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The Top 10 Best LED Headlights (2020 Update)

led headlights

With the development of science and technology, humans are headed towards making life easier and more sustainable. One of such innovation was that of electricity and the invention of bulb which has revolutionized humans’ lives in the dark. The quest did not stop there, rather the most recent inventions LED lights are really the gifts of human thought process. Imagine an emergency situation at night where you have to rush to a hospital, but there is no headlight to lead your way? 

Many people are now replacing their old traditional headlights with LED headlights and I think that it makes perfect sense to go for a better option available. The main trick is to choose the best kind of LED headlights because the demand for LED headlight has really crowded the market with tons of new products coming out every day. I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs from the listing on Amazon… I will discuss the reasons for my selection in a later portion but simply put: it is very bright, the focus is great, and the efficiency is amazing.

I can totally relate that you must be confused by looking at all the options of LED headlights, but I have made your shopping process a lot easier because you can go through my genuine list of ten best LED headlights. You can thank me later for the time and energy you have saved by avoiding the traffic of reviews on other platforms as this guide is well-researched and very much honest and impartial of brands.

10 Most Top Rated & Brightest LED Headlight Bulbs (Reviewed)

*List recently updated for 2020


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HIKARI's Best LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit


HIKARI Ultra LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit -H11

Hikari Ultra is the best LED headlight that you will find in the market. It is one of the most innovative tech-lead innovations with a very bright lightening. 

The design of this headlight is super slim and gives a perfect aesthetic looks with a light output with single focus. The beam pattern for this headlight is equally amazing and it matches the halogen beam. The problem of astigmatism is also solved by the very focused and bright light coming out of this amazing product.

My Impression

I was a bit nervous about this newly designed headlight when I was buying, but I was amazed by how wonderful this product is. It is brighter than any headlight I have ever had and is wide enough to show you a wide-range of the road when driving at night. I also loved that the light coming out of this headlight is much crispier and focused which makes driving a lot easier. The slim heat sink technology has made it very convenient for the coming traffic as they are not annoyed by my headlight anymore.

What could be better?

There is a serious issue of adjustment in these headlights that needs to be addressed in order to give customers the best experience. The blocker’s position widely varies from where a halogen blocker’s position is, and it creates huge challenge when you want to replace an old traditional one with an LED headlight like this.

More features:

• The most innovative headlight that has uniform beam pattern and slim design.
• It is very much brighter than traditional halogen bulb, almost about 270% brighter.
• There will be no issue for the incoming traffic because of the slim heat sink that is introduced in this LED headlight.
• It is aesthetically pleasing and definitely gives a very pleasant look to your car.


Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit - H11

Each Cougar Motor headlight is an amazing choice because there is a greatly aligned laser with the base when the headlight is made to make sure that the beam pattern is perfect. 

This product has come out as a result of using the newest and most recent optics technology available with an addition of the top CREE led chips and degeneracy of extra heat. It gives cool white colored light that makes the view very much visible and bright.

My Impression

I cannot thank my friend Angus enough for suggesting me this amazing product. This was my first switch from the traditional halogen headlight and it looked like the best decision of my life. The installation was super easy, the light is bright, and it is very much efficient than the old one. The entire road is lit up now when I am driving at night and I can now easily see anything that comes on my way home.

What could be better?

There is a weird issue with these headlights that they actually interfere with the reception of FM radios. This is mostly true for areas with weak signals though and does not influence much of your FM if you are in the city. Working this out will help people living in the country side and have to drive to work listening to FM radio.

More features:

• It is very a high-power headlight with Top CREE LED chips and 60W per pair.
• A perfect beam is ensured by the latest beam and it is at least 200% brighter than a normal halogen headlight.
• The excessive heat is killed to give you a cool and white colored light at night.
• This can be installed in less than twenty minutes as the instructions are very easy to follow and the product is very much long lasting.

