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The Absolute Best LED Work Lights- Buyer’s Guide

By: Darion Robinson

using a led light for work

Work lights are a critical part of every household as well as for the handymen. It is simple; one cannot work when it is dark. Working in low light or no light is very demanding and expose you to injuries. 

It is hard to focus and your project whether a home DIY project or a professional one, will take longer than expected. You know where I am going with this and know exactly what you need to do next, right?

I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the Hallomall Spotlights Work and Outdoor Light from the listing on Amazon. And with no doubt, the Hallomall 15W LED Work Light with Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries is my overall best work light for both commercial work settings as well as homes. The 24 in-built LED bulbs offer incredible illumination while rotating at 360° angle. This model is easy to use and amazingly portable. It provides very bright light and can be even used for outdoor activities like camping or in the events of a blackout. It uses in-built rechargeable Li-ion batteries and is water resistant as well.  Scroll down to see my review of 10 best LED work lights and choose for yourself.

You need to invest in a versatile work light that will provide you with a solution for inadequate lighting in your work setting. Like always, I have done the hard work for you. Read my review of some of the best work lights available on the market. 

Top 10 LED Work Lights Reviewed & Compared(2020)

*List recently updated for 2020


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Hallomall work light


Hallomall [15W 24LED] Spotlights Work and Outdoor Light With Built-in Rechargeable Batteries

Hallomall’s 15W LED Work Light is specially designed to provide sufficient light to worksites. It is a solution for many needs like outdoor light, spot light, and SOS light. Hallomall is a trusted brand, and this model delivers a unique experience to the users.

The light it generates is remarkably brighter and useful and is lightweight and handy. This is the main reason why I have put this model on top of my list. With 24 in-built LED bulbs, this work light illuminates incredibly well and can rotate in 360° angle.

My Impression

I found Hallomall’s portable work light extremely handy, easy to use, useful, and fit for camping and outdoor works. This product can easily cater to your needs of outdoor camping activities, outdoor jobs, and you can even use it indoors to make your room bright in the events of a power cut. I was impressed with the 24 high-quality LED bulbs that produce illumination up to 1600 lumens. The lightweight design is incredibly sturdy thanks to the aluminum alloy shell. It is waterproof as well. The best part, I used this LED work light as a power bank for charging my mobile. There are in-built USB ports in the design that produces 5V current.

What could be better?

I came to experience that the batteries, even though rechargeable, aren’t quite robust. I have to recharge it every time after an hour or two of use. The light starts dimming after half an hour. This may be a battery issue.

More features:

– Three light modes- low, strobe, and high
– 2 mode switch
– IPX 5 level waterproofing
– USB ports produce 5V on 1A current
– Can produce colors temp up to 6000k
– Can work between 110-240v

PowerSmith led work light


PowerSmith PWL2140TS Dual-Head Work Light & Metal Housing

Next up on my list is the very powerful Dual-Head 40W 4000 Lumen LED Work Light from PowerSmith, which has an excellent daylight color rendition. This is a work light meant for professionals but can also accommodate home use and DIYers. The unit comes with two lamps and a tripod mount for easy placement in different work settings. The tripod mount is adjustable up to 4.5 feet tall, allowing you to perform various tasks including garage works. 

My Impression

One thing I really liked about this LED work light is that its lamps have the ability to adjust from 30° down and 90° up, which is fantastic as it allowed me to focus the light on any object. You can remove the lamp for use on the ground. I also liked the tripod mount; it is heavy duty to make the lamps usable in every work setting. Another thing I liked about this model is the 9 feet cord that gave me a lot of maneuverability.

What could be better?

Although the lamps have their separate on/off switches, they are not separable, as you cannot remove the cord that attaches them together. Moreover, there is no battery option in this LED work light model. Hence, it limits its usability. Overall, I found this work light comfortable.

