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The Best HID Kits of 2021- Full Buyer’s Guide

Safety while driving is very paramount, especially driving at night, in fog, and in storms when accidents are in such a high rate. 

That is why it’s more important to have excellent working headlights, specifically HID, to create a bright environment while cruising the roads. 

The sad reality is that some (or most) of us don’t understand the basics when it comes to HID headlight kits for vehicles, which is why we decided to review the top 10 and make a guide on the best HID kits available!

The best and the most potent headlights made are with Xenon technologies; I choose KENSUN’S HID LIGHT KIT to be my favorite HID light kit in terms of quality. I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the Kensun’s HID Headlight kit from the listing on Amazon. It comes in a range of colors and with various other perks of excellent quality. The brand offers a two-year warranty and boasts of its exceptional customer service record. 

Besides this, its plug-and-play install process is something that attracts my view. It takes an average of less than 20 minutes for the installation. Furthermore, this kit comes with step by step instructions manual to help you fit it effortlessly.

10 Top Rated HID Headlight Kits for Vehicles (Reviews & Comparisons)

HID conversion kits offer the best experience, strength and several varieties of color to choose. But, getting a genuine HID Kit that will fix well into your design is quite difficult. You also need to consider the availability of that particular product in the market. For buyers who have difficulty in selecting the best design to fit into your vehicle, check out my list of Top 10 HID Kits for Vehicles.


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Kensun New Technology All-in-One Conversion Kit


Kensun All-in-One LED Headlight Conversion Kit

This choice of HID Kit is mostly used by cars. A top seller for HID Kits on Amazon. Buyers choose it as one of the best car light replacements brands in the market. Since 2009, Kensun has been developing technology for the automobile. 

They have developed techniques that are durable and available for purchase. This brand has a responsive and highly rated customer service department. I am happy with the company and trust that they take good care of the customers.

My Impression

If you are looking for the best self-service, easy-to-use HID kit, then this sleek aluminum yet small carrying case is the right choice.
It is a simple plug-and-use HID Kit with an average 20-minute unaided installation time for most cars. The brand is popular for its excellent client service. If you need professional assistance, the kensun’s team offers a full technical assistance package for free. This package also comes with a full 2-year warranty.

Reviews of the product

Kesun is an excellent product to purchase, and thus, it has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. It has been bought several times on Amazon, and more people still want to acquire it. It is also one of the best and fastest selling HID Kits on Amazon. Apart from the performance, customers also enjoy the quick delivery of the product. To this date, the product has around 16 buyer reviews in total.

What could be better?

I use HID kits to better serve my lighting needs on roads, especially during the night. This kit has everything that I need. However, I would call it a “100% perfect” product if the company works on the installation process and make it quite simple.

More features:

  • – Available in multiple different colors such as white, pink, blue, etc
  • – Consumes low power for both off-road lights and headlamps
  • – Goes well on any car brand with interior lights, high-beam, off-road lights or fog lights
Aukee Aee 6000K Cold White HID Xenon Conversion Kit


Aukee Aee AC 55w H7 HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The Aukee brand has the solution to overcome power consumption shortcoming that I find in most HID Kits. It is the most efficient HID Kit that at full use, power consumption is between 4.2 amps and 8 amps.

The 55w ballast is also sturdy and produces a clean white xenon brightness that can illuminate very long distances. Also, this Aukee brand can work on any model and vehicle be it car truck, SUV or ATV. The integration of the can-bus connectivity technology gives limited errors and extends bulb life.

My Impression

The ballast comes with an output capacity of almost 55w. The strength can light up a bulb from the least to 85% brightness within seconds. This bulb burns at an incredibly bright 5,000 lumens which is more enough light to pierce a moonless night.
With its long-lasting bulb feature, the beam could light at almost 4300 lm. Therefore, it becomes one of the best and convenient HID Kits for nearly all cars. The brand can work on any model and vehicle, but it isn’t compatible with Dodge Ram and Ford 150 cars. Inside this kit, you will find an installation manual to assist you, a harness, and two 6000 Aukee Xenon bulbs. Vehicle owners who need to brighten up their night should consider this product.