VoRock8's Beam Headlamp LED Headlight Conversion Kit


R2 COB 9006 HB4 9006XS LED Headlight Conversion Kit

If you are looking to upgrade your car and give it a fine look and in return help your lighting at night, VoRock8 R2 is your perfect match. The design for this product is very compact and it fits pretty much all vehicles. 

This headlight causes in a very high visibility with 6500K diamond white color. Your drive will be very much intelligent and you would not frustrate the car going in opposite direction with the anti-interference intelligence technology that is installed in this product.

My Impression

I was amazed by the function of this little star as it shined very bright and made the road a lot more visible for me. I live in a country side and there is always a danger of hitting a deer at night when you have dimmer light, but this product has really helped me see everything with very much detail and I can now drive without any fear. The installation of this product was not very hard as well which makes your life easy.

What could be better?

I am sometime pulled over by the cops because the light that these headlights emit is a bit too brighter than normal and it really makes me stand out. Many of my old neighbors now call me the guy with bright light. The issue is that there is really no high beam and the long-range visibility has no influence by the high beams light.

More features:

• This is one of the very smallest kits with the brightest light, and it fits in most vehicles because of its size.
• It is a great replacement for halogen headlight as it is great fit for low beam headlamp as well.
• There is maximum heat dissipation because of the presence of the aluminum heat sink installed in the headlight.
• You can buy this product with very much confidence as it comes with a one-year warranty.

LASFIT LED Headlight Bulbs


LASFIT 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs LED Conversion Kit

There cannot be a better product out there that will give you a better visibility than what LASFIT can offer. The output of light is maximum, and the focus makes it even better for you to see at night. 

The installation is a piece of cake and this small bulb size can come as a great fit for most vehicles. You would not get any dark spot or any foggy light anymore because this headlight has been worked out to eliminate all such issues that have been noted in earlier products.

My Impression

I had ordered these bulbs by accident while going though products on Amazon and tried my luck. I am very glad that I made the mistake because these LED headlights are literally the best. I drive in fog as it gets foggy often where I drive, and these headlights have definitely made my driving very much secure and safe with their bright and focused light. They can be easily installed, and you can always return them to get a full return if there was an issue while you are installing the headlight. I would highly recommend these LED headlights.

What could be better?

There is something with this product that really annoys me that the cooling fan of the bulb cannot be fitted because of the factory brackets for the adjustment screws .One needs to really work hard on it and cut the headlight support brackets for the bulb to fit in.

More features:

• The headlight bulbs are made more long lasting by the true watts and lumens.
• A lot of extra space is saved by the built-in ballast.
• You do not have to worry about the wrong fit or be concerned about the quality because you can return it for free within 45 days and will get a full refund.
• This provides with a broader and furtherer lightning area thus making your night drive comfortable.

NINEO's Best LED Headlight Bulbs


NINEO H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

If you are tired of the dim light of your halogen light and looking for a replacement, this product will give you a perfect bright light that you are looking for. 

By adjusting the mounting brackets, you can get the best beam focus in these LED headlights. The mounting brackets are of great quality and are made up of aluminum and no plastic is used for a longer durability. These powerful LED headlights can easily avoid the flickering as well.

My Impression

I used these LED headlights for around a year now, and I can say with confidence that they are pretty amazing. The light is very bright and crisp. They give a wide range of light to make sure that you see the road very well. Because of the clean white light, I have no difficulty now to see the sign boards along the roads as well. I also liked that it is very easy to install, and you can get done with the whole process in few minutes.

What could be better?

There is a small issue with the angle set up of the two LED lights on the side that are supposed to match your light, but they do throw a different and old beam pattern that makes it hard to see at times with the dark spot coming on your way.

More features:

• Each of these led headlight bulbs can power up to 5090 lux and 6000 lumens to 6500k by using specific CREE chips.
• They are up to 5% brighter than the normal Halogen light and are better than 95% of other LED light available.
• There is an adjustable 360 degrees mounting brackets that let you focus the beam of your light.
• The heat is dissipated in these lights to a maximum level by the Unique coverless dual ball bearing fan design.

