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The Best Drywall Lifts (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The Best Drywall Lift

For the professional drywall workers to DIY hobby enthusiasts, installing drywall at heights and ceilings can be a tough job. They are heavy and are at considerable risk of falling right on you. Finishing the task alone is tough, which is why having one of the best drywall lifts is essential.

Manually, you need a bunch of people to accomplish the drywall installation, but a quality drywall lift is one investment which will allow you to perform the task alone. Though you can rent the drywall lift for rare uses, investing in one yourself when you use one regularly is something you will never regret.

An average drywall panel can weigh about 52 pounds which, in no way, can you install all alone. And while you consider the cost of inviting new labor for assistance, here is the buyer’s guide to investing in the drywall lift that will save you a lot of money. For this list, I went through the experiences of my neighbors, professionals around me, and of course, the internet. I was surprised at how cheap I was able to buy the Telpro Panel Lift Drywall Lift from the listing on Amazon.

Top 10 Drywall Lift Reviews & Comparison Chart

And to make sure that you don’t regret this investment, I have curated a list of the ten best Drywall Lifts so that you can get your money’s worth.


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Red Line RLP9016 Drywall Panel


Telpro Inc. PANELLIFT PanelLift Drywall Lifter

Easy to assemble and disassemble in seconds without any tools, Telpro Inc. PANELLIFT is indeed the tool for professional Drywall contractors. You can lower the height of the tilting cradle to 34 inches, making placing the panel on the lift easier. Then, you can uplift a load of maximum 150 pounds till as high as 11′ without much ado.

You can adjust the outriggers to handle panels as big as 4′ by 16′.Mobility is made easier with 5-inch rolling casters, and you can use the fast, single-clench winch brake for stopping. Weighing about 100-lbs, the components of the lift can be easily transported.

My Impression

Telpro Inc. PANELLIFT is killing it in the industry for 40 years now. Telpro is also now part of Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions, Inc based in Grand Forks, ND.

While you will invest a lot into the lift, the heavy-gauge steel used to build it will last with you forever. This one-time investment will take a lot of strain off your back and save you a cost of labor. Rolling the lift over debris and making it through narrow doorways is also quite easy. It takes the panels as high as 11’ and, other than that, you can invest in an additional extension to get a height of 15’.

What could be better?

While most of the features of Telpro Inc. PANELLIFT are worth investing in, and the price point might still pose a problem for some professionals. Apart from that, the lift is too big and bulky to be transported alone and often requires additional assistance. Plus, the extension is not included and has to be purchased separately.

More features:

  • – Low 34 inch loading height
  • – Weight holding capacity of 150 pounds
  • – Lift height of 11-feet
  • – Three components can easily fit into the car trunk
  • – Hassle-free assembly
  • – Can handle up to 4’ by 16’ sheets of drywall with ease.
Red Line RLP9016 Drywall Panel


Red Line RLP9016 Drywall Panel Hoist Lifter Dry Wall Lift Tool

Why do all the hard work of installing the drywall when you can have RLP9016 Drywall Red Line Panel 19’ to do it? It is yellow and handy when you work on the installation of drywall regularly. The 11-foot lift can be extended to 15 feet with the 4-foot extension.

 If you need the lift to cover the sidewalls of your attic, it can be tilted up to 65 degrees for added precision. Plus, it is made up of durable steel which will last you for years to come and with a lifetime warranty accompanying the product at this prize, what more can we ask for!

My Impression

I accompanied my handyman to the attic when he was using this lift for installing the drywall. The tool is undoubtedly impressive and does not require even the second person for assembly and use. The tilt is beneficial for slanting surfaces, and you don’t need any tools for assembling of tearing down the lift. I could feel the ease with which the handyman did his job in little time as the machine can lift 150 lbs at one go.

What could be better?

The users claim that the entry point for the winch cable is too small, making the wires wear-off easily. Plus, the wheels are not of the best quality. Therefore, maneuverability becomes a bit difficult. For a product which often receives complaints about low-grade steel, the price is quite high.

More features:

  • – Can be operated by one person
  • – Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • – Can lift to 150 lbs to a height of 15 feet
  • – You don’t have to buy an additional extension as it is included in the package.
Idealchoiceproduct Drywall Lift


Idealchoiceproduct Lift Rolling Panel Hoist Jack Lifter

With the ease of movement control provided by integrated winch and foot-brake, you can move the Ideal Choice Product 16’-19’ Drywall Lift up and down. 