Reviews of the product

Aukee 55w HID Kit is an exceptional product that gives your car a whole new look and also improves visibility while driving. To this date, the product has acquired at least 23 customer reviews. It has 14 positive reviews, and a lot of buyers recommend it to other buyers. Apart from its efficiency, buyers also appreciate the quality of the product.

What could be better?

The product lights up well in extreme wind, snow, rain. The kit is delivered containing everything I need. However, the product may cause discomfort when the HID Lights tend to flicker sometimes.

More features:

  • – Available in different sizes with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • – Delivers peak brightness in a short time (average 3 seconds) with low power consumption
  • – Compatible with industry halogens systems, thus, eliminating adjustment
  • – Comes with a water-resistant, shock-proof capable of withstanding reasonably horrible weather like extreme wind, and snow
  • – Compatible with all car models with no brand restrictions.
H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System


H11 Morimoto Elite HID Kit System

The Morimoto Elite systems have earned their reputations among many as the aftermarket’s best set of HIDs. Amateurs can easily install its HID Systems with ease. 

The company has produced high-quality beams and kits versions available at the range of 35w to 55w capacity. The Kit is packaged with a high quality H11 5500k. Morimoto bulbs are compatible with almost any car wiring due to their double relay harness. It has one of the most comfortable plug-and-play interfaces. Moreover, Morimoto offers extended warranties in the market. You get five years warranty for 35w ballast bulb (XB35) and three years warranty for 55w ballast bulb (XB55.)
So you can replace the bulb if it goes faint even after three years. User’s satisfaction with all kind of cars and trucks is guaranteed.

My Impression

If you want a long lasting HID light, don’t settle for a cheaper HID Set out in the market. For having a good quality product check out the Morimoto HID Kit. The Morimoto system and its HD relay harness is a great product that suits most types of automobiles. Buyers can choose its size and color layout of bulbs, which varies from 3,000k to 6,000k alternative. But, the installation requires 20 to 30 minutes whether by a professional or another person.

Reviews of the product

This product is excellent. It has 45 customer reviews on Amazon, with a lot of positive reviews. On average, it has Amazon star ratings of 4.0 out of 5 stars. This product has a top-notch quality and improved performance.

What could be better?

This system has a negative aspect too; it is more costly compared to conventional HID Kits. The product comes with high-quality materials, but it can deliver a low performance after a while. Xenon bulbs have guaranteed maximum luminosity, beam steadiness, but its durability could be better. Morimoto provides a can-bus harness alternative allowing it to be configured correctly in some of the problematic automobiles.

More features:

  • – Harness is durable
  • – Optional can-bus harness
  • – Warranty of up to three to five years with trusted customer support
  • – Comfortable installing; with very little or no hands-on experience required
OPT7 Blitz 35w 9006 HID Kit - 3.5X Brighter - 4X Longer Life


OPT7 Blitz 35w 9006 HID Kit - 3.5X Brighter - 4X Longer Life

Well, the Blitz HID Xenon Conversion Kit can be a perfect tool to purchase. It is a unique tool that gives a pleasurable experience to drivers, while in motion. OPT7 invented it in California. Moreover, the company specializes in producing desired headlamps for the automobile.

This kit comes with two ballast, two HID bulbs, capacitors, and a relay harness. They have colors ranging from violet to bright white and pink shades, their OEM – sized Z-arc bulbs have a mean lifespan of 5,000 hours.

My Impression

They possess a 360-beam pattern that allows the emission of light in all directions instead of emitting light at a particular phase. The OPT7 Blitz HID is 100% waterproof, and they provide the smallest ballasts. Installing OPT7 Blitz HID is very easy, and it also comes with several headlight housing options.
Furthermore, changing the bulb is quite easy; it has a three-step patent called the Quicksnap system. The Quicksnap system will allow you to replace the bulb effectively and efficiently.

Reviews of the product

This product is affordable; it has excellent customer reviews on Amazon. It has 283 customer reviews on Amazon, with a lot of positive reviews. With easy to install method and improved visibility, this product has made a lot of good impression on his user’s minds.

What could be better?