TECHMAX's Best Mini H11 LED Headlight Bulbs


TECHMAX Mini LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

These LED headlights can be simply described as the brighter, smaller and smarter options available in the market. The quality of the product must be ensured by checking the unique product code that comes with these LED headlights. 

The aim of this barcode is that you can return the item in case of any defect and the company will make sure that you get the best product that you deserve.

My Impression

I have used a lot of different LED headlight products but this one is really unique. It is very bright and long-lasting specially considering the very cheap price that it comes for. I must appreciate the amazing beam and focus that these headlights have. I would not think for a minute if I have to order these again because they are really worth your money.

What could be better?

The one thing that I do not like about this product is that the light pattern does not always come out to be very well. You can tell that by pointing your car towards the wall of a building, you do not get the pattern that you aim for. There are gaps in the pattern and you get a hollow infinity symbol.

More features:

• This LED headlight has extremely small volume that fits in a variety of vehicles.
• A very nice crisp and bright light is given out by CREE Multi-core Eutectic Technology Chips.
• The 3D stereo cooling system is well provided by the adopted aircraft grade aluminum.
• It is extremely easy to install or replace and is using DIY model for the ease of customers.

KATANA's Best LED Headlight Bulbs


KATANA H11 H8 H9 LED Bulbs Conversion Kit

There is no disappointment at all when it comes to choosing Katani headlights. You will get much wider and brighter light on your way back the night you install these. 

They are better than any LED light and indeed five percent better than your normal traditional halogen light. It has two ball bearing fans that make the cooling go like a pro and the design is slim and very pretty.

My Impression

I am very impressed by the performance of these headlights as they are super bright and do not create much trouble for other drivers going in the opposite direction. I also very much liked the packaging and it was extremely easy to install. The quality is great and there are no dark spots or any dim light due to flickering.

What could be better?

The only thing that can be made better about this LED headlight is that it can be blinding others at times when the angle is not very much fixed. One needs to make sure that you manually change the angle to a lower degree so that other drivers do not have an issue.

More features:

• This product uses ultra-thin side design and ensures 360 degrees uniform light with no dark spot.
• The noise in this product is reduced by the coverless design and double folding copper core.
• The beam angle can be adjusted and control in an of the 360-degree angle that you want to point it towards.
• The installation of the headlights is like a piece of cake and would only take you a few minutes.

Aukee's Best H11 LED Headlight Bulbs


Aukee H11 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

Newest Korean CSP LED chips technology has added up a whole different level of brightness to this product. The cooling on the product is done by super-fast turbo fan that is very powerful and hardly produces any sound. 

This comes with a 360 degree removeable aluminum adaptor that makes it easy for you to adjust the direction and focus of the light while driving in the dark.

My Impression

I would say that this headlight clearly exceeded my expectations when I started using it. It is very easy and convenient to install. I come across a lot of wildlife on my way home and I can easily see them now that I have this headlight coming from a distant or standing by the road so that I do not hit them. I have enjoyed using this product and there is no reason why I should not recommend it to others.

What could be better?

I honestly did not find anything that is problematic about this product. The only factor that I still have to find out is the durability of these headlights as I have heard from friends that they run out quite fast. If these are long-lasting, then there is no complain about them at all.

More features:

• This product has very much reduced interference and it comes in a small size that greatly fits a variety of vehicles.
• The beam pattern of the headlight can be easily adjusted by the aluminum removable adaptor.
• Because of the size being very small, you would hardly get any interference in the FM radio signals.
• It has 2 years guarantee and 30 days guarantee with full re-payment in case of any issues with the product.

SEALIGHT's Best High Beam Conversion Kit


SEALIGHT 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

The best part about this product is that it is based on Upgraded CSP Chips now and the light is brighter and crisper than ever before. You do not have to worry about animals on the road at night because the wide and white light of these headlights make things visible from a great distance and in a wide range of area. 

The light patter of these headlights is very much similar to the halogen light pattern thus making you shift to this new technology easier and comfortable.