It is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you when you are planning to install some drywall panels on your ceiling or walls. The 5-inch caster increases the maneuverability of the lift. Moreover, a tool-free and hassle-free assembly make the lift even more popular. It can lift the load of 150 pounds with ease and handle a sheet as big as 4’ by 16’. Plus, the assembly is powder coated for longer life.

My Impression

In my opinion, Ideal Choice Product 16’-19’ Drywall Lift turned out to be the best product for hoisting the drywall panels to the ceiling and high walls. I could easily haul it down from place to place due to easy assembly instructions which do not require any tools. The control provided by the winch with integrated brakes and foot-controllers was efficient. I ended up finishing a job which could have taken me hours in 1 hour. This one is an affordable lift especially for hobby-enthusiasts who don’t want a dent in their pockets.

What could be better?

Though the perfect beginner lift weighing just 90 lbs, Ideal Choice Product 16’-19’ Drywall Lift lacks the quality you want when dealing with heavy panels. The 55″ low cradle is a bit high for loading them, and the casters tend to wobble. The manufacturers could have done with more sturdy quality material for the assembly parts.

More features:

  • – Can handle Maximum Sheet Size of 55 inches
  • – Maximum weight capacity: 150 lbs
  • – Toll-free assembly and improved portability
  • – Integrated winch-brake and foot control
  • – Three by 4-inch caster wheels for mobility


Troy DPH11 Professional Series Drywall & Panel Lift Hoist

The 11′ Drywall Panel Lift Hoist by TROY is undoubtedly worth the investment with the all-welded steel construction providing it the robust built. This robust structure can be assembled and dissembled with ease without the hassle of looking for additional tools. 

It is perfect for professional as well as residential applications. It makes installation of drywall sheets a one-person job. It can reach a height of 11′, and with extension 15′ (sold separately). The backstop rubber-feet keep the lift steady on the ground, and support hooks keep the panels in place.

My Impression

By far, this is the safest lift I have come across as it comes with the features such as backstop and support hooks. The telescopic arms are durable and easy to control with single-stage for steering and one-handle brakes. The backstop is rubberized to protect your floor from getting ruined. The rolling casters are excellent quality and move with ease.

What could be better?

Well, though the built is sturdy enough to be used in any location, the full lift isn’t the best option for narrow hallways. The manufacturer should also add better and explicit instruction in the packaging for an edge over its competitors.

More features:

  • – Rubberized Backstop Feet for steady use
  • – Support hooks which not only prevent the panel from slipping but also ensures that it doesn’t crack.
  • – Telescopic arms to hoist the panel 11’ high.


Best Choice Products Drywall Panel Jack Hoist Lift

Brand new launch by Best Choice Products, their 11-feet drywall lift is crafted from fine-quality steel which gives it the strength to lift heavy drywall panels. The assembly is easy, and even the armatures can operate it with ease. It can carry a payload of 150 lbs to a height of 11-feet without any hassle.

Roll it across the hallways with the 5″ caster wheels and take advantage of the lightweight lift (85 lbs). All panels measuring 4’ by 16’ or less can be easily fitted into the outrigger extensions for lifting.

My Impression

I came across this tool when a friend needed some help with drywall installation. Though the lift is on a lighter end and can move only up till 11′, there is provision for extender which will do the job for higher walls. I realized that with this lift, I was of little use to my friend as with the lift, drywall installation becomes a one-person job.

What could be better?

The built, though sturdy, is not very durable and the assembly tends to be wobbly when dealing with actually heavy loads. Due to this unstable assembly, the wheels can be difficult to steer. Though the quality is justified at this price point, a little attention to the quality of construction, better packaging, and ease of use can act as a deal-breaker for this product.

More features:

  • – 36-inch loading height
  • – Ceiling height: 11-feet
  • – 5-inch rolling casters
  • – Panel weight: 150 lbs and panel dimensions: 4′ by 16.’
Goplus Red Drywall Lift Panel Hoist Jack Lifter


Goplus 11AA Drywall Lift Panel Hoist Jack Lifter

Speaking of brands which deliver quality for a reasonable price, GoPlus leads the show. And, GoPlus 11AA 11’ Drywall Lift is its show-stopper! Perfect for both home and commercial drywall installation, it is quite easy to assemble and disassemble when the need be. 

