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Definitive Guide of The Best Miter Saws of 2021

By: Darion Robinson

If you are a professional woodworker or a homeowner looking to do some woodworking to improve your house, a miter saw is a must-have!

It is not easy to make angled cuts without proper tools. Traditionally, you can use a regular saw, but when it comes to making cuts on picture frames, window casings, crown molding, and other cuts, you need precision and accuracy. Making those types of cuts is something that you cannot achieve with a regular saw.

As a professional worker or a homeowner, you need to invest in a good miter saw that will not only make your job easier but will also allow you to do it with perfection. There are plenty of models available and that too of different brands, and you need to choose one according to your requirements.

It is tough to choose, given there is a whole host of miter saws available. I can help you find the perfect miter saw for home or professional use.

You can bet your money on DEWALT DWS780 Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (View On Amazon.com). After reviewing hundreds of models and testing around 50 known models available, I can honestly say that DEWALT DWS780 is perfect for any task, be it professional or home DIY projects. This model offers solid construction with precise cutting.  I totally loved its XPS cross-cut alignment system that allowed me to see where the blade came in contact with the hardwood. 

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These are our reviews for 10 top-rated miter saws that will give you value for your money



DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

DEWALT is one of the prominent and favorite brands that is known for manufacturing world-class power tools that handymen and contractors alike trust.

This is the best miter saw you would find for professional use. It is equipped with a 15-ampere motor, which is capable of performing up to 3,800 RPM. This double bevel miter saw features a hassle-free bevel system that is capable of operating between 0-49 degrees from any angle.

My Impression

What I liked about this sliding miter saw is that it can also reach a stable 60° on its right side, a feature that not many professional miter saws boast. The new precise miter system makes the job easier, and thanks to the revolutionary XPS cross cut positioning system, you can now perform adjustment free cuts. I know that for professional contractors, durability and power are the two most important aspects when purchasing a miter saw. When you are remodeling a home, you would need to know that your miter saw is going to last the whole day. DEWALT DWS780 gives the durability and power you are looking for in a miter saw.

What could be better?

Of all the features and functionalities of DEWALT DWS780 miter saw, I found that the slide function occasionally sticks when cutting. This is one thing that the manufacturers need to consider. On the other hand, there are no adjustable bearings in this miter saw, and if the manufacturer could provide a stand, it would be better.

More features:

  • Excellent mess-free dust collection
  • Easy to transport from job site to job site
  • Tilts up to 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees on the left
  • Powerful 15 amp and 3,800 rpm motor
  • It comes with a great LED guide light 


Bosch CM12SD DB Glide Miter Saw (12-Inch)

When it comes to manufacturing power tools, Bosch is probably the most celebrated brand. The Bosch GCM12SD DB Glide Miter Saw comes with a powerful 15-ampere motor and is pre-wired to handle 120 volts. 

This miter saw features a maximum RPM no-load speed of 3,800. You will like this model as it also incorporates a clear lower guard that offers higher visibility when performing cutting. The cutting blade is made of high-grade industrial metal that is 12 inches in diameter, which is perfect for any cutting job.

My Impression

For me, it is the accurate cutting performance, and space-saving design of Bosch GCM12SD DB Glide Miter Saw that makes me want to buy it. These two aspects are what you look for in a power cutting tool. You will be amazed to see the pre-aligned square lock fences on this miter saw that allows it to maintain an accurate lifelong cutting. For cleaner operation and best user comfort, this miter saw boasts a combination of a vacuum adaptor and dust chute along with a soft-grip handle. This durable miter saw is capable of delivering clean and quick cuts in many different materials – wood, metal, anything.

What could be better?

If you buy this model, it would be one of your most expensive choices. This is not a miter saw you would want to use for occasional work or DIY projects due to its built. I found it difficult to adjust the angle due to the same reason and making cross cuts and square cuts are almost impossible.

More features:

  • Axial-glide system
  • A metal bevel lock lever
  • Quick-release Squarelock fence
  • Durable precision
  • Up front controls
  • Powerful motor


DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

If you are looking for a miter saw that offers convenience and versatility, DEWALT DW715 Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw may intrigue you. This miter saw offers a no-load speed of 4,000 RPM with a 15-ampere motor.

