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The Best Jigsaws of 2020

How Should You Use a Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a necessary-to-have tool for DIY lovers and woodworking.

This is because it is vital, handy tool for work or home projects. I would advise you to use jigsaws for cutting the shapes out of any building material. These kinds of building materials include plastics, woods, porcelain, and meals. It is an enjoyable tool for starting any woodworking project.

If you have this top-notch grade saw and the right blade, then you merely need to sit back and relax. Let the jigsaw do its magic. 

The top one on my list is the Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw JS470E (click here to view on Amazon.com). It is the best-corded jigsaw in the market. Here is a quick rundown why I highly recommend it. First, the blade change system is tool free. If you handle this tool, you will notice that it has many blades, and each blade serves a different purpose. You will conquer with me that changing these blades is an absolutely fantastic thing. Moreover, guess what? This jigsaw has the eject button to remove the blade on this model, as simple as ABC. All universal blades can comfortably fit in this Bosch Jigsaw piece.

We all know the market is huge out there, right? We have many brands that purport to have top-notch jigsaws. However, the truth is that some of those jigsaws are not top selling like other products that they have in their stores. For this post, I have compiled a catalog of some useful jigsaws that the current market has for you. To make sure you achieve satisfactory results, these jigsaws use the state of art components at your precision. Here is a list of jigsaws that use the latest creative elements to meet your requirements perfectly. It will help you achieve the best results.

Top 10 Top-Rated Professional Jigsaws (Reviews)

*List recently updated for 2020


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Makita Top Handle JigSaw
Bosch JS470E


Bosch Power Tools Jigsaws Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw

This jigsaw has an electric cord and has specifications of 10.1 pounds and 15.8*14.4*14.6 inches.  I love this jigsaw as it represents capability, sturdiness, and precision. 

It comes with a compelling cast of the aluminum footplate. The convenient industrial design is one thing that I like most about this blade. Ooh yes, it can grapple with the most demanding tasks too.

My Impression

I frequently stare at the speed control system of this model. It has a supercool bi-directional system, yet it perfectly delivers its job. Let me take you down to the working process, the dial pad affixes the top-most speed. When in use, the accelerator trigger controls the speed quite well. Off course, if you are cutting lightweight materials such as wood, then you will want to accelerate the pace. On the other hand, it can keep the full speed on heavy weight materials like metal.

Reviews of the product

Bosch jigsaw is a tool to reckon. To this date, the product has almost 293 reviews on Amazon. It looks like nearly 77% of customers highly recommend this jigsaw. There is very little to moan about this tool. A score of almost 4.6 out of 5 is a real achievement.

What could be better?

Nothing is flawless in the world. Bosch jigsaw is not an exemption to this reality. One mishap about it is that it does not have a LED light. Overall, it has more positives that make it carry the day. But above all, it is a fantastic gadget. If you allow me, let us check out some of its terrific attributes below.

More features:

  • – The ejection lever is gadget free making it unheard off to touch hot blades when removing them.
  • – Four adjustable positions in its settings
  • – You can easily switch to any blades strokes that you desire.
  • – The choice is yours, whether you want smooth cuts or aggressive cuts; it can stretch to cut 45 degrees angle maximum.
Makita Top Handle JigSaw


Makita JV0600K Top Handle Jig Saw

Well, I will recommend Makita Top handle grill for its high quality and tremendous accomplishment.  For me, JV06000K is an enormous tool that can go perfect with any task. It seems like Makita had you in their mind while designing this tool. 

This tool is a high performance corded jigsaw coupled with longevity. If you want an excellent tool in the market, go for Makita Top Handle Jigsaw.

My Impression

That’s no brainer here, but it is crucial to look out for fundamental characteristics when buying a jigsaw. If you want to feel comfortable, check for its accomplishment, usability, and capacity. It should be a handy tool and a long lasting one for that matter even though it’s working on a tough workload. I must say JV06000K tops the list in this category.

Remarkably, imperishable materials are used to produce this jigsaw. It can combat all circumstances. Be it light duty or heavy duty; all summed up. Awesome! It has an aluminum die-cast housing base that makes it immovable, thereby beating most of its competitors.

Furthermore, I love its grit that throws off the balance of many jigsaws in this category. Its industrial design trigger has a provision of the two-finger slot that has a smooth rubber grip. It ensures comfort and ultimate control. Above all, it makes it easy to work with it for long hours. I love this tool because these unique features make it a multi-purpose for future use.

Reviews of the product

Just as if I had anticipated, the customers are happy with Makita Top Handle Jig Saw. This jigsaw has over 70 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 out of 5. Most customers claim that this jigsaw is excellent and well built.