Some HID headlight bulbs are created to fit specific cars while some are built to fit other sets of vehicles too. Therefore, an HID headlight bulb which is compatible with all cars is good as compared to this product. I also expect a significant improvement on the HID headlight bulb.

More features:

  • – The life span of over 4,500 hours of continuous usage
    – Comes with an Aluminum casing and insulated wiring for durability
    – A 2 Year warranty and 60 days return policy.
    – 3.5 times brighter than regular headlights and with a 4X Longer Life


Innovited Premium AC Canbus HID Kit 9012 - 6000K

Innovited Premium AC Canbus is reliable and produces an efficient performance while in use. The innovated premium AC Canbus is also a top HID Kit, and it’s quite affordable too. It is 100% error- free, no problem with flickering, waterproof sealed, dust proof, shock proof, no headlight issues, or poor performance.

It has a precise lifespan, a good power, and a regular voltage of 12v. The kit comes with other tools that are useful for making your vehicle look great. It also comes with a Quicksnap connector for connecting the headlight bulbs.

My Impression

The product packaging includes two HID bulbs, an instructional manual, and two Canbus ballast. It has a good profile design. Similarly, it’s naturally slim and fits into any car or motorcycle. It’s easy to plug and play. I also like its waterproof sealed feature that prevents the water from damaging the product, a dust-proof feature that prevents dust, and a shockproof facility that absorbs shocks. So, it’s perfect for any weather condition ensuring long lasting usage of the ballast.

Reviews of the product

Innovited Premium AC Canbus is a favorite product on Amazon. It has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, with 105 buyer reviews in total. Several customers seem to be satisfied with its no error attribute. It looks like this product ensures visibility which is more apparent in the dark and gives a good impression while in use.

What could be better?

The Innovated premium AC Canbus may not fit into most vehicles (Manufacturer’s specification may be required). No extra power aside its 35-watt power outage. The quality of the bulb is quite low compared to other HID bulbs.

More features:

  • – Power wattage of 35W and a Voltage of AC/12V
  • – Comes with an average current of 3.3A and a maximum current 4.8A
  • – Service Life of 5,500 Hours equivalent to 229 Days
  • – Packaged with two can-bus ballast and two HID Bulb
  • – The return policy of 60 days if satisfaction is not met
  • – Available in many different headlight sizes and colors
XENTEC 55W Standard Size Ballasts x 2 bundle


XENTEC 55W Standard Size Ballasts x 2 bundle

Xentec HID conversion kit comes with an affordable price, it is efficient, easy to use, and produces a brightness of up to 3,500 lumens. Its conversion is quick and effective. However, it is suitable at the front rear of a car, placed either on the left side or at the right side of a vehicle.

Xentec 55W HID beam type features fog light, single beam, high beam, and low beam. It comes with a lifespan that can last 6500 hours without deterioration in quality.

My Impression

Excessive flickering has been a significant problem with HID light bulbs. All research is scrutinized to reduce it. Recent HID bulbs such as the Xentec 55W HID is designed to reduce or lower the amount of flickering. I find that the flickering effect is limited or has no effect when the lamp is in use. If such do occur, it is advisable to cross-check the connection, power supply as stated on the manual.

Reviews of the product

This product seems to have been reviewed by a lot of customers. It has 308 customers review on Amazon; several customers seem to be satisfied with it while a very few customers seem to be dissatisfied with it. Several customers question its durability, while others are satisfied with it. Its customer service is a phenomenon, with a quick request response.

What could be better?

Quality might still be an issue while using this product, as it will not be advisable to trust its features entirely. The duration or lifespan of the bulb has to be checked to ensure there wasn’t any production error accompanied with it. If there were to be an error during production, the lifespan of the product would be affected and as such money spent will be wasted. Some vehicles were made using several unique features; so I think that this HID headlight bulb might not be compatible with most of those vehicles.

More features:

  • – Straightforward to use
  • – Comes with a power unit of 35 Watt
  • – Customer Support is efficient
  • – Affordable Pricing
OPT7 Boltzen 55W CanBUS HID Kit


OPT7 Boltzen AC 55W HID Kit - All Bulb Sizes and Colors

This powerful HID Kit from Boltzen is one that effectively removes practically all error codes that plague HID kits of its kind. It comes with insulated wires which give no room for electrocution while also fulfilling the requirements for safety and durability.