There are four steel bevel stops for handiness and an adjustable stainless detent plate featuring 11 positive stops. This miter saw offers a vertical base molding of 6.5 inches and the maximum crown molding of 5 ¼ inches.

My Impression

It is probably the top compound single-bevel miter saw available. If you love doing DIY projects for home improvement, this is the miter saw to go with. It is incredibly lightweight at 42 lbs. and its compact design allows you to pack it away nicely in your garage or storeroom. What’s impressive about this single-bevel compound miter saw its 15-amp motor can run up to 4000 RPM. I was totally surprised to use this model as it makes my weekend TV cabinet project a breeze. This is a perfect power tool for miter, cross-cutting, molding, and cutting framing. I was able to easily cross-cut a 2×8 lumber with this miter saw.

What could be better?

When I was cutting a 1-inch wooden block, I noticed that this miter saw’s blade loosened up. This means that you need to fix the blade properly every time you are cutting through a new material thicker than 1 inch. On the other hand, its dust bag falls off every time I use the miter saw. It is annoying.

More features:

  • 4 steel bevel stops
  • 4,000 rpm
  • Lightweight
  • Includes Carbide blade, Dust bag, and Blade wrench
  • Bevels up to 48-degrees
Black+Decker M2500BD5


Black+Decker M2500BD5 10" Compound Miter Saw

If you are looking for a miter saw that easily accommodate you with your DIY house projects, this is the one I recommend you to go with. It’s simple, and compact design offers the beginners with hassle-free use. 

The best part, at 24 lbs., this powerful miter saw is capable of reaching up to 4,800 RPM. Its framework is composed of die-cast aluminum for sturdier lifespan.

My Impression

This is the best miter saw you would get at this price. What I liked about this model is its portability. It weighs only 24 lbs. and its range reaches from 0-47 degrees on both the right and left side. On the other hand, it has a bevel reach of 0-45 degrees on its left side as well. This versatile bevel system makes the cutting job easier than anticipated. M2500BD5 is capable of holding 10-inch blades of different grades to be used on different materials. Further, the hold down clamp allows you to keep the material firmly in position. I was able to easily cut a 2×4 block at 90° and a 2×3 block at 45°.

What could be better?

Black+Decker M2500BD5 Compound Miter Saw tends to overheat when used for longer durations. Sometimes it automatically powers down when the motor becomes overheated. On the other hand, it doesn’t come with a fence.

More features:

  • Composed of die-cast aluminum
  • Great for small home projects and DIYers
  • 4,800 RPM
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Incredibly cheap
Hitachi Miter Saw


Hitachi C10FCE2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

If you are looking for a miter saw that offers smooth crosscuts and precision cuts, you’ve found it! With a wide variety of materials including aluminum sashes, plywood, hardboard, fiberboard, panels, and wood among others, the Hitachi offers a lot more than you see. 

This 10-inch single bevel compound miter saw from Hitachi is robust and reliable. This makes it perfect for both home and commercial use. There are positive angle stops included that allows you to choose preset points at particular angles. Further, for more precise cuts, this miter saw has a 45° bevel.

My Impression

It comes with a horde of features but what made me put this model in my “top 10 miter saws” list is its ability to purchase upgrades. You can upgrade this machine according to your project or use. I upgraded mine with a laser for precision cutting. Although it comes with a larger table, you can upgrade it with a more customized stand if needed. It only weighs 26.3 lbs., which makes it easy to transport from location to location. The best part is the name behind this miter saw. Hitachi is one of the most trusted companies manufacturing power tools for years, and this model comes with a 5-year warranty.

What could be better?

Its dust bag sometimes fails to capture the dust and shavings, it is a bit faulty. You cannot use this miter saw for cutting steel and other hard materials.

More features:

  • Ergonomic elastomer grips
  • No load speed of 5,000 RPM
  • Extended flip fence
Homecraft Miter Saw


Homecraft H26-260L Compound Miter Saw by Delta Power Tools

Homecraft H26-260L is a perfect miter saw for everyday use as well as DIY home projects. This miter saw features a robust 14-ampere motor that offers a highly impressive no load 5,550 RPM that will cut through a board or wood like butter. 