More features:

– 4,000 TRUE Lumen Brightness
– 9 feet power cord with grounded plug
– Long-lasting Super-bright LEDs- 50,000 hour rating
– Adjustable tilt- up to 30° down and 90° up
– Sealed die-cast aluminum housing and metal Tripod

Makita work light


Makita DML805 18V LXT Cordless/Corded L.E.D. Flood Light

I have used Makita products before, and I am still yet to be disappointed. The brand is known for making some of the best power tools for professionals. Their latest DML805 LED work light is the best in terms of usage and accessibility. 

This model boasts the ability to run off on AC power and battery, which makes it perfect for home as well as commercial use. The lights can last up to the maximum of 10 hours when running on battery power (low power mode), whereas it can last up to 4-5 hours on full power mode, which is excellent when you are working in a work setting that has no power source.

My Impression

In operation, DML805 LED work light runs on either 230-volt cord or battery, making it handy in every work setting. The LEDs provide a lot of brightness using the 440 or 750-lumen options, which is impressive. This was ample to light up my large living area. These light settings are also capable of lighting outdoor work settings during the night. And when I paired these two lights together, it got me some serious coverage. This work light is easy to set up as it comes with a mounting stand that stretches up to 58 inches. The built-in handle on top of the work light makes it easy to carry. 

What could be better?

Unfortunately, the battery is not chargeable by plugging in the lamp; instead I had to charge it through the standard 18V Makita charge station.   

More features:

– Delivers 450 lumens on low mode and 750 lumens on high mode
– 5 hours of continuous illumination when used on high mode
– Extreme protection technology used for improved water and dust resistance

Ustellar work light


Ustellar 10000LM 100W LED Work Light with 2 Brightness Levels

Next on my list is Ustellar 10000LM 100W LED Work Light that comes with some nice functionality that certainly makes it one of the best LED work lights for home and professional use. This LED work light is IP65 rated, which means it is waterproof. 

The manufacturers redid the design to make it waterproof by sealing the lamp itself, and the on/off switch as well. This makes it easier for use in work settings that are prone to damaging your tools and equipment. This model incorporates a very long built-in cord as it is AC powered. It is long enough to move this LED work light around anywhere.

My Impression

Although I didn’t test this work light model in a pool of water, I felt confident in using the device on a damp floor, a flooded carpet, and outside as well. This tells how well-built this LED work light is. Moreover, it has two brightness levels; you can adjust them infinitely from 50-100W using a switch. It produces super bright 1000 lumens that easily covered up my entire living space. The adjustable angle knobs installed allows easy tilting.

What could be better?

This handy device consumes a lot of power, but it is understandable. However, it sometimes overheats and takes time to cool down. It fails to dissipate heat when used for prolonged hours. This is one flaw that I found that the manufacturer should fix.

More features:

– IP65 Waterproof
– Adjustable angle knobs
– Easy to install in many places where you need bright work lights
– Two brightness levels

Ustellar 5500LM


Ustellar 5500LM 55W LED Work Light Waterproof Flood Lights

This is the lightest version of the 100W LED work light from Ustellar. I am not surprised that I am putting it on my list of best LED work lights because this model has some fantastic features and offers good amount of illumination that can make your work easier. 

As per the manufacturer, this 5500LM 55W LED Work Light from Ustellar has the lifespan of about 50,000 hours, which is impressive given being smaller and of lower power. You can switch the power levels from low to high. This is an ideal work light device for smaller work settings.

My Impression

When it comes to LED work lights, you look for durability, the illumination factor, and portability among others and this model from Ustellar stands out to that. It is small, offer low power, and yet delivers high performance. I was surprised to see how brightly it lighted up my entire living area. It comes with a 5-meter cord and is easy to install, mount or hang anywhere. It is IP65 waterproof, and the 55W LED saves your electricity bill. 

What could be better?

This is a good-quality LED work light that helped me complete my garage’s paint job effortlessly. However, I had issues with its knobs. I had to continually tight the knobs at the base. This issue needs to be worked on.

