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The Best Dual Shower Heads of 2020

dual shower heads

Don’t you feel that you deserve a bit of pampering, extra comfort and luxury after accomplishing all those hectic chores during the day? Well, I think I do and lately, I have been figuring out safe, smart and simple ways to relax myself and cope with daily life stress. 

I soon discovered nothing could better than a long, relaxing comfortable shower. If you are a fan of long showers, do not hesitate to try out the Dual Shower Heads. These pieces of wonders are radically becoming a fascinating part of the present century restroom infrastructure.They are also known as the double shower heads in the market currently and set out plenty of benefits for you.

So I am going to provide you with a strong recommendation here. I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the AquaDance Premium High-Pressure Rainfall ShowerHead from the listing on Amazon. I have been using it for so long and it never gave me a chance to regret it once. It is reasonable, treasures high-end features, easy-to-use and I think it is a perfect package for my precious shower sessions.

Starting from a multi-point showering experience, different showering modes, additional comfort, improved water-flow, the dual heads excel in many ways. So speaking of dual shower heads, you will be thrilled by the number of options you will see on your plate when you place your research online. They are being used by huge hotels, restaurants, residences and the list goes on. 

Top 10 Dual Shower Heads (Reviews & Compared)

*List recently updated for 2020
Here is the list of the Best Dual Shower Heads of 2020 that I think will be a perfect investment for you.


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AquaDance Best Premium High Pressure Rainfall Shower Combo


AquaDance High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower

This dual shower head is best known for its six separate spray settings options. You can switch to any mode you like with a single click. You will be more amazed when you hear about the spray modes as they come in massage, pulsating water and water-saving options. 

If you have guests coming over to your place often, trust me this is one of the trendiest things to flaunt about your bathroom.

My Impression

So the Aqua dance is being considered as one of the top options in the market now, and there must be some rational justifications behind it. The most unusual and fascinating feature of this dual head is that both of the showers are of seven inches in diameter. The flow of water shall be wide, dense and comfortable adding a luxurious edge to each of your shower sessions. What I have fun using is the regulator valve fixed right at the base of the unit. This helps me switch back and forth and control the type of water flow I want during my shower.

What could be better?

The only issue with this particular model is that the flow regulator can affect the flow rate occasionally. It might not occur frequently, but there are scenarios in which it may. Also, the pipe casings are made of plastic so needs to be handled with care.

More features:

  • – Six shower options for both the heads
  • – Water-saving pause mode available for each head
  • – Easy installation for handiness
  • – Effortless cleaning jets
  • – A flow rate of 2.5 gallons every minute
Hydroluxe Stainless Steel Hose Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower


Hydroluxe Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower

This particular dual head shower harmonizes between a standard price and performance quality. It gives you unlimited options when it comes to features. 

It is probably one of the double shower heads that give you maximum feature option compared to other similar products available in the market. It is manufactured in the finest way possible and has robust casings and the design is also admirable.

My Impression

What I like the most about it is that it adds value to your investment in every way possible. If you leave behind the minor cons, it surpasses expectations in terms of durability and longevity. The high-quality material with which it is manufactured makes it rust-proof. It is made out of ABS plastic which prevents you from the responsibility of frequent maintenance. Also, I am highly impressed with the features of incomes with. The 3-way water diverter option is not widely available in most of the dual head shower models and this is what I love about it the most. So there is no harm in giving it a shot.

What could be better?

Although you will be able to choose among the settings as well as the distribution between the two showers heads, you might not entirely be satisfied with the pressure of the water. The pause spray setting might require extra attention as water might drip slightly. So make sure you pay some extra heed while setting it.

More features:

  • – Twenty-four full and blended water-flow patterns
  • – Tools-free Installation facility
  • – Bolts for easy hand tightening
  • – Made out of mostly ABS plastic
  • – Three-way water diverter for flexibility


Delta 75588RB In2ition Dual Hand Held Rain Shower Heads

These dual shower heads are slightly bulky in size and weight, and the diameter of water flow is quite broad. Hence, you take only a few quick minutes to wash. 

The water flow is excellent and the rubber spray holes allow the water to flow pretty fluently in a smooth drift. This is specially designed for relaxation showers and massaging. The water massage feels amazing and you can definitely try this one out.

My Impression

What I like about this particular model the most is it allows me to make my shower sessions luxurious as well as economical. I can enjoy the best of both worlds. As I have already mentioned that this shower is particularly designed for massage purposes, you do not have to visit a massage parlor or spa sessions every now and then. You can enjoy a relaxing massage plus shower right at the comfort of your home at any point in time. This is easy to use and if you want to order it at a cut-rate price, look for some good deals online.

What could be better?

When used separately the hose length tends to reduce the pressure of water. You have to make a slight adjustment when it comes to this. However, this is not considered as a severe drawback as this might be the case in most modern models of dual shower heads.