What could be better?

Do you want it for home use or any DIY project? Well, it might be an alarm to stop. That’s because the size of this jigsaw is not something that can work well on small projects. Its enormous size cannot make it comfortably fit for home use.

More features:

  • – One thing I must speak about Makita Top Handle Jig Saw is its sturdy formation and resilient nature.
  • -The adjustable speed control allows it to cut different materials effortlessly.
  • – It is featherweight and stout.
DEWALT Yellow Li-Ion Jig Saw


DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw

This product is from the well-known company Dewalt. The company has been existing in the business world since 1924. Old is gold, they say. Let me add that this jigsaw is worth that adage. On the other hand, its power is not immense when compared to Bosch.

It may not be handy, but the good news is that its portability is way out of this world. If you so much value the portability of jigsaws, then this is the correct tool. I would recommend that you buy a good battery for Dewalt Li-Lion jigsaw to avoid disappointments.

My Impression

The Dewalt DCS331B is 13 pounds and measures 11.2+11+13.9 inches. Before I dive into the list, the metal lever keyless action is something to envy about. It comes in handy yet convenient whenever you want to change the blades. It is as simple as ABC, and you do not need any additional gadget. Quite remarkable, you need to assure that you have the correct blade for your task. Remember, the variable speed is close to Bosch. And, different jobs need different speed. The rate of this Jigsaw ranges from 0 -3000 strokes per minute.

Reviews of the product

I have thoroughly read the reviews on Amazon to grasp what customers have to say about Dewalt Li-Lion Jigsaw. This jigsaw has around 431-customer reviews, out of which approximately 90% buyers rate this drill above four stars. It seems like buyers of DeWalt 20V jigsaw are happy with its most exceptional performance.

What could be better?

It is always good to note; this jigsaw does not come with a battery and its charger. Also, it has no light laser for visibility. I find it is a bit mean in that it is compatible with only T-shank blades.

More features:

  • – Four-position orbital action
  • – The manufacturer gives three years warranty for this jigsaw.
  • – Comfortable grip
  • – Excellent accuracy and long-lasting steel


Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 Jig Saw

Things do evolve, M18 FUEL D-Handle Jigsaw is no exception. It is an improved and somewhat advanced version of its predecessor. This innovative gadget has LED light, inflated SPM, brushless feature, and dust collection provision.

It has no speed control adjustable feature. However, it has a trigger that controls the saw from 0 to 3000SPM, unlike its former which had 2700SPM. I particularly adore its large trigger on the saw that has a two-finger provision which minimizes the pressure and fatigue.

My Impression

My take about Bare Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 18 volt M18 Jigsaw is quite positive. Well, it is a pristine model. Are you tired of the $20 varieties of jigsaws? Great! This jigsaw is worthy of buying it. After all, it is not just any other ordinary tool to throw into the air. It has a comfortable weight of 8 pounds that sounds pretty good on any great jigsaw. Also, it is not bouncy when using it because the blade is fixated properly.

Reviews of the product

Milwaukee M18 Jigsaw has 82 customer reviews and an average star rating of 4.1 out of 5. It looks like many buyers fall for this jigsaw for its extraordinary battery life.

What could be better?

One significant flaw I see in Milwaukee M18 Jigsaw is the fact that it does not have LED light. So, you may not be able to see things clearly when cutting in the night time or dark. If you want to operate this jigsaw, you must be full of stamina to fix the blade in its rightful place.

More features:

  • – With its tool-free shoe, bevel the jigsaw grants prompt and precise shoe adjustment.
  • – The quick lock blade clamp marks that there is a smooth blade change.
  • – It beats other cordless jigsaws with its five positions orbital setting. With this, you get an assurance on adaptability.


BLACK & DECKER/DEWALT PCE345 6A Orbital Jigsaw

When you buy this product, you will feel great like a queen or king for a moment. Why? Well, it is a jigsaw full of modesty that serves its customers right. I would particularly want you to buy a Jigsaw that you will be madly proud of every day. Porter Cable Orbital Jig perfectly offers that.

My Impression

Commendably, it has a capacity of 3200 SPM stroke per minute. One outstanding thing of having a jigsaw with an electric cord is that it can achieve more power with minimum resources. If you want to perform many projects on wood, ceramic or even metal, then I highly recommend this jigsaw. Its seven positions dial can effortlessly achieve it. For each material, you have to adjust to the right speed. The four orbital setting ensures you to cut accurately.

