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Best Electric Snow Shovels of 2020- Buyer's Guide

By: Darion Robinson

electric snow shovel

Shovelling snow can be a pain in the neck, and it can really drain your energy, especially if you have to work with subpar equipment. That said, there is a suitable solution for anyone with a porch, driveway or sidewalk to clear. The conventional snow shovel design has improved significantly over the years.

Thus, these shovels make it easy to keep your ground game unique all throughout winter. There is a new generation of snow removal equipment – from the compact, portable, electric and handheld snow shovels. These best electric snow shovels are perfect for taking care of your property during the winter.

While winter is great because of the festive season, the cooked turkey and a chance to romp in the snow, the cold weather does not leave much room for comfort. On the days that are not holidays when we are not enjoying beverages with the rest of the family, some are instead digging through the snow to find a way to get work. Shovelling snow can be difficult work, but it’s a task we can’t skip if we want to make it to school or work on time.

With an electric snow shovel, removing all that winter snow from your driveway, deck or walkways will become an easy task. A proper snow shovel, along with the correcting removal techniques, will make this process fast and convenient. Any other method otherwise might lead to injury or fatigue.

This is an issue which is not taken lightly. A recent study showed that during an average winter, over 11,500 people end up with injuries as a result of shovelling. 

With the right snow shovel, removing all that wintry precipitation from your stoop, driveway, deck, and walkways need not be a daunting chore. A proper snow shovelling technique paired with a decent piece of hardware will make the process faster and easier, and will also reduce the chance of injury. This is no surprise really, as sometimes snow can be quite heavy.

In fact, an average cubic foot of snow can weigh as much as 34kilograms, which can be heavy to lift. Thus, after a heavy snowfall that dumps a foot of snow on the ground, then you have a lot of work on your hands.

How to Choose the Right Snow Shovel for You

When investing in the best electric snow shovel, the first step is to evaluate your needs. If you have any form of physical disability relating to age, disease or injury, then its good to go for snow shovels with wheels. More so, consider a snow shovel with focused leverage, a powerful motor, and ease of use features. However, if you are as healthy as a horse, then consider a traditional snow shovel. Additionally, you might also have to consider the amount of snow you will have to collect and the structure of the terrain.

Even a fit person can become overwhelmed by the intensity associated with shovelling and should consider suitable solutions. Remember that, a bigger shovel is not necessarily better, and a narrow one might narrow your stoop, thereby being counterproductive.

If possible, consider throwing some salt before the snow starts, and get out there with your shovel as soon as it stops. Otherwise, the snow will freeze into a solid mass.

Electric snow shovels with power cords – The corded electric snow shovels can provide instant and reliable energy. The battery never runs out because you have a regular supply of electricity. However, the inclusion of power cords can be an issue as some cords can tangle or have a limited reach. In such a case, the use of an extension corded can help reduce the headache associated with such an issue. Get a power cord that can withstand the immense power demand of an electric shovel and a suitable amperage level. Ensure that you are careful enough to avoid getting tangled over the extension cord. In some cases, consider getting a helper to assist you with the process.

Battery Operated Cordless Models – The battery-operated tools such as electric snow shovels are highly reliable and can provide exceptional battery strength. This is thanks to the technical improvements inside these devices that deliver quality power and provide enhanced longevity.

Probably the top reason homeowners’ value electric shovels are due to their unlimited range. If you have any concerns about the amount of power you can have during a storm, then consider getting an extra battery. The lithium-ion batteries are also beneficial because they provide enhanced energy density, safety, cost reduction, and life extension, among others. More so, various studies are being conducted into developing non-flammable batteries for increased safety. Thus, the battery-operated snow shovels can also be highly reliable for your needs.

Ease of Starting

Starting up a gas snow blower is not easy, especially during cold weather. Unless the motor is stored in a heated garage, the machine will be prone to issue such as hard starts. The conventional electric shovel can easily start with the push of a button. Thus, there is no need for priming the machine before you can assume functionality.

More so, the gas brand often produces large amounts of smokes and fumes. If you prefer using a clean energy device, then an electric model will suit your needs.

Motor Power

The amperage of an electric snow shovel is directly proportional to its power. That said, remember that a high amperage motor means a large machine size, and some added weight as well. One factor to remember is that even though most electric shovels average at 10amps, some older brands can handle higher loads. This is particularly true when it comes to the conventional circuits that you will find in a garage. Aside from evaluating the power of the motor, ensure that you determine the energy consumption of the machine as well. The ideal snow shovel should, therefore, be sturdy and energy efficient at the same time.

The Capacity of Snow Removal

The process of shoveling and lifting snow from your driveway is a challenging process, especially when done manually. The ideal electric snow thrower comes with a spec sheet that provides insight into all its design capacities. A higher capacity means that you have sufficient power to remove large loads of snow with a specific time duration. However, a smaller capacity electric snow shovel implies that you will have a relatively small amount of power for snow removal.