The manufacturers have incorporated a red laser light for providing adequate visibility while making precision cutting. It only weighs 25 lbs. and there are five miter stops that boast clear-cut degrees for easy positioning of angles of up to 47°.

My Impression

Homecraft H26-260L is a quality power cutting tool for an affordable price. I was able to assemble it with ease thanks to the straightforward instructions provided by the manufacturer. I love how bright the red laser beam is for precision cutting, which is way better than the fainter beams on other miter saws I have used. The high-speed 5,550 RPM rotation is faster than the most miter saw models on the market, cutting wood like it is nothing. Its ergonomic design makes is one of the most elegant power cutting tools available.

What could be better?

I found it difficult to attach a thick stock to its clamps. The clamps are not big and sturdy enough to clamp thick stock. When I used the miter, it jiggled a lot. Moreover, the detents on this model don’t always engage the way they are advertised.

More features:

  • Arbor lock
  • LockOut Function
  • Battery-operated laser
  • Spindle lock hold
  • Works with other stands
  • Lightweight and affordable


Makita LS1040 (10 Inch) Compound Miter Saw

Makita LS1040 Compound Miter Saw comes with a 15-ampere motor that spins at the rate of 4,600 RPM, which is quite fast. There are a lot of features that make this a great miter saw. For starters, it only weighs 27 lbs. 

for easy portability and the precision machined aluminum base ensures accurate cuts. The positive miter stops at nine settings – 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, left or right and 0° (90° cuts). It also incorporates a dual post pivoting arm for hassle-free use.

My Impression

Its main feature is the soft-star technology that allows the miter to prevent rocking start-up and glitches. It is actually a great feature, as most miter saws tend to shut down due to overheating automatically. This feature prevents that from happening. Moreover, this miter saw is capable of reaching cuts between 0°-52° along the right and 0°-45° along left. I was able to pair this miter with a wide range of 10-inch blades according to the materials for making perfect cuts. Its sturdy aluminum base prevents shaking when in use. I would recommend this miter saw for all types of carpentry work that includes woodworking, framing projects, and more. 

What could be better?

Honestly speaking, this is a great power cutting tool, and there is nothing much negative about this model that I could find. But I would only buy it for use in home DIY projects and not commercial projects. It is not built for heavy-duty work.

More features:

  • Performs compound cutting operations
  • Saw includes a vertical vise, blade, triangular rule and wrench
  • Durably designed with dual slide rails, machined aluminum base, a carbide tip blade, and dual aluminum base


Milwaukee 6955-20 12" Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Designed for professionals, this miter saw makes miter levels easy and sets precise bevel for smooth operation. This model will live up to your expectations for a professional miter saw. It offers angle fine adjust and detent override functionality. 

This is a digital display where you get to correct the angle to one-tenth of a degree, which is neat. This feature is specially included in this model for easing down the work for accurate repeat cuts, including odd angles.

My Impression

Milwaukee 6955-20 Sliding Dual Bevel Miter Saw is probably the most expensive miter saw you would find. There is a reason for that. The technology used is robust. For starters, the angle fine adjust functionality has a self-zeroing system that allows you to work on the entire angle range. Moreover, I was impressed with the dual integral job-site lights, as it entirely lighted up the work piece and cut line. The 15-ampere motor is pre-wired to handle 120 volts. This miter saw has the maximum bevel capacity of up to 48°. It is equipped with constant power technology that allows you to use the tool regularly without overheating or malfunctioning.

What could be better?

This is a proper professional miter saw; hence, it isn’t feasible to use for home DIY projects. When I used this tool, I found that the dust bag fails to collect the dust and wood shavings accurately. And it is incredibly expensive.

More features:

  • Electric brake
  • Constant power technology
  • Soft-start motor
  • Safer, dual-integral lights
  • Integral dust channel
  • 5-year manufacturing warranty
WEN Miter Saw


WEN 70712 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

For a 37-pound miter saw, generating a remarkable 5,500 RPM with a powerful 15-ampere motor is quite impressive. The WEN 70716 Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a versatile and reliable power cutting tool that provides a compound, bevel, angle, and straight. 