More features:

– 55W Portable LED Work Light
– Waterproof: IP65
– Comes with two brightness levels
– Adjustable angle knobs
– Dissipates heat

VonHaus Two-Head 10000


VonHaus Two-Head 10000 Lumen LED Work Light With Detachable Housing

If you are a professional looking for a durable work light, then you may want to look at this LED work light model. VonHaus Two-Head 10000 Lumen LED Work Light is a versatile and very bright work light with everything turned up a notch. This is a professional’s LED work light, but DIYers can also use it. 

The lamps are brighter and higher powered, which is adequate to provide coverage for large work settings. What makes it a professional’s work light is its design. The two LED lamps offer robust coverage while its 6.5 feet tripod stand ensures that the light reaches every corner of the room or the work setting.

My Impression

I liked this work light’s color rendition; it offers a natural looking daylight color, which is not too bright or prickly to the eyes. This is the best aspect of this LED work light from VonHaus. Moreover, it was easy for me to tilt and swivel the lamps to spread the light around my work setting – 90° up and 30° down to be precise.

What could be better?

For a full-fledged LED work light, an 8.2 feet power cord makes no sense. It is difficult to use the device in large work settings because of the shorter cord. I used an extension cord to set up the lights; the cable is too short. Moreover, there is no on/off switch. You will need to turn on/off the lamp from the power outlet.

More features:

– Large, powerful and highly functional work light- 1000 lumens
– Water resistant design
– 80 inches maximum height
– Fully detachable and adjustable twin LED rotary headlamps


Neiko 40464A Cordless LED Work Light, 350 Lumens, 5 Hours Run Time, 4,000 mAh

Don’t go for its small size; it boasts 60 LEDs that combine to offer 350 lumens, which is sufficient to light up a small room or garage for your DIY home project. It is affordable and lightweight yet built to last. Neiko 

40464A works as a portable, handheld stick that features an impact resistant industrial grade polycarbonate lens and aluminum housing. It drains energy from a powerful 4000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, offering up to 5 hours of performance. The best part, it uses a USB charging cable, which means you can charge it from a wall plug or from your vehicle as well.

My Impression

What I like most about Neiko 40464A is the 360° swivel hook that allowed me to use the device hands-free when my car broke down. This is a high-tech work light that includes a low battery indicator and overcharging protection, which automatically switches on when the battery is either low or overcharging. The rubberized handle makes the work light comfortable to use.

What could be better?

I didn’t find any problem with this model. But I have heard back from a few customers who used this product stating that the light tends to fade away within months of ownership. I do find that the light tends to flicker in between use, which needs to be addressed by the manufacturer.

More features:

– 60 super bright SMD LEDs
– generate 350 lumens of light
– 4,000mAh Li-ion rechargeable large capacity battery
– Handheld, portable stick design
– Charge on-the-go with the USB charging cable
– Magnetic mounting base and 360 degrees swivel hook included

Snap-on 922261 LED


Snap-on 922261 LED Work Light

If you are looking for a handy LED work light for home and small projects, the super-durable LED work light from Snap-on offers 2000 lumens. The bright LEDs provide coverage for the entire work setting both indoors and outdoors. The high-quality LED bulbs will never need replacing. 

This device has low power consumption and boasts a sealed on/off switch that allows it to use in different work settings as long as it is a dry location. It comes with a padded handle, making it convenient to move around different work settings.

My Impression

This work light boasts 46 LEDs and offers a color temperature of 5000K. It emits a massive amount of light with so little heat, making it one of my favorite work lights for home and garage. The low energy LED lights enables the device to stay cool to the touch. The ergonomic design includes a 6-foot long cord with a grounded three-prong plug. I was amazed to know that the integrated LED bulbs never need replacing, making it the best investment for Home use. The adjustable angle knobs allow easy titling as per the application.

What could be better?

Despite powerful LED lights, this work light fails to provide comprehensive coverage. It is not as narrowly focused as it is advertised. I had to make multiple adjustments to the angles to make it work properly.