The average distance that most snow shovels can throw snow averages between 21 to 35 feet. Any level higher than this capacity might send snow flowing back to the area you are attempting to clear. In some cases, the electric snow show shovels for sale let you customize the path of the arc of snow. If you have a lot of snow to remove, then consider going for this type of snow shovel.

Width of Cleaning Path

A vital factor to consider when investing in electric snow shovels relates to the width of the path that the machine can scoop up. Each pass plays a significant role in the number of passes required to clear snow from the surface. A small number of passes means less time, but also consider the sizes and surface areas you will shovel. If these regions are small or have odd shapes, then consider a narrower width to make it simple to move around.

Depth of Snow

The depth of cut refers to the amount of snow the shovel can scoop before getting full. For most models, this level averages at 4 to 6 inches, which makes it ideal for various types of snowfall. Furthermore, for areas that have high amounts of snow, then a large blower might be a suitable option. However, the large machines are not easy to use in small spaces, and you might have to get an ergonomic version for your needs. 

Handles on the Machine

Two key factors play an important role when you evaluate the handles on an electric snowblower. Usually, the snow blowers feature two handles, with one sitting on top of the machine, and the lower one used to guide the shovel. Evaluate for handles that are long enough to suit your physical characteristics. 

Since you might not be the sole user of the machine, consider getting handles that are easy to adjust. A device that allows for two-handed operation makes it easy to move through corners and awkward structures.

Weight of the Machine

Some electric snow shovels feature rear wheels, and some models only have front wheels. In some models which are wheel-less, you might come across an auger with paddles, which helps you to scoop the snow. Thus, you can enjoy safe removal of snow right down to the sidewalks or even decks,

 The snow shovels that have rear wheels provide optimal traction and are easy to manoeuvre. These machines models might feature rear wheels, which are suitable if you have sloppy driveways or inclines to move through.

Suitable Usage Conditions

 A power snow shovel is ideal for areas that experience light to moderate snow over winter. More so, they are also suitable for areas where icy hard snow is less common because that can compromise the performance of the shovel.

Apartment dwellers, business owners, and those who have to clear sidewalk steps will benefit from using these types of lightweight machines. Furthermore, those with large properties might also find them useful in spots where full snow blowers can’t move through.

Durability and Materials

In most cases, you will often get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing electric snow shovels. As such, the expensive models are most probably made using cheap components, which might compromise their longevity. There is a really small difference between the type of materials you should consider for electric snow shovels. The best advice would be to go for a shovel that looks and feels durable.

Reviews of the Top-Rated Electric Snow Shovels On The Market

snow joe sj shlvo1


You can now shovel smarter and with ease. The Snow Joe SJ-SHLVO1 shovel is the perfect sign for you to toss out the old shovels. This best electric snow shovel will instantly reduce the effort, strain, and potential injury you might experience during shovelling. It comes with a spring-loaded, ergonomic shovel grip that can capture expended energy from each throw. 

The energy is then used to reset the shovel, and making it ready for the next load. Featuring a durable and impact-resistant blade, you can be sure of an exceptionally durable edge for your needs. Even more, the spring assist can also operate as a fulcrum, thus adjusting the mechanics involved in shovelling. The machine is also easy to use and provides lifting leverage to your lower hand. 

Therefore, you will find it easy to lift greater loads each time. Thanks to the ergonomic design of this unit, you will be free from issues such as back pain or hand damage as you perform snow removal. More so, maintenance and start are also easy, thanks to the simple design structure of this unit.

The Likes

  • Equipped with a durable blade – the electric snow shovel features a long-lasting and impact-resistant blade for longevity
  • Has a spring assist handle – the unique spring-assist handle can also function as a prop thus making shovelling easier
  • Ergonomic design – the snow shovel has an ergonomic design that improves posture and reduces any issues associated with bending

The Dislikes

  • The snow shovel is only ideal for scooping – some users find the snow shovel suitable for scooping snow at specific angles
  • The handles are not ergonomic – the handles could use improved design ergonomics and structure for shovelling performance
snow joe 323e


The Snow Joe 323E 13 Inch amp snow shovel is designed to help you clear snow from steps, decks, and walkways. It comes with a robust 10-amp motor, that can toss snow as far as 20 feet away. Furthermore, the snow shovel can clear a large path, thereby getting your job done with no time. If the snow is still relatively thick, then you can simply remove it with just one pass.

Designed with a back-saving curve, this unit does well to alleviate user strain and reduce any fatigue issues. The snow shovel also works well for quick snow pickups on decks, patios, sidewalks and more. It also has a powerful 10-amp motor that can move as much as 400lbs of snow each minute. Thanks to the inclusion of the 2-blade paddle auger, this much cuts in deep with each pass at the snow.