Reviews of the product

More than 230 faithful customers have shared their reviews about Porter Cable Orbital Jig on Amazon. That’s astonishing, but most buyers are saying that it is a great tool.

What could be better?

Now, let us talk about faults of Porter Cable Orbital Jig. Well, one thing they should endeavor to upgrade is the closeness of the speed control knob to that of the trigger. This product also lacks inbound storage for the blade.

More features:

  • – Quickly cut through material like butter.
  • – Blade replacements are quite fast.
  • – Wrench for slight adjustments


BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw, 5.0-Amp

Well, if you are looking for a multipurpose jigsaw, this is it. It is dependable to cut the various kind of woods, lumber among others. With these details in my mind, I believe that woodworking professionals will love it

Mainly because the features allow them to perform their work accurately and expertly. It makes DIY jobs as easy as pie. This tool is worth going for its trustworthy and power. Thanks to its simple art feature coupled with large industrial design.

My Impression

Now let us get into my thoughts about this Jigsaw. It has a built in a 5-amp variable speed motor. Plus, it produces 3000SPM which is a good speed like most other jigsaws. Are you thinking of buying a superior, well-performing Jigsaw? Why not purchase Black+Decker BDEJS600C. Its 45-degree bevel feature can amazingly enable it to cut into various directions. It assures some stability with its adjustable shoe.

Reviews of the product

No need to talk much about this; the brand name Black and Decker sells itself. Amazingly, it has 703 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars. I can certainly see that 89% of reviewers are giving above a 4-star rating. Most customers particularly love its easy-to-use mechanism and easy-to-change blades.

What could be better?

The trigger responds quite fast even with a slight touch. So, you may need to be watchful all the time. Besides this, this Jigsaw comes with only one replaceable blade. Therefore, you may need to purchase additional blades in case if any of them stops working or breaks.

More features:

  • – With its curve control technology, it lets you regulate the saw orbit in the various customized settings.
  • – Derives its power from the 5-amp motor
  • – Assures precision in cutting wood with its up to date, the wire guard
  • – Comes with improved compactness coupled with 45-degree bevel cuts with an adjustable bevelling shoe


Ryobi One+ P523 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Orbital (3,000 SPM)

My take is that this is an average jigsaw with high pressure. When you compare it with its competitor (Porter Cable and Skil), this Jigsaw especially stands out in the price range of $50 -75. Whatever your interests are, you will like it. 

Let us look at this. It comes with many lucrative features like tool-free blade changes, Blade Saver, Speed Match, and a variable speed lever. It is an excellent tool with 3000 SPM in the cordless jigsaw family.

My Impression

I will recommend Ryobi P523 Jig Saw. I find it enjoyable to use. This tool expends half the accessible power in the 4.0 amp in one hour. I specifically know this tool for rough cuts, but let me confidently add that it cuts smooth cuts too, at high speed. To sum it up, it is an inexpensive, robust tool.

Reviews of the product

This product has 72 customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.6 stars. Most buyers particularly love it for the price range and multi-functional nature. It works well for them.

What could be better?

Each Jigsaw has room for improvements. Likewise, Ryobi One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Jigsaw should improve. A battery or charger should accompany this product.

More features:

  • – Overall frustration free product
  • – Its longevity is worth recognizing.
  • – Lightweight and durable
SKIL Single Speed JigSaw


SKIL 4230-01 3.2 Amp Single Speed Jig Saw

SKIL Single Jigsaw seems like a competent tool. Its mother company Skil power tools have been in existence since the 1920s, making other industrial tools too. If you buy this tool, my take is this jigsaw will not disappoint you in any way.

My Impression

I would be confident to suggest this tool to anyone. It can perform different projects in the home setting. Part of my reason is that you can make bevel cuts whenever you decide to. It makes me give it a high rating on the list. This product is what you need for your most home wood-based projects. I highly value it because of its bevel-cut characteristic. I would be frank with you; this is not a professional tool! Are you keen to know why? It is because it misses various features that professionals use daily and at the same time it has many features that do not suit home use.

Reviews of the product

There is little to talk about this Jigsaw and its reviews. It only has two different customer reviews. One customer likes it, and the other says it is a complete waste.

What could be better?

This product is almost at the bottom of my list partly because it does not have an excellent rating in the market. However, it is worth noting that it comes with two blades just like all other jigsaws. What’s more, for its proper functionality you will need to purchase an appropriate set of sharp blades. Also, your guess is just right like mine; you can get Bosch blades products.