It’s amazing, these cuts all in one compact machine. This machine can easily slice anything that’s put in front of it. It boasts a spacious work table that offers plenty of room for boards with a maximum thickness of 11 inches. It incorporates a 6-tooth carbide-tipped blade that offers precise and sharp cutting. Its handy dust bag helps minimize the cleanup after use.

My Impression

It offers a bevel range between 0°-45° on its left, while it provides a miter range of 0°-52° on both sides. It can accommodate stock material as thick as 3 inches, and I was genuinely impressed by its work table that supports 11 inches in depth. I was able to make perfect cuts using this miter saw, and it is straightforward to use. This miter saw offers your desired results with precision. It is lightweight and can you can easily take it with you to your job sites. It comes with a carrying handle for easy portability.

What could be better?

After using this miter saw, I realized that its fence is not perfectly straight. I found this after making a few practice cuts. On the other hand, its automatic blade cover does not work as it should. The manufacturer may want to work on these two aspects.

More features:

  • Spacious worktable
  • Includes 60-tooth carbide blade
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Dust collection bag
  • 5,500 rpm
  • Automatic blade cover
Evolution Power Tools Miter Saw


Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 15-Inch Steel Cutting Chop Saw

If you are looking for a miter saw that would last long for years, EVOSAW380 Steel Cutting Chop Saw from Evolution Power Tools is for you. It generates the maximum of 2,500 RPM with a 15-ampere motor, which is pre-wired to handle 1,800 watts. 

It comes with a soft start function that allows you to operate the tool without it shaking or jiggling or other malfunctions. The device can handle a different range of 15-inch blades for accurate and perfect results. The best part, it is equipped with a laser guidance system that allows you to make precision cuts.

My Impression

EVOSAW380 Steel Cutting Chop Saw can effortlessly cut through plastics, wood, aluminum, and steel. You can trust this miter saw for most of your projects, it will not disappoint you. This miter saw comes with a built-in laser guide, dust bag, carbide blade, and a table clamp. This makes cutting not only easier but also ensures that it is done with precision and accuracy. Its ability to outperform abrasive saws is what made me put this saw in my list.

What could be better?

I found two major faults in EVOSAW380 Steel Cutting Chop Saw. First, its laser guidance system is faulty. It flickers and sometimes, refuses to turn on, and I feel like it is not perfectly straight. On the other hand, cutting steel with this saw a bit of a struggle although it can handle hard woods pretty well.

More features:

  • Long lifespan
  • Laser guidance system
  • Dual flange
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum base
  • Cold cut saw; cuts metal with minimal heat and burrs
  • Faster cutting & long blade

What is the difference between a compound miter saw and a sliding miter saw?

Compound Miter Saws:

  • They feature a pivoting arm to allow you to tip the blade so that you can perform bevel cut
  • They can cut in two different angles – bevel cut and miter cut
  • Compound miter saws offer a greater cutting arc
  • A compound miter saw is limited by the width of the material. That is, a 10-inch compound miter saw can cut around 6 inches wide
  • Compound miter saws are great at cutting all types of molding such crown molding

Sliding Miter Saws:

  • Sliding miter saws have rails installed in them that allow the user to slide the saw back and forth
  • A sliding miter saw boasts all the functionalities of a compound miter saw
  • Unlike compound miter saw, you can cut wider materials with sliding miter saw

What size wood can a miter saw cut?

  • It all depends on the size of the blade, and the type of miter saw you are using – compound or sliding.
  • A 10-inch blade can easily make right-angled cuts across a wooden board 5.5 inches wide – ample for a 2×6 lumber.
  • Similarly, a 10-inch blade can make 45° cuts across a 2×4 board

Miter Saw Basics

Out Conclusion on The 10 Best Miter Saw Reviews

There are certain things to consider when purchasing a miter saw. 

For starters, the type is essential. Whether you want a compound miter saw or a sliding miter saw will depend on your preference. For home use, a compound miter saw is sufficient, and if you are a professional worker, you can go with a sliding miter saw. 

Not all models offer the same precision, and you can see it in my review of the top models. The models I have mentioned are probably the best because they are diverse, meaning I have introduced them considering who will use them and how they will be used. Portability is another factor that you need to consider when choosing a quality miter saw. 

We hope our guide helped you choose a miter saw model that’s perfect for you.  Happy woodworking!