My Impression

This is very similar to my halogen headlight except that the performance is better, and the efficiency is far more amazing. The light pattern is similar to that of a halogen light and it is great because I am more comfortable in that pattern and it has made my life easier. I was stunned by how fast you get the full light when you turn the headlight on. It is remarkable and highly suggested product to buy.

What could be better?

One should be very careful while buying this product because it is not a good fit for cares that have beams integration of high and low beams into one bulb. If your car has such feature, it is better to explore more and get a more suitable product.

More features:

• It has a very swift start of 0.1 second and the light output is amazingly bright.
• The process of installation is very easy, and you can do it on your own by simply looking up a video that is provided.
• This product comes with a 12 months warranty and the customer service is always at your reach if you have any issue with the product.


9005 HB3 LED Headlights Bulbs Super Bright 6400LM 60W

9005 HB3 LED headlight is super bright and a great replacement for your old traditional light. It is extremely easy to install, in a flash you are actually seeing the road in dark with the plug and play model of this product. 

This model is all-in-one design that has nothing less than your halogen headlight but a lot more efficiency. There is very minimum heat in the bulb as the heat is dissipated by the high-quality aluminum installed.

My Impression

I am very specific about the right amount of light during my night drive and this has caused me in shuffling a lot of headlights. This product has been an amazing replacement for the halogen light and is very bright and has tremendous focus. These lights are very light weight and very much durable. The packaging was great, and I received it on time without any damage. This is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it to people who are looking for a nice headlight.

What could be better?

I did not have any major issues with this product, but it is just very hard to get a nice light pattern from these LED headlights. This is a manufacturing defect and the angles of the LED on each side needs to be fixed.

More features:

• There is no modification needed as it is extremely easy to install.
• This headlight has very low voltage protection and a very high precision constant driver chip.
• This product comes with one-year warranty and the support line is available for any kind of assistance.
• The power consumption is very low as compared to the halogen light.

Most Asked Questions on LED Headlights

Which is better HID or LED?

HID used to be the best light source until LED was introduced and most manufacturers and users have preferred using LED now. It is obvious that an advanced form of lightening in LED has a lot more advantages than HID.

The intensity of light is a lot better in LED and it is much brighter than HID. The longevity of the HID is not even close to LED and that makes LED an obvious better option. Secondly, the immediate and instant illumination of LED as compared to the delayed turning on of the HID makes LED a better option we have today.

Are LED bulbs road legal?

Road legal basically means that the light source or bulb is allowed while driving on the streets or roads. This really depends on the region that which kind of bulbs are allowed on the road but there are a few basic things that can help you decide.

The headlight is meant to help you see the road clearly and should not be extremely bright that it will trouble other drivers. There are also laws concerning the color of light, but yellow and white light are almost accepted everywhere. Considering these factors, LED bulbs are legal in many places, but it is not universal and must be looked at from the perspective of the local law.

How long do LED bulbs last?

The approximate life time of an LED bulb is about 50,000 hours. This is 20-25% more long lasting than a halogen bulb. If you use your LED bulb for 12 hours a day, it will still last up to 11 years.

How to Quickly Install Any LED Headlight Bulb?


Well, you would not have made it very far and crashed into a tree or a wall. LED headlights have helped car users to save a lot of battery or other power source because of their efficiency. It is considered to be 80% more efficient than a traditional headlight. Their light is also very much crispier and brighter than that of the traditional halogens as well. There are obviously many other benefits of the innovative introduction of LED headlights.

I have tried to compile a very comprehensive and honest guide of the best LED headlights available in the market. This is an up to date and well-researched list that will make your shopping very easy. This guide is your “go to place” if you have decided to switch to LED headlights for your car. It is a wise decision because LED light will save a lot of your energy source and is a lot brighter.

With the abundance of new LED products coming in the market, the confusion in choosing the best product increases; and I have tried to help you overcome the confusion and buy the product of your choice from this list with full confidence. It is guaranteed that you will not regret your decision and this guide will be your help for the years to come.