More features:

  • – A useful tool for DIY and general purposes
  • – The orbital jigsaw makes it cut from all side neatly and faster.
  • – Cuts through most material like pressboards, plywood, and hardwoods
TACKLIFE Corded 6 Blade Jigsaw with Laser & LED


TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp Jigsaw with Laser & LED

Though there is minimal to say about Tacklife Advanced Jigsaw, it has an efficient and ingenious 6.7 Amp motor. It is copper made which enables it to cool down efficiently, thereby ensuring longevity without compromising on its performance. Great! It has four orbital positions which you can use to make your cuts.

My Impression

I love Tacklife because it is an affordable tool less than a restaurant meal. It has proved to be an excellent tool for the casual worker and DIY enthusiasts. Another critical thing, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. If you are looking for adaptability and functionality, this jigsaw offers that.

Reviews of the product

From Amazon, it has managed to get 173 reviews from the buyers. It has an average rating of 4.3. Well, it looks like most buyers love it for its LED laser light.

What could be better?

It has some documented problems with the wood blades, and you have to align the laser correctly.

More features:

  • – It has four orbital positions offer more cutting adaptability on wood, metal aluminum or plywood.
  • – Six different speeds to choose to suit your cut
  • – Unexpectedly, this budget tool has a 2-year warranty.
Festool Jigsaw 561443


Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ Jigsaw

It is a superb, unique jigsaw with plenty of power, 6 Amp motor. It is sturdy with 1000 to 900 strokes per minute. Another thing to admire is its carbide guidance system which sets the blade on its rightful position in a perpendicular manner. 

It also makes it easy to clean and straight cuts quite achievable. I was amazed it has built-in dust pathways in the plate to curb dust build up. So, dust clogging is never an issue with this tool. The clear chip defector in the back of the machine also ensures there is no dust accumulated.

My Impression

The Festool 561443 has a smooth beginning attribute and quick jolt-free startup. Moreover, I like its adjustable speed control that customizes each material when cutting. The functional grip provides a convenient handle. Lastly, the Fastfix saw blade allows quick adjustments for better results and usefulness.

Reviews of the product

Just like what I expected, Festool jigsaw has thrilled most customers. Any reason why? Let me tell you; it has an integrated dust collection point. Excellent, this alone makes it worth the price like all other Festool products. On Amazon, it has managed to get 35 reviews with a 3.8-star rating.

What could be better?

The sad certainty is that it does not come with extras apart from the single blade. You have to buy other things separately.

More features:

  • – Three years guarantee which covers the material product blemishes
  • – The capability of doing 9000 strokes per minute

Frequently Asked Questions on Jig Saws

What are the various styles of jigsaws for work/home?

There are three main styles of jigsaws: Corded, cordless, and pneumatic.

Corded jigsaws

I honestly love corded jigsaws because they are particularly immense than the wireless counterparts. Similarly, the electric cord accords it more power and electricity. Plus, they are weighty, compact and pricey. All these characteristics make it a better option for most professionals.

Cordless jigsaws

In contrast to corded models, cordless jigsaws are less weighty and sturdy. With its rechargeable battery, it may run for 30 to a few hours. Hence, they are quite cheap for these two reasons. It is sturdy and handy. I will recommend it for most of your DIY tasks and home upgrading projects.

Pneumatic Jigsaws

Probably, they are not very popular jigsaws. They have a tremendous soaring ability that disqualifies it for everyday use. It is not advisable to use it on wood because they damage the grain.

What are different power options available in a jigsaw?

About the power, most cordless jigsaws have between a 5 and 8 amp motor; a great deal isn’t it? Most corded jigsaws can handle either 120 volts or 220 volts. So, if you are looking out for something to work with wood or plastics, then you should only adhere to lower amp motors. After having said that faster speeds are good for cement and metal, corded Jigsaws are notably more powerful compared to cordless, and to crown it all; they operate for more prolonged periods.

How Should You Use a Jigsaw for Work?


I believe that this article has been the most enlightening piece ever. If you have read this article carefully, you will notice that more light has been shaded on the jigsaws. Finally, I would advise you to always take into account the performance of the Jigsaw when buying one. It should also perform multiple jobs and not a single task. Also, it should cut both light and heavyweight materials properly. Be it wood, plywood and metals all-inclusive.

I would highly endorse you to find a jigsaw with many characteristics and extras. It will help you save on costs, time and energy.

I would be glad to know you have enjoyed my top 10 list of jigsaws. You will either accept or disagree with my decisions; therefore, I recommend that you jot down a review. Which particular jigsaw are you curious about? Have you purchased one before? If yes, does it come with an electric cord and is it easy to carry?