It features modern technology which makes the lighting ability of this kit unbeatable while also conferring on it a long life. I like the installation process of this HID kit is straightforward; requiring no cutting, merging or headaches. It only requires the connection of OPT7 bulbs following the connection of QuickSnap connectors.

My Impression

This product incorporates the CANBUS technology which I believe is one of its greatest assets. The technique guarantees natural synchrony with the flow of power in your vehicle. The result is a powerful light of lifetime 5x longer than conventional HID lighting kits.
Besides this, the product also has a FREE 2-year warranty with it, and purchase from OPT7Lighting guarantees FREE Installation support too.

Reviews of the product

This product has an Amazon star rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. It has been an impressive product for buyers, generating 251 customer reviews on Amazon to this date. I love this product because it is effortless to install.

What could be better?

The Xenon bulb’s power usage reduction of 35% can be improved. Along with this, the company should also work on their response time in case if any buyer raises a question or wants to have a live chat.

More features:

  • – Light power of 6x the power of halogen
  • – A lifetime of up to 6,000 hours
  • – Plug and Play, easy installation
  • – Overheating and the wiring can overcome early burnout with insulation.
  • – 100% Weatherproof Stainless Steel ballast
XtremeVision Premium Slim AC Ballast HID Lights


XtremeVision Xenon HID Lights, Premium AC Ballast

A top quality HID kit brought to you by XtremeVision. It includes high-quality bulbs and ballast. This product comes with additional features like two XtremeVision 55W premium HID xenon ballast and two ballast mounting bracket. 

These features probably make the lightning durable and more effective. XtremeVision HID Kit ballast is compatible with 35W and 55W Bulbs. It gives the brightest visibility and ensures safety while driving in the dark.

My Impression

Connecting the battery harness might be a little bit complicated; there might be a need to contact technical support for assistance. Thus, contacting customer support can be useful as the product comes with several support features such as the phone and email communication.
The company is confident about its 2-year warranty as it claims to be trouble free. It also comes with a little ballast that you will like. It is affordable and accessible to get. Plus, it consumes lesser energy, thereby conserving battery usage too.

Reviews of the product

This product is new on Amazon. It’s cheap and attractive to buy. It hasn’t been reviewed on Amazon yet. But it promises to deliver an overwhelming experience.

What could be better?

The color output may show inconsistency while in use. The bright light from this HID kit might not be bright enough for visibility at night. HID replacement ballast will require an HID bulb to work, as the HID Ballast will not operate without bulbs. I also notice that the ballast might not be compatible with 35W and 55W Bulbs. Thus, the bulb might not stay up to the expected duration.

More features:

  • – Produces 3X Brighter than Halogen Bulbs
  • – Lasts 5X Longer with 35% Less Power Consumption
  • – Plug and Play feature
  • – No Modification required


ZTECH Xenon HID KIT 55W digital ballast (H4, 3000K)

The HID kit by ZTECH comes as a full kit which guarantees an unforgettable experience with this brand. The kit comes at an affordable price, making it suitable for all. It also comes in various colors from which you can choose the best according to your choice and specification. The installation of this kit is quite straightforward that you can get done in less than 20 minutes.

My Impression

The possibility to install this kit without professional assistance is one of the reasons I like this product. With or without the cooperation of a professional, this Kit’s installation is guaranteed to take less than 20 minutes which is a good report as time is a precious gift.

Reviews of the product

I believe this is an excellent product to use. It has a beautiful attribute, especially its six different color temperature. However, it hasn’t been reviewed on Amazon yet. But it promises to give you a fantastic experience.

What could be better?

The elimination of the hitches will surely make the product better and more suitable for use. The kit comes with the luxury of 6 different color ranges. Moreover, the manufacturer can improve this property to increase the variety of colors available for selection. The inclusion of other colors will do or a blend of some of the existing colors to achieve one of different attractiveness.