More features:

  • – Soft, Rubber Spray Holes those are easy to clean
  • – Readily available installation options
  • – Finest options for water spray modes
  • – Two in one Shower Combo with the three-way diverter
  • – 2.5 GPM High Flow Rate With five function types
Mariner 2 Combination


Mariner 2 Combination Shower Head System

This piece comes in a very sleek and shiny look and will just go any luxurious background. Two of the showers are connected and the lining between the two is quite long and flexible. It offers ample usage flexibility and advanced features. It is easy to install and will fit into a very small space. But don’t doubt its capacity for water flow and pressure.

My Impression

So what I personally like about it most is its look. If you are like me and stress on the look factor no matter what you buy, this piece will be a perfect choice for you. The model is very robust, and you can even consider it for daily rough use. You do not have to measure all your actions during usage and let your guests, kids use it freely literally every day. It is worth the price, and you can entirely rely on it when it comes to durability.

What could be better?

It is a very powerful dual head shower, and you might also require quite an amount of energy to operate it on a daily basis. It is not meant for short shower sessions and is thus best for big residents with a lot of family members and commercial space purposes.

More features:

  • – Heavy Duty Solid Brass twenty-four inch shower bars
  • – Excellent wall mounting system
  • – Stylish, sleek metallic-finish
  • – Two shower heads adjustable with three positions
  • – Deluxe 69 inch stainless hose


Neptune Dual Shower Heads-Chrome

Now, this is a very clean-cut model that will keep you hassle-free in the long run. If you are looking for something that you can use with least maintenance and yet cherish advanced facilities and features, this is probably the right option for you. 

It is small in size and will easily suit almost any backdrop. The design is simple yet classy. The best part is that it is easy to install and you do not have to rely on any external technician.

My Impression

What I like about it the most is that it is perfect for small to medium residents. It is excellent for daily quick showers before work or after returning for work. The using techniques are quite simple. After you are done with the shower, you do not have to leave it hanging as there is this amazing shower head manifold system available. It is made out of solid brass and thus there are least chances of rusting or any relevant damage. It comes at a reasonable price. Anything else you need to complete the perfect package? Well, I don’t think so.

What could be better?

There is no significant drawback entailed with this model so far except the fall in water pressure. Well, as I have been mentioning all along, you already know that this is a common issue in most dual heads. So you need not be bothered about it much.

More features:

  • – Each head swivels individually
  • – Fast and simple installation
  • – A flow rate of 2.5 GPM
  • – Excellent Manifold system
  • – Three spray settings available on each
ORDEAR Commercial Flexible 5 Functions


LORDEAR Commercial 5 Functions Dual Shower Heads

The foremost aspect that I need to mention about this model is its highly interesting set-up system. It is set up in such a way so that the shower bar rests right below the fixture. So, you can already guess that you have the choice to adjust the level of the handle head as your requirement. 

You can also simply take it off to use it on different levels. Now you know why it has the word ‘flexible’ in its name.

My Impression

So, I really appreciate how easy it is to use and I am really impressed by its smart set-up style. It is light in weight, slim, has an exquisite look and has a unique structure. I find it as one of the unique dual shower heads mainly because of its set-up mechanism. It can be used by people of different heights and the kids can help themselves. I sometimes use it to give my pets amazing baths and it takes only a couple of minutes with least hassles. Lastly, it is extremely easy to install.

What could be better?

The shower bar slider has a tendency to stick after a certain point in time. Other than that, the model is slightly heavy when it comes to the weight compared to the other available models in the market. Also, it might take up a little more space in the bathroom.

More features:

  • – Five functions shower heads (Bubbles, Spray, and Message)
  • – The set includes different types of shower heads
  • – Effortless access water regulator button
  • – Run both heads simultaneously
  • – No drilling required for installation


Ana Bath Anti-Clog FACE 5 Function Handheld Shower

This particular model gives o a great water flow but the tricky part is that you actually use less amount of water. This is a brilliant choice if you want to save up your water bills per month yet cherish the luxury of a dual head shower. 

This is a really unique model that offers massage and rainfall settings. There are also other water spray options that you can check out.

My Impression

Well, I really like two of my favorite water spray settings that is massage and rainfall s I already mentioned above. The rainfall is amazing when you are in hurry and looking forward to a quick yet powerful shower. Also, I like the fact that it is made out of pure stainless steel. In fact, each part is made out of suitable materials that are high in quality and thus you will require least amount of maintenance. Lastly, I would say that this, the model looks amazing and is going definitely ass a fine tune to the existing appearance of your bathroom.

What could be better?

This model is really robust but I suggest you to be a little cautious with the fittings. Make sure that you pay some extra attention to the maintenance of the fittings. Also, water pressure might tend to fluctuate most like decrease on both shower heads simultaneously.

More features:

  • – Availability of five spray functions
  •  – Stainless steel hose that offers great durability
  • – Offers Water-efficient operation
  • – A flow rate of 2.31 gallons per minute
  • -Advanced Anti-clog design
HotelSpa's Best Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower-Head


HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower-Head

This particular dual shower head is best known for its multiple spray settings. It has a really smart design that sets it apart from most of the dual head shower models in the market. 

