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10 Best Motorcycle Helmets (2020 Reviews)

Motorcycle helmets are a necessary piece of equipment each motorcyclist must have and wear during the ride. Wearing motorcycle helmets is regulated by the law in most of the countries, and not compiling with those rule might have a high price. 

Studies have shown that motorcyclist are at extremely high risk and involved in a high percentage of traffic crashes. Therefore, when you are buying this item, be prepared to spend more, since the high-quality motorcycle helmets can save your life.

Because of the importance of the motorcycling helmets, I like to keep myself updated with the latest improvements and technology used for their production. There are several extremely reliable manufacturers, and if you are currently looking to buy one, I believe the 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet (click here to view on Amazon.com) is one of the best you can get. If you are not a fan of full face helmets, there are other types of great quality helmets on the following list of The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets.

I always try to get the best for the price I pay, and when it comes to safety, I don’t regret the money. I like the modern design of course, but the most important for me is to find safe and light in a weight motorcycle helmet, that will protect me in case of any potential crash on the road. I am a huge fan of the fast ride, but also very responsible when it comes to safety. Since my family is not as thrill about my hobby as I would like them to be, I invest a lot into the equipment that will keep me safe, for both their and my concerns.

10 Top Rated Motorcycle Helmets (Reviewed & Compared)

*List recently updated for 2020


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1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Helmet comes in XS to XL sizes and 10 modern and unique colors. The design of the helmet is based on the latest aerodynamic technology, and UV protection finish give a bit of extra to this product. Internal paddings are very comfortable, and easy to remove and wash.

My Impression

This motorcycle helmet is very light and it fits perfectly to any type of body shape. I don’t like heavy helmets, because they are not a good choice in case you are going for a long ride. After some time your neck will start hurting, and this exactly what will not happen if you use 1Storm motorcycle helmet.

What could be better?

This helmet can be a little noisy at a higher speed than I usually expect. It is not a major problem, and it definitely won’t affect your ride, but for longer rides, this can get on your nerves. If you find this disturbing, you might think of using some kind of earplugs to reduce the noise.

More features:

• This helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT), and safe to use on all roads and highways of the United States
• Dimensions of this item are 14.8 x 11.5 x 11.2 inches
• Type: Full-face motorcycle helmet
• Weights 4 pounds

ILM's Best Motorcycle Full Face Helmet


ILM 10 Colors Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

The aerodynamic design of the ILM 808 motorcycle helmet reduce the wind noise and fits perfect even for long rides. This means there is no extra pleasure on your neck and back.

A built-in strap is very easy to use and release. The great feature of this helmet is improved chin guard, that comes with a curtain for reducing the wind noise and cold air.

My Impression

This helmet turned out to be very reliable and great protection. To be honest, I expected less from this helmet, based on the price. What impressed me the most is the high-quality modular face portion, which secures firmly, and locks with a snap as an indicator. The construction of this motorcycle helmet is great, and you can easily add a Bluetooth headset if you want.

What could be better?

I would recommend this helmet for a summer season. It is not waterproof so you might end up with a head all wet in case a rain interrupts your smooth ride. This won’t be a nice thing to see, and you might get distracted of all the rain slipping off your head. But for this price, you can not have everything, and the rest of this helmet’s features are more than satisfying.

More features:

• Comes in plenty of colors and 4 sizes
• Complying with DOT and FMVSS-218 safety standards
• Integrated anti-fog and anti-scratch clear visor
• Has built-in EPS impact absorption inner liner

Bell's Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet


Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier is an excellent motorcycle helmet, backed up with a 5-years warranty. This helmet has been thoroughly tested and meets all DOT and FMVSS-218 standards. 

Modern design is upgraded with several different patterns, each unique in color and shape. Enjoy your favorite music while riding your motorcycle thanks to the integrated speaker pockets.

My Impression

Even though this motorcycle helmet doesn’t have any carbon-fiber, I must admit it is way lighter than some carbon-fiber helmets I found before. Helmets come in several sizes, XS to XXXL, so don’t worry about finding the right for you. I also like the slightly wider viewing area, compared to the other same-type helmets.

What could be better?

The front vents on this helmet don’t have any fabric to protect you from the bugs or particles. In case you open these vents during the ride, this little stuff can literally end up straight at your face or even mouth. This can cause you a real struggle and affect your attention. What is even more strange is that the back vents have the net. Opened vents will also cause a higher wind noise during the ride, so I recommend you to keep the front vents closed anytime during the ride.

More features:

• Integrated tool-free shield replacement
• Made of a high-quality polycarbonate/ABS material
• Contoured soft and comfortable cheek pads
• Anti-fog and anti-scratch shield

ILM's Best Motorcycle Modular Flip up Dual Visor Helmet


ILM 8 Colors Motorcycle Modular Dual Visor Helmet

ILM motorcycle helmet is one more amazing helmet with durable ABS shell, and latest technology impact absorption system installed. 

