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Ego Power 21" Snow Blower Review (2020 Update)

By: Darion Robinson

ego power snow blower
  • 21-inch clearing width and up to 35 feet throwing distance
  • Push Button start and LED lights
  • Weather-resistant and robust steel construction
  • Variable speed control
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • Weather-resistant and sturdy steel construction

DON’T BLOW IT – THROW IT. Responding to the need for a simple to use machine that could various types of snow removal is the Ego Snow Blower. It’s a sizeable electric snow thrower, that delivers the power a gas machine, and with the convenience of an electric unit.

The Ego Snow Blower removes large loads of snow, thus making it ideal for easy and quick removal. It has a round wide-mouthed chute that eliminates any snow accumulation and prevents blockage during machine operation. Therefore, the machine offers optimal performance when clearing patios, sidewalks, or even driveways. You can forget about issues such as lower back pain and sore muscles, that occur due to excessive snow shoveling.

The 15-amp unit is ideal for clearing large driveways and walkways without the hassle of gas, oil, tune-ups, frustrating pull-cords or tangled extension cords. Best of all, it starts instantly and reliably with the push of a button. Simply plug it into a power socket, squeeze the trigger – and go! 

SJ627E features an adjustable chute that rotates 180 degrees to direct the snow stream up to 25 feet away. It also features a durable scraper bar at the base of the unit to clear to the ground without damaging your deck, driveway or pavement. Compared to heavier and more cumbersome gas machines, SJ627E weighs just 35 lbs. So, you can easily maneuver it around your property, or carry it to clear snow from the deck. And for safer nighttime snow removal, SJ627E features dual integrated LED headlights to brighten the way for increased nighttime visibility.

What You Can Expect from The Ego Snow Blower

Shoveling snow by hand in the blistering cold takes time, effort and energy. A snow blower can help you minimize the time and effort, and can easily cut through packed snow and ice, even the tough stuff the plough leaves at the end of your driveway.

Handles Heavy Thick Snowfall and Big Driveways

Behind the dependable performance of the Ego Snow Blower is a powerful motor, which can move large loads of snow each minute. Developed to clean patios, driveways, and walkways, this unit works quickly and without affecting your back. It also utilizes a heavy grade four-blade rotor, that can displace snow as much as 20 feet away. Thus, you never have to worry about moving the same snow twice, even as you clear a large driveway. 

With each pass, the Ego Snowblower cuts a large path, and it also features a scraper that cleans all the way to the pavement. This translates into exceptional snow removal results each hour. The best part about it all is that motor works hard, and without issues such as overheating or noise in operation.

Smart Features Keep You in Control

The brand manufacturers of this unit have also done well to incorporate it with intelligent features for enhanced user convenience. 

Equipped with an adjustable discharge chute, which rotates 180 degrees, you can easily control where the removed snow will end up. To back this up is the chute deflector, which you can customize to control the height of the snow stream produced. 

The Ego Snow Blower also features a body that is simple to control and manoeuvre. The inclusion of easy glide and pivot wheels allow you to turn the thrower once you complete each pass easily. More so, the ergonomic grips also allow you to achieve a comfortable and straightforward control during each session. With its compact shape, the snowblower is simple to store in between winter storms.

ego 56-volt lithium-ion dual port snow blower

Simple to Start Electric Engine

The Ego Blower`s corded electric design means that you never have to worry about issues such as dead batteries or perhaps running out of gas. Furthermore, the powerful electric engine on this unit does not require regular maintenance, as when compared to a combustion engine.

Furthermore, push-button technology means that you can trust this snow thrower to work when you need it the most. No more frustrating engines with a pull cord that require priming. The Ego Snow Blower is the ultimate addition to your snow throwing regimen.

The engine will also provide exceptional power and displacement benefits. It has a unique engine that can even start at -29°C, and work through the harshest weather conditions. Also, the well-positioned user controls offer user-friendly operation, and the push-button provides a convenient user experience. 

Featuring a Serrated Auger with several steel surfaces, this unit will easily chop thick snow, and leave your property clean.

180 Degrees of Control and Ease of Mobility

You will also find it easy to adjust the angle and direction of the chute to provide optimal control of the blast. Furthermore, you can also rotate the head as much as 180 degrees thanks to the use of a simple crank. Also, combine the functionality of this unit with a spring-loaded adjustment lever, to angle the arc of removed snow. 

The auger also has a solid physical structure that moves right through the snow. Furthermore, the flexible and heavy-duty edges will scoop snow from the ground, while also stopping any damage to the driveway. 