More features:

  • – Comes with two pieces of 55 watts AC HID Digital Ballasts, Xenon HID bulbs
  • – Packaged with two pieces of kit specifications for mounting brackets
  • – The ballasts operating on an input voltage of 9V to 16V and the output is 55watts.
HID-Warehouse 5K Bright White 55W AC Xenon HID Lights


HID-Warehouse Xenon HID Lights, Premium AC Ballast

This 55-Watt HID kit gives you the luxury of 50% more light output than the smaller 35watts HID. It lasts longer and has higher efficiency than the later making it a good bargain for the extra cash paid for its purchase.

Its light output is brighter (3x) than that of halogen bulbs and also lasts longer (5x) than halogen bulbs. Moreover, it incorporates the plug and play features and consumes 35% less power than the halogen bulbs.

My Impression

This product is both economical and efficient; this is why I like it. It saves power as opposed to halogen bulbs of similar output; it produces brighter light thereby reducing the tendency for duplication. The product also comes with two years warranty from the company and even the ability to live tech support via phone and E-mail. The installation requires no modifications.

Reviews of the product

This product is adorable to use, as it comes with several features. One of its attractive features is the emission of many different colors. This product is new on Amazon. It’s easily affordable and promises to suit your need.

What could be better?

The colors are bright and produce strong beams, but there still seems to be some inconsistency in the colors depending on the settings. Despite the claims that this HID needs no modifications before installation, some changes might be necessary before installation depending on your warehouse design and needs.

More features:

  • – Comes with a two years warranty
  • – An electric transformer that has digital controls
  • – Superior AC control system, therefore, provides highly stable lights.

Why are HID kits preferred over other options?

There are some advantages to choose HID lights over other options out there. Some of those advantages are:

Cheaper - One Can Easily Afford!

A HID conversion kit is less expensive than a LED version. The HID is built using technology that has been available for some era. This technology used in inventing the HID bulb involves burning Xenon gas in a capsule. It’s cheap and affordable to acquire, and this has brought a lot of producer into the sector for the fast delivery of the product. The manufacturing process is less expensive to operate, and this has made sales prices low.

Easy to Install - No Troubles!

Having to install a product with complexity is cumbersome to achieve. That’s why this product is easy to install, and you can quickly detach the old bulb and replace it without any stress. Also, many other bulbs might take a longer time to fix but, HID bulbs take lesser time to configure for use.

Customization - Use It As You Like!

HID bulbs are attractive, and they are valuable for most cars. Halogen bulbs come with a single color, and LED bulbs have four colors while HID has seven colors. Its xenon gas changes the color of the bulb with the rate of power delivered to the bulb. When the speed at which energy moves into the bulb increases, the color which the bulb emits changes.

How often should you replace old HID bulbs?

Bulbs are invented using a filament that receives electric current from a power source. It creates a resistance that heats the lamp to produce light. The light produce is protected from air and filled with elements such as neon, argon, mercury to maintain constant light for a longer time. The HID bulbs are High-intensity discharge bulbs containing a noble gas such as xenon, and they make more light available than other regular bulbs. 

An HID bulb lifespan deteriorates after several days of burning, and a year is alright; producing relatively low voltage during operation; energy needed to maintain its activity exceeds voltage provided by the source with this the lamps go out; discoloration of the light emitted by the HID bulb.

What Are The Key Differences Between HID and LED Kits?

Our Team’s Conclusion

Headlights are essential for excellent visibility, especially when driving at night. Choosing conventional lights is the best decision you will ever make to have adequate lightening. Since HID kits come with batteries, it’s advisable to have them removed before installing the package. 

HID bulbs are cheaper to purchase, very easy to install, and you can choose from a variety of colors available. Most noteworthy, they look good after installation, and brightens the surroundings. Likewise, it produces adequate lightning that prevents fatal accidents on roads at night and makes driving at night safer. 

As a result, you become very visible to other drivers coming from the other side of the road. Therefore, you should replace the headlights at intervals when it produces low voltage, discoloration, or refusing to provide light even after you turn it on. If there is any interference with your car system, it will be sorted out by calling a professional or using technical support for assistance.