Inner pads are extremely comfortable, lightweight, easily adjustable and washable. This helmet has also great flip-up visor, with anti-fog and anti-scratch characteristics. Great for long rides, and every weather.

My Impression

This motorcycle helmet is very easy to adjust and set for a ride. The buttons and stripes on the helmet function perfectly, and I didn’t struggle with the adjustment features not even for a second. Regarding the wind noise, there is some of course. Overall impression: this is a good product that comes with an affordable price

What could be better?

Very light in weight, I would say even too light. The materials from which this helmet is made are excellent, but I didn’t expect it will be so light, to be honest. It made me think about its ability to protect me and not to break in case of an accident. However, this product is up to all necessary DOT standards, which are a guarantee for the safety features of this helmet.

More features:

• Comes in 13.8 x 10.2 x 10.2 inches’ dimensions
• Has only 3.31 pounds in weight
• Complies to all the safety DOT standards, as well as to FMVSS-218 regulations
• Comes in 5 colors: blue, carbon fiber, gloss black, red, and matte black

ILM's Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

ILM motorcycle helmet protects the complete head and has full face coverage. Excellent option for all the fans of the ride, even on the cold weather, since it comes with a specially designed neck scarf. 

This helmet has been thoroughly tested, it complies to safety standards, and has all necessary safety certificates. Streamlined aerodynamic design makes this motorcycle helmet perfect choice for both amateur and professionals riders.

My Impression

I like the quick release strap and adjustable inner lining pads, that can be easily removed. The clasp itself it is metal, and you get two visors, smoked and clear one. The visor is wide and will provide you with a great field of view. The ventilation system is very good as well, and the wind noise is low, even at a high speed. I also liked the design, and the possibility to choose between 8 different colors.

What could be better?

The curves on the shell of the helmet are not so compatible for setting a GoPro or similar cameras. I was struggling at first, and I had to use the clamps to solve this problem. In the end, it worked perfectly, so be patient and persistent if you are trying to do the same. I went for a ride with the camera attached on the helmet, and there were no issues with the camera and helmet at all.

More features:

• This helmet comes in 4 sizes, Small to X-Large
• Comfortable and easy to use a motorcycle helmet
• Weight only 2.98 pounds
• Great for personal use, and as a present


ILM Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another great product from the ILM company. The ILM Bluetooth Helmet is a full-face helmet with the latest Bluetooth technology for more than 8 hours of talk, and 110 hours of standby. Perfect shape and elegant design make this motorcycle helmet stand out compared to the others on the list.

My Impression

The coolest thing about this helmet is the built-in technology that allows you to answer the calls with a simple touch of one button. Besides answering the calls, the one-touch feature gives you the control to redial, reject, and make a new phone call. Plus, you can listen to your favorite music while cursing on a highway. The system is very simple and easy to use, designed not to distract the motorcyclist.

What could be better?

The lining and interior pads should be improved to make this helmet a perfect match for everyone. They are not terrible, but for someone with the beard, inner pads might be not too comfortable, and after some time they can become quite irritating.

More features:

• User intercom allows the connection between two riders
• If not being used, after some time the Bluetooth system goes automatically into a sleep mode, to save the battery
• Weight 4.4 pounds

LS2's Best WHite Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Ultra modern LS2 Stream model is made of excellent materials, and it comes in more than 20 different colors, with different patterns. The wide selection of this type of helmet has a great price, besides the improved protection features. 

Integrated Sun shield will keep your eyes safe, and block any distraction from the Sun. This shield can be easily retracted by one simple flip of a switch. LS2 motorcycle helmet passed all the ECE/DOT tests, and the construction of this amazing helmet is completely up to the latest safety requirements.

My Impression

This helmet is very strong, made of the latest HPTT polycarbonate materials. I like especially the aerodynamic features and the design of the shell, very light in weight. Optical characteristics of the face shield are highly correct, and it has a wide view range. Sun shield impressed me the most, it is very efficient and clear.

What could be better?

Pay attention to the measurement chart, because you might need a bigger size than the one you used before. Don’t just click on your regular size and purchase the helmet. This helmet is manufactured in sizes XS to XXL, and you can find the perfect one for you.

More features:

• Intermediate oval fit
• The inner soft liner can be easily removed and washed
• Perfectly designed chin strap

Torc's Best Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet


Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet

Bluetooth Torc T14 is an exceptional motorcycle helmet that will keep your head safe during every ride. It has a completely adaptable ventilation system, permanent aerodynamic spoiler, and integrated Sun visor easy to drop down and retract.

My Impression

Low-quality motorcycle helmets usually don’t have a breath deflector, and that causes the face shield to become blurred because of the fog. I was impressed with the Bluetooth Torc T14 especially because it has flexible breath deflector, which directs your breath away from the face shield and keeps your face shield clear at all times. The second great feature is built-in Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your favorite music and answer your phone calls anytime you want.

What could be better?