The Likes

  • Powerful 10-amp motor – the powerful motor can move large loads of snow with each session of snow removal
  • Comes with a 2-paddle auger – the two paddle auger cuts deep into the snow with each pass thus making it reliable
  • Has an ergonomic design – the ergonomic design of this unit minimizes user strain and is also comfortable on the hands

The Dislikes

  • Somewhat heavy for some users – some users, especially short or young users find this unit cumbersome in size
  • The chute is not easily adjustable – users appreciate it when the chute is easy to adjust to make snow removal convenient
snow joe sj623e


Toss out your shovel, because the Snow Joe SJ623E is the perfect addition to your property management regimen. The snow thrower has a versatile design, that is ideal for clearing snow off mid to large-sized driveways and walkways. Even more, the maintenance-free design means that the machine requires no gas or oil tune-ups. Thus, this makes it effortless to start and to maintain machine functionality.

Equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor, this unit can move as much as 720lbs of snow each minute. Even more, it comes with a 4-blade steel auger, that cuts deep into the snow with each pass. Thanks to the inclusion of the directional chute, the flexible structure of this unit let you realize dynamic snow throwing capabilities. It also has a halogen light, that does well to clear your paths day or night. Equipped with a universal clean out tool, this unit also makes it convenient to remove any accumulated snow build up.

The Likes

  • Versatile snow shovel design – the versatile design of the shovel makes it suitable for mid to large-sized driveways
  • Maintenance-free design – with this snow shovel, you don’t need any gas or oil tune-ups thus making it easy to maintain
  • Has a powerful 15-amp motor – the powerful engine can remove large loads of snow with each pass

The Dislikes

  • The motor produces noise with time – the sound produced by the motor might increase in relation to the snow removal project
  • Large in size – while this snow blower is powerful, it is large, and storage can prove to be a challenge for some users
greenworks snow shovel 26022


Experience powerful snow-clearing action with the Greenworks 16-inch 10 amp corded snow shovel. Featuring a powerful 10-amp motor, this unit can clear large paths and is also easy to use. Furthermore, the inclusion of 6-inch radial wheels allows you to move with ease through the snow. The lightweight design of this shovel means that it’s simple to store and move around.

Since its electric, there are no issues such as wearing out your arm or perhaps pulling cords. You just activate the machine with a simple flip of a switch. The snow shovel also has an adjustable rubber handlebar, that lets you set the height at specific positions. This way, you can enjoy optimal comfort and safety, as you work on dangerous snow plow projects. The cord lock also holds the extension cord in place, such that you don’t have to worry about issues such as cord slipping.

The Likes

  • Has a powerful 10-amp motor that clears large paths – the powerful motor is efficient and produces minimal noise
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty snow shovel – weighing in at 26 pounds, this best snow shovel is ideal for various snow removal projects
  • Adjustable and ergonomic shovel design – the ergonomic shovel design makes it comfortable in the hands of the user

The Dislikes

  • The handles might get cold – the snow shovel could use improved temperature resistant materials for the users
  • Small wheels – the snow shovel has small wheels which might not be suitable for terrains with stones or gravel
earthwise sn74016


Powerful and efficient are the two keywords that you can use to describe the Earthwise SN74016 Cordless Snow Shovel. Aside from being comfortable in the hands, this best snow shovel is also exceptionally convenient. It comes with a host of unique features that will make snow removal a convenient process. For instance, the snow shovel has 6” rear wheels that make it simple to use and to transport.

The snow shovel also features a temperature resistant dual blade auger, that has an adjustable throwing direction. The shovel also lets you comfortably tackle snow jobs around the house, including on sidewalks, walkways, steps, decks, and more. Also, you will appreciate the unique push-button start, that starts the machine every time without issues such as corded, gas or oil. Featuring robust rear wheels, mobility is also a breeze.

The Likes

  • Powerful and efficient shovel – comes with a powerful brushless motor that can move 300lbs of snow each minute
  • 6-inch rear wheels – the inclusion of 6-inch rear wheels make it simple to transport and use the snow shovel
  • Temperature resistant and ergonomic blade – not only does the blade stay warm, but it is also comfortable in the hands

The Dislikes

  • The battery is not as powerful as should be – capable of providing an average of 20 minutes of run time, much has to be said about such a performance
  • Suitable for lightweight removal – this unit is relatively smaller than most snow shovels which mean it’s ideal for small scale removal projects

Conclusion on the Best Electric Snow Shovels

When it comes to staying prepared during the winter season, it’s essential to stay well informed and equipped as well. To be specific, the best electric snow shovel will provide various unique benefits that will let you enjoy the winter with peace. Yes, that’s right! You will have peace of mind in that, no amount of snow will affect your ability to move around your property. We have identified some of the best electric snow shovels for you to consider. These include brands such as the Snow Joe 323E, which are both powerful and compact at the same time. Equipped with one of these units, and you will enjoy winter with style and convenience.

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