can serve you reliably for several years.
  • Bottle Opener – stuck in the middle of an outdoors trip with a soda or any type of canned beverage? Well, the Leatherman wave features a bottle opener that is perfect for opening different kinds of beverages.
wire tools

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Multi-Tool

Whether you are looking at pocket knife multi-tools, multi mini tools, or something else, make sure you know how to identify the one that is perfect for you. While one person might be more than satisfied with an essential multi-tool knife, another person is going to need a more comprehensive and versatile multi-tool.

Its essential to ensure that you neither get more that what you require nor less than what you need. To ensure that you get the best investment in a multitool, ensure that you determine the specific aspects of a good multitool that you would prefer. Whether it’s a simple as a bare-bones multi tool pocket knife, or as advanced as a top-notch oscillating tool, investing wisely is crucial. 

So, in order to do that, answer the following questions in order to help you narrow down on exactly what it is you are looking for:

1. Avoid Too Many Details

If you come across any tool that features a flashlight, try and avoid it at all costs. The same applies to any tool that seems to have unusual functions or is available at a gas station. With the exception of custom or specialty tools, you want a multi-tool from a reliable production brand. Among some of these brands include Victorinox, SOG, Leatherman, Geber, and more. This way, you get a reliable multi-tool, that is useful when you need it the most.

Those little flashlights that are sometimes found on multitools are usually not powerful and have limited lifespans. You should buy a separate flashlight that meets your unique user need. More so, the credit card tools are typically frail, and might not even hold even for the purpose. Plus, they typically have small sizes, and their sharp edges are uncomfortable on the hands during use.

Cheap products and knockoffs when it comes to multitools are also a false economy. While it may feel good to save a few bucks, you will soon suffer from buyer’s remorse. Thus, choose a tool that offers the best value for money. 

Any capabilities or auxiliary functions that are beyond a basic multitool are not suitable and might lead to various complications. However, an exception to the rule is the replaceable components such as saws and wire cutter blades.

2. Identify your Unique Needs

Do you need a useful tool for DIY projects? Or do you perhaps need a tool for repairing your eyeglasses? Electronics? Or anything else? Prepare a small list of some of the standard repair procedures that you will be performing. Also, consider developing a list of some of the emergencies that you might need the tool. Then, choose accordingly. 

For more specialized applications such as fixing electronics, dedicated tools are perfect. For instance, the Leatherman wave is popular among gun owners and electronics repair professionals. It is a specialized tool that works well for various applications, and it is small in size. 

If a specialized tool does not suit your needs, then consider toolset that will match that meets at least a few of your needs. Thus, the Leather Man wave also features a flathead driver that perfectly fits various types of small screws. Furthermore, this unit also features scissors that can be useful when you need to address a torn fingernail.

3. How Will You Carry It?

You are spending time outdoors at the beach when a screw detaches from your prescription glasses. With a good multitool, you have a reliable driver that will suit various types of small screws. That said, you might have had to leave it at home because it is enormous, and you didn’t have pockets that were large enough to carry it.

Therefore, a multitool is only as useful as your ability to carry it around. Investing in one with 100 tools is helpful and all, but unless you have all these tools with you, then they are useless. An essential step in buying the best multitool is to identify whether it suits your lifestyle needs. 

Top 4 Uses of a Multitool

Opening Many Letters

Opening a letter by hand is not necessarily a difficult task. That said, if you have to open several envelops, then the process becomes challenging. While you can get a letter opener, it will be a tool suitable for one purpose – opening letters.

On the contrary, owning a pocket knife could be a much better option for your needs. You could use the blade as a letter opener, and use it for various other tasks in the future. If you happen to need a wire cutter, then you will know that a letter opener would not be up to the task. 

Trim a Painful Hangnail

We have all experienced. It’s in the middle of the day when you a nail breaks inconsistently. The nail becomes embedded in such a way you can’t remove it without damaging the skin area. While it’s painful to remove the nail, it’s also dangerous to leave it hanging because it may lead to further damage to the skin area. 

Therefore, if you have one of the best multitools, you could easily pull out a set of nail clippers. Use the clippers to cut off the nail, and slip it right back into your backpack or pocket. You will experience no painful tearing, thanks to a convenient multi-tool.

Remove a Splinter

This is the same issue as when you experience a hanging nailing. That said, it’s much more challenging to deal with a splinter, especially when you have to leave it in as you wait for a removal tool. In fact, if you leave a splinter exposed for too long, it may cause further damage to the skin and nail bed.

With a good multitool, you could simply use a set of tweezers or a blade to address the affected area.

Cutting a Lemon

Ok – while this might not necessarily be an emergency situation, flavor is an issue of urgent concern for various types of people. Lemon is a globally renowned food flavor. Whether you want to add a tinge of lemon to your chicken or a meringue pie, there are many reasons why lemon is one of the best foods.

You could easily get a dedicated lemon zester, or you could opt for a much more convenient solution in the multi-tool. Either a knife or a metal file will be a suitable solution at this point. These types of small tasks are simple to address with a good multi-tool. So why invest in a dozen different multi-tools that each can work on one task, whereas you could easily get one that does all of them?

Multi-Tool Comparison

Aside from the Leatherman wave, there are various other reliable brands for you to consider. Below is a list of some equally useful multi-tools:

roxon s801

ROXON S801 16-in-1 STROM Multitool ​

The Roxon S801 is a 16 in 1 multitool that serves many different applications. Similar to the Leatherman Wave, it comes with a safe locking mechanism for optimal user safety. The long list of tools on this unit might include a rope cutter, can opener, corkscrew, knife and more. More so, the tool is made using high-quality steel material that provides optimal user longevity.​

roxon cm1349

Roxon CM1349

With the CM1349, you can be sure of a reliable tool addition to your toolbox. The long list of tools on this unit includes needle nose pliers, regular pliers, knife, bottle opener, flintstone, and more. Furthermore, the handle is made using nylon and fiber plastic which makes it exceptionally comfortable in the hands. However, unlike the Leatherman wave, this unit is a 14 in 1 tool. It also features a plier black body, which provides exceptional oxidation resistance for your longevity.​

poeland multitool

Poeland Multitool Pliers Set Stainless Steel Screwdriver Tool with 11 Screwdriver Bits Black

Want a multi-tool that will be reliable at the critical moment? Consider using the Poeland multitool pliers set that provides various user benefits. You can be sure of a tool that offers ergonomics, a foldable and convenient design. Furthermore, the tool also works well as a bottle opener, screwdriver, serrated, and much more. Thus, you can go with this tool for camping, fishing, hiking and more.

Final Verdict

Owning a multitool can be highly beneficial when you want a dynamic solution for various purposes. If you wish to cut a splinter, a hanging nail, remove screwdrivers or even zest a lemon, the Leatherman Wave is perfect for your needs. Made using high quality 420 HC stainless steel material, you can be sure that this tool is up to the task. As a dynamic tool, this multi-tool features various components. Weighing in at 8.9oz and made using this stainless steel, this is the ultimate tool for various outdoor applications. You will also appreciate the compact design of this tool, which means that it provides ease of storage.

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