Besides the above-mentioned Bluetooth features, thanks to this integrated technology, you can also listen to the GPS instruction through the speakers. However, for some reasons, the GPS instructions are usually heard to quiet, while the music and calls are perfect in the volume. I can’t say if this deficiency is typical for every Bluetooth Torc T14 helmet, but the one I tried was definitely the bad example. Regarding the other helmet’s features, I didn’t notice anything else major.

More features:

• Integrated anti-noise mic
• More than 20 hours of talks, and 600 hours standby
• Bluetooth connection with other helmets

Daytona's Best Dull Black, Large Helmets


Daytona Helmets Cruiser Slim Line 3/4 Shell Helmets

With available sizes from 2XS up to XXXXL, there is no chance for you not to find exactly your size of the helmet. 

Easy to control the safety strap is based on the one-finger release lever. This helmet meets and exceed FMVSS-218 and DOT standards, and has been fully certified by the latest safety requirements.

My Impression

I like how the shell of this helmet literally hugged my head when I tried it on. The inner fabric is very soft and the helmet is extremely comfortable. The order includes the drawstring bag, head wrap, and goggle strap. Very light in weight, only 2 pounds.

What could be better?

This vehicle service type for which this helmet is recommended is a cruiser. The helmet doesn’t have the full face coverage, and it can provide you the protection necessary for higher speed. It is very simple and doesn’t have an integrated protective structure the same as the previous helmets on this list.

More features:

• Dimensions of this helmet are 12 x 11 x 10.5 inches
• The smallest DOT 3/4 shell helmet you can find on the market
• Comes with removable, snap-on gloss bubble visor black in color

GDM's Best Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


GDM Duke Helmets DK-120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The last on the list, but not the least, is modern and stylish GDM Duke DK-120 motorcycle helmet. The great ventilation system has 7 points, including rear, chin, and forehead vents. 

The face shield is absolutely scratch resistant, anti-fog constructed, and optically correct. This motorcycle helmet is constructed of very light in weight end extremely high in quality poly-alloy.

My Impression

This helmet absolutely meets all my expectations. I was blown with its powerful design and outstanding shell’s curves. The facial did a great job during the ride, and the wind noise is on the minimum.

What could be better?

Inner fabric could be a bit better since the overall design of the helmet leaves a high impression of its quality. That is why I think this part should follow the rest of the helmet, and be better in quality. However, the fabric is not as bad as on some other much cheaper helmets.

More features:

• Comes in 5 sizes, S to XXL, and only black in color
• Dimensions 14 x 10 x 10 inches
• Perfect for both men and women

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Helmets

How to choose the right type of motorcycle helmet?

There are several types of motorcycle helmets, you have to choose the one which will suit you the most. Full-face helmets are most safe, and they are necessary for high-speed rides, especial for professional motorcycle riders and racers. They provide the maximum when it comes to safety, and have the highest aerodynamic features. Some people prefer modular helmets since they give them more comfort.

This type of helmet is recommendable for lower speed traffic. Open face helmets are one more option, but they will expose your jaw and face. A half helmet is definitely not recommendable for high-speed bikes, and they are convenient for motorcycles like Harleys.

Are fiberglass motorcycle helmets better than helmets made of plastic?

Motorcycle helmets made of plastic are most common on the market. But for making this product, manufacturers don’t use any ordinary plastic, but high-quality and specially made plastic. The advantages of this material are numerous, from lightweight, great aerodynamic features, endless possibilities for shaping, etc.

The second great material used for making these types of helmets is fiberglass. This material has basically the same features as plastic, plus it amortizes the impact a bit better than the plastic helmets. Fiberglass combines two great features in one material: high flexibility and strength. The same time, this material is very light in weight, and it won’t cause any unnecessary load on your shoulders and neck.

Inner space of the helmet needs to be specially constructed, usually filled with foam to increase the safety of this product. The main purpose of it is to absorb as much impact as possible and protect the motorist’s head.

Cheap vs Expensive - Which Motorcycle Helmet is The Best?


Since the first day I bought my motorcycle, i’ve been wearing a helmet. I am very into this sport, and I race sometimes. Becoming a professional racer has always been my dream and hopefully, that dream will come true soon.

When buying motorcycle helmets pay attention to the materials used for their construction. The aerodynamic feature is also important since this characteristic affects the wind noise during the ride. Depending on the type of the motorbike you have, choose the right type of the motorcycle helmet for yourself. If you are planning to take your partner, friend, cousin, etc., for a ride as well, you should have the helmet for them. This is a piece of safety equipment that can save your life, so don’t compromise when buying it. Don’t buy a too tight helmet, and pay attention to the face shield and wideness of the visor.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to buy a high-quality motorcycle helmet, so take a look at different sellers and manufacturers, and make sure you check the helmet’s features as well. Most reliable manufacturers will provide you with a warranty, which is a great backup to have just in case. Motorcycle helmets lighter in weight are made of expensive materials, therefore they have a higher price.

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