More features:

– 2000 lumens long-lasting LEDs
– Low power consumption
– sealed on/off switch
– comes with an ergonomic padded carry handle    
– Adjustable angle knobs for easy tilting

Bayco SL-864


Bayco SL-864 60 LED Work Light on Metal Reel with 50 Foot Cord

With a 50 foot long cord, this work light from Bayco boasts an added versatility. This portable, handheld LED work light has been safety and durability tested for the most stringent conditions. Bayco SL-864 is equipped with bright LEDs that promise to last long for more than 35000 hours.

 It is one of the few LED work light that is chemical, moisture, and impact resistant. For hands-free lighting experience, Bayco SL-864 includes magnets in its top and body, including a hook as well. The heavy-duty retractable metal reel is secured by a mounting bracket. 

My Impression

The length of the light measures 14.3 inches that provide an extensive coverage for smaller work areas. It is an excellent LED work light for performing smaller tasks at home. The 50-foot power cord is the USP of Bayco SL-864. It allowed me to roam around the house carrying the work light with ease. It was truly amazing to experience such accessibility to different places with this decent model. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor works including recreational levels.

What could be better?

This is a standard work light. Its design is common, and light coverage it provides is decent. So I was really disappointed to see the price tag on this model. This model is not worth its price; it should be lower.

More features:

– Safety and durability tested for the toughest situations
– Can be used in recreation, outdoor, and tactical levels
– Bright LEDs offer 35000 hours of life
– Pre-installed magnets and hook for hands-free operation
– Heavy-duty retractable  metal reel with mounting bracket

In360Light work light


BigBright LED Work Light Portable Super Bright Water Resistant

Last in my list is BigBright’s 54W LED Work Light that offers 6000 lumens. This portable work light boasts the design of a conventional handheld lamp but has the ability to light up the entire room with no effort. This 54W work light is highly functional and is suitable for everyone including homeowners, constructors, and professionals.   

This LED work light can light up your entire room with 360° of light. It includes 164 LEDs, a hanging strap, and a 7-foot power cord. 

My Impression

When it comes to portable LED work light, this one is my favorite. It gives the distinct look of a traditional handheld lamp but offers more power. It easily lighted up my living room, thanks to the 54W LED. Besides providing tremendous light, I found this work light to be incredibly lightweight and highly durable. The hanging strap allows you to carry it anywhere without any hassle.

What could be better?

For starters, it is a bit overpriced. Next, it doesn’t come with a tripod stand; you have to purchase it separately. Lastly, it produces a little heat, which is also negative. The manufacturer needs to address these issues to provide the users with better experience.

More features:

– Three color options
– 6,000 lumens
– Hanging strap
– 7-foot power cord
– Offers 360 degrees of light 

What Features To Look For When Buying a LED Work Light

How Adjustable Is The Light?

You need a work light that adjusts according to your work requirements. Look for a work light that has a pivoting or flexible head. This will allow you to meet the specific needs that your work demands. Moreover, an extendable tripod stand can also help, as it enhances the adjustability factor. 

What Is The Best Brightness For Work Lights?

The best way to determine the work light’s brightness factor is to check the number of LEDs it has or the lumens it offers. You need a work light that provides bright light. Higher the lumens, brighter the light.

Is The LED Light Portable?

It is all about portability. You need a work light that is incredibly portable so that taking it to different work settings isn’t difficult. There are models that come with a compact design. Moreover, you can look for the models that offer a hook so that you can mount them safely. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Shower Head?

I recommend that you clean your shower head once a month to avoid clogging and bacteria build-up. But if your household is showering more frequently and longer hair is involved, try to clean it twice a month.

Using The Luminar Work 500 Watt halogen light For Work


If you think that your work setting is inadequately illuminated, then the above-mentioned work lights are for you. I have tried to cover different verities of LED work lights in this article, but you are free to explore and look for what you want. The modes I have mentioned are of top quality and trusted brands. In addition, they all come within an affordable range. So whether you are a DIY enthusiast, professional contractor, or handyman, these portable LED work lights will provide you with an array of options, making your life easier. If you have any doubt about the models, I have mentioned or any other queries, feel free to ask.