This has the ideal holders for placing 4×6-feet drywall panels and lifting them to a height of 11′. The triangular bottom can be moved with three caster wheels of 5 inches. The safety and sturdiness of the lift when in use is guaranteed by the in-built winch with brake.

My Impression

If it hadn’t been for the lower price bracket it falls in, and the lift could have been better in terms of quality. The built is a bit weak and wobbly as compare to its competitors. However, it is perfect for DIY uses. Plus, you can just fit the wheelbase, mass and drywall support into the shelves and not regret the storage space. All said, it is indeed functional and won’t disappoint you in regular jobs with less strain.

What could be better?

Users say that the instruction manual is vague and little helpful. Additionally, there are complains about the stiff lifting mechanism, making it a bad investment if you are into heavy-duty drywall work. Backstop legs are not rubberized, leaving marks on the floor. So, investing a little in the ease of use and understanding will take the lift a long way.

More features:

  • – 3-part assembly
  • – Easy to store and transport
  • – 5″ wheels add maneuverability.
  • – 34” loading height
ARKSEN Best 15ft Drywall Panel Hoist and Lifter Tool


ARKSEN Drywall Panel Hoist and Lifter Tool Equipment

A lift designed to last a lifetime, ARKSEN Drywall Panel Hoist is the perfect solution for all your drywall installation worries. This can lift panels sized 4’x16′ with ease and can hold a payload of 150 pounds. Plus, the 5′ broad base is supported by non-marring and anti-slip casters which will keep the lift in place without damaging your floor. 

The flip-down stopper is also helpful in holding the lift steady. Additional safety is something you cannot say no to, and, this lift keeps you away from the risk of putting your back in danger by lifting large drywall panels. The single-stage winch is combined with steel-lifting cable for enhanced control.

My Impression

I am certainly impressed by the quality ARKSEN offers with this product. There are a plethora of safety features such as rubberized wheels, flip-open stopper, and a large cradle with support hooks. The smooth black finish lasts long, and it is well-welded. The lift takes the panels at the height of 15′ and can tilt 65 degrees for the ease of installation on slopes. Though the cable-winch design sounds cool, trust me, it tangles easily and breaks easily. However, it holds the cradle in place till you don’t release the brake.

What could be better?

There is some room for improvement in ARKSEN Drywall Panel Hoist and Lifter, as the loading height is too high. Even though the cradle can be tilted 65 degrees, the panels are too heavy to be lifted 60 inches high alone.

More features:

  • – Anti-slip, non-marring casters for smooth movement
  • – Easy assembly and storage
  • – Flip-down backstop
  • – Single-stage winch with braided-steel cable
  • – Brake and a capped handle 


Artist Hand 11' Drywall Lift Rolling Panel Hoist Jack Lifter

Another innovation by Ideal Choice Product, Artist-Hand 11’ Drywall Panel Hoist is popular amongst online buyers for the tool and toll-free assembly it offers. This is a CE Certified Lift which can be moved with ease via 3×4″ caster wheels.

The lift can hoist up to 4’x8’ drywall panels, making it perfect for home décor DIY ideas and using in narrow spaces such as hallways. The winch comes with a brake and a lock feature to hold the panel in place. Panels weighing as much as 150 pounds can be lifted effortlessly to the height of 11’ with this device.

My Impression

Arriving at your doorstep in several pieces, you need to religiously go through the manual to bring together Artist-Hand 11’ Drywall Panel Hoist. The tripod, frame assembly, and cradle assembly should be brought together to complete the main assembly. Though it sounds tedious, it is not a very difficult job. Though the lift can only work for smaller panels, it is well-welded and sturdy for regular use. The 34-inch loading height is also acceptable. Hand chains are easy to operate while brake and lock help you hold the panels in place.

What could be better?

Speaking of improvisations, the manufacturers should focus on using high-grade but lighter steel as the elevator is very heavy. Plus, when the crank is released, it goes free-wheeling, which is risky for your knuckles.