The flow rate is really good and so is the width of the water fall. The special designs cut down a lot of responsibility on your part when it comes to maintenance and thus is used by hotels often.

My Impression

I really like the way in which it is built. The structure, look and overall set-up is really different from the rest. I can use both the shower heads in different spray modes at the same time. This is very interesting to me. Also, I enjoy the smooth and dense flow of water it provides with its extra-large six inches showerheads. It took me very less time to install and has not given me any sort of trouble with maintenance so far. These are some of the things that I really appreciate about it.

What could be better?

The handheld hose is a really interesting feature of it but at times it may tend to leak water due to splitting. Another problem might occur with the Swivel coupling. It is a comparatively fragile component and it is best to handle it with care.

More features:

  • – You can use both heads at the same time
  • – Availability of six spray settings
  • – A flow rate of 2.5 GPM
  • – SpiralFlo design for more advanced rainfall settings
  • – Extra-large six-inch showerheads
PowerSpa's Best Luminex LED Shower Head


Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-Setting LED Shower Head

If you really want to enjoy your bath on an entirely new dimension, this is the model for you. Imagine switching the light of the bathroom and turning the dual shower head LED switches on. 

This gives out a totally new and cool look and I bet that the kids in your house will simply love it. The lights switch automatically. It is advanced in terms of features and also has a simple installation process.

My Impression

What I prefer about it the most is the sense of off-beat style it reflects. Most dual head showers are elegant or crisp looking but this one has an entirely unique look. It is very fascinating to see the lights glow. This was the fancy part. But some of the constructive advantages are that it is reasonable when it comes to the price package. It is easy to install and set up. The durability is great and you do not have to worry about calling technicians to your place every now and then.

What could be better?

One of the foremost drawbacks of this particular model is that the lights cannot be programmed or switched off. Since the light system is an entirely new technology, it might give specific problems and not function properly.

More features:

  • – There is no requirement for batteries
  • – Automated light changing systems
  • – Availability of four spray settings
  • – Rub clean nozzles that keep clogs away
  • – Color changing LED mechanism
DreamSpa's Best 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower


DreamSpa Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower

This model is considered as one of the most luxurious models out of all. So you can already guess that it might be slightly pricey but it is worth. Each shower head has great coordination when it comes to water flow, pressure and spray modes. 

The model is made out of polished steel and thus significantly prevents corrosion. Though it is a little bulky and heavy in weight it is super easy when it comes to installing.

My Impression

If you ask me, I would recommend you to invest in it without a second thought. If you are really excited about equipping your bathroom with a king size, classy dual head shower, this is the ultimate piece for you. The diameter of water flow is incomparable to any other model that exists in the market. But then again, I would say that be smart about your choice. This model is only fit for big residences and commercial area usages. If you are looking for small shower dual heads, it is better you keep an alternate option in your mind.

What could be better?

I would recommend you to be slightly careful with the pressure of the water. Although it is a robust model, the swivel mount may tend to get damaged if there is too much water pressure.

More features:

  • – A highly flexible head position
  • – Five-foot stainless steel hose
  • – Chrome polish available for preventing corrosion
  • – Seven spray settings offer a wide range of option
  • – Rubber jets those are easy to clean

Frequently Asked Questions on Dual Shower Heads

Reasons For Buying a Dual Shower Head

Well, there is no hard and fast pressure that you have to bring a dual head shower to your bathroom. But if you are a fun-shower fan or have a flair for equipping your bathroom with tiny, fascinating accessories, dual showers are the options for you. If you are interested, I would present you with some of the most interesting advantages that dual head sowers will leverage you with.
• Perfect for couples as it is an excellent option for two people to enjoy a shower
• You can fiddle around with a lot of water spray modes which acts as relaxation therapies
• They do not come at bank-breaking prices
• You can set different water flows, spray modes and temperatures in each shower.

How to pick the right shower head for your bathroom?

Well, this is more or less new equipment on the market. So, one of the crucial problems that interested buyers are facing is choosing the right one for themselves. So since I have been speaking a lot about dual head showers, I want to elaborate a little on this topic. So there are certain tactful considerations to make when you are buying your dual hand showers. So the first basic thing I would suggest is choose a shower that had the water and energy-saving mode option. Secondly, focus on the usage flexibility, There is no point getting a shower that will be complicated to use. Try out the different options for spray patterns and lastly, compare the prices online.

How to build and Install a custom dual-shower head system?


It is clear that a dual head shower will not only make your shower sessions more exciting but also add a fascinating edge to your bathroom setting. It is a really cool option to settle for if you are moving to a new apartment or looking forward to a bathroom renovation. 

I have mentioned the top ten options of dual shower heads for 2020; you can definitely use those to make your final choice. However, you are the best person to figure out your exact requirements and necessities so it is best that you make a list of them and do your research accordingly. There are also other models available in the market that you can look forward to. 

Dual heads are now a huge part of the latest bathroom accessories and come with excellent features and facilities. They are also pretty reasonable so don’t miss the chance to surprise your family and friends by bringing one home.