Thanks to the reliable six-inch never-flat wheels on the back of this machine, you will find it easy to manoeuvre this unit even in the thickest snow. The all-terrain wheels are large and durable. Also, it has a collapsible frame that provides easy storage, when winter stops, while the onboard carrying handle is convenient. 

Other Important Features

  • High-efficiency motor
  • Powered using 2 ARC Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Ergonomic and heated handles
  • On boat chute control function
  • Weather-resistant and rugged construction
  • 35” throwing distance

How Does a Snow Blower Work?

Depending on whether it is a single or two-stage model, a snowblower has the following components:

  • Auger – a spiral and corkscrew-shaped rotating blade that exists on the front section of the snowblower. It has the role of scooping up snow and directing it to the central part of the machine.

In the single-stage machine, the auger works to discharge snow using a single motion

The auger in a two-stage snow blower is ideal for collecting snow and redirecting it to the central section. An impeller is used to discharge the snow.

  • Impeller – Two-Stage Snow Blower

The impeller is a second component of the dual-stage snowblower, and it exists just close to the auger. The impeller grabs the snow and directs it to the chute

  • Chute – The chute is a chimney-like structure that exists behind the housing of the auger. The role of the chute is to direct the snow to a specific location.

Single Stage vs in Two-Stage Snow Blowers

The first step in selecting a snow blower is to determine which specific model would be suitable for your needs. Consider the following factors:

What type of snow does your area experience and how much of it? 

Areas that experience thick snow will require machines with large capacities, such as the two-stage snow throwers. The single-stagethrowers are suitable for areas that experience a small amount of snow.

Is the snow light or thick and wet?

Thick snow requires durable steel augers, that can cut through the snow fast. On the contrary, light snow will require a machine of a smaller size.

The surface area of the place that requires clearing?

The larger the property, the more they need for more power. Thus, ensure that you evaluate your property before getting a snowblower. 

Do you have a large or small driveway?

A large driveway also means that you will have to work on large areas during winter. Thus, getting a snowblower suitable for the job is excellent.

Do you have any physical issues such as back problems?

If you have any physical issues, then consider getting a machine that is as automated as possible. For instance, the Ego Snow Blower features unique handles that are ergonomic and simple to use.

Single-Stage Snow Blowers

Suitable for:

  • light to moderate snow, averaging at 10 inches or less. 
  • The conventional garage driveways and patios
  • Small to moderate backyards

How it Functions

It comes with a rubber auger that works well with the engine to scoop snow. The scooped snow is then discharged through the chute using a single motion, which leads to the “Single Stage” term.

Features and Benefits

The single-stage snow blowers are compact and straightforward to manoeuvre. Furthermore, they also often consist of simple controls, which makes them ideal for different types of users. Due to their small designs, and simplicity of use, the single-stage models are typically suitable for basic snow removal applications.

Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Suitable for: 

  • Handling all types of snow on different surfaces. 
  • Ideal for gravel driveways, as they don’t make contact with surfaces in the same way as single-stage models.

How it Works:

The two-stage snow blowers comprise of self-propelled transmissions, with unique reverse and forward speeds. These speeds help to propel the unit to provide improved machine performance. The distinct difference between a single-stage and two-stage model is that the two-stage has two unique levels of removal. Thus, the term “two-stage” is commonly used. 

In the first stage, the auger plays the role of collecting store and directing it to the center of the machine. The snow is then redirected to the impeller, which then throws it out through the chute. The impeller and the auger work in cooperation with the engine, to provide fast snow removal. 

The two-stage blowers usually come with power-assisted wheels, which make it easy to assume control of the blower. Furthermore, the wheels let you move through large areas and slopes with ease. An excellent example of a two-stage snow blower would be the Ego Snow Blower, which moves easily through various types of terrains.

Final Verdict on our Ego Snow Blower Review

When it comes to snow removal – consider the Ego Snow Blower as an excellent place to start. While this machine is relatively compact in design, it is sturdy and does an excellent job of snow removal. Furthermore, this is an electric snow blower that provides the power of a gas machine. Moreover, it is also simple to set up and features two rubber blades that can cut extensive paths through the ice.

Storage is also easy thanks to the small footprint of this best snow blower for small properties. The user controls are also well positioned, and the adjustable chute provides exceptional removal of snow. As a two-stage snow blower, this unit also does well to produce minimal sound during operation. With a good snow blower, moving around on your property during winter becomes a breeze.