More features:

  • – CE Standard Lift
  • – Integrated winch with brake
  • – Tool-free assembly
STKUSA Best Drywall Rolling Lifter Construction Tool


STKUSA 11' Drywall Rolling Lifter Construction Tool

STARK 11’ Drywall Rolling Sheetrock Lift is simple to operate the lift, perfect to fulfill your DIY dreams and work in narrow spaces. A wide, 5-feet tripod base is designed with anti-skid and non-marring material to support the base without damaging the surface on which it stands. 

The steel it is crafted with is all-welded and strong so that the lifts last with you for a lifetime. You can easily install 4×8′ panels on the ceilings and high walls up to 11′ high. The support is maximized with the oversized locks placed at the pivotal locks for better support. The panel can be rotated, making it apt for even inclined surfaces.

My Impression

I rented this lift when I was doing some drywall work in my hallway where I cannot move the bigger lifts. STARK 11’ Drywall Rolling Sheetrock Lift worked wonderfully. I was able to reach the slanting ceiling of some portions of my house with the smaller panels for installing them. I tried rotating the cradle 65 degrees forward and backward, 10 degrees on both sides and 360 degrees altogether and it worked well. I often end up scarring the material with the pointy ends of the cradle hooks, but here they are rubberized for increased protection and safety.

What could be better?

Though everything about the drywall lift we reviewed is flawless, there are some glitches manufacturers could address such as excessive weight and the price.

More features:

  • – Locknuts and Pins for extra support
  • – 36” loading height
  • – 360-degree rotation
  • – Single-stage winch with steel-braided cable
  • – Anti-slip and non-marring casters
FDW's Best Drywall Lift Panel


Drywall Lift Panel 11' Lift Drywall Panel Hoist,Jack Lifter

You can always rely upon a heavy-duty drywall lift for accomplishing your drywalling goals faster and with a lot of ease. Allowing the users to work alone with ease, 11’ Drywall Lift Panel by FDW does not require tools for assembly.

It can lift any panel which is 4×16-feet in size to the height of 11’ (with the tilted cradle) comfortably. You can opt for the extension accessory which raises the height to 15.4’. You can load the panels as massive as 150 pounds on the cradle which lowers down to a height of 34″ above the ground. The three casters provide maneuverability and foot stops keep the lift steady.

My Impression

Well, the 11’ Drywall Lift Panel by FDW is a lift for home usage but not more than that. The built is crude, and the assembly tends to wobble. It is difficult to keep the cradle from tilting, because of which the panels keep on sliding off the cradle, making it dangerous for use.

What could be better?

Many reviewers question the very quality of the lift. Though the price point is low, the poor quality built is undoubtedly going to put a blot on the reputation of the manufacturer.

More features:

  • – Easy and tool-free assembly and disassemble
  • – Safe and sturdy balance with tripod base
  • – No noise when operating the lift

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do Drywall Lifts Work?

A drywall lift or a sheetrock lift is made up of three components, namely: Hoist, tripod, and cradle.

The base is usually tripod shaped with wheels to move the lift and backstop to hold the elevator in place when in use.  The cradle holds the drywall panels. The frame on the cradle acts as a platform which can be tilted to secure the sheetrock on the slanting surfaces.

Hoist is the shaft which connects the tripod and cradle. It comprises of the winch with brakes and lock mechanism. You can steer the winch by cranking it up or down to move the cradle. The lock mechanism holds the panels at height until you work on them. The lifts have reduced the number of men needed for drywall work to just 1.

How Do You Use A Drywall Lift?

Usually, Drywall lifts feature a tilting cradle, wheels for mobility, and winch for lifting the panels secured on the cradle.

Your first step should be to secure the panel on the cradle and secure the hooks to avoid sagging and breakage. Don’t forget to latch the cradle or plate in the angle your ceiling or wall is in. Now you are ready to begin turning the wheel. Gradually lift the cradle to as to what height your ceiling lies, keeping a firm grip on the lever. Not all the lifts have an automatic lock, so you need to be careful here. Once you’re there, lock the steering in place so that it holds the panel while you nail it to the walls.

How To Correctly Set-Up A Drywall Lift?

Enjoy this instruction video below by GenerationBuildingCenter on How To Setup A Drywall Lift below.

How Much Is A Drywall Lift?

Drywall lifts can range in price from a little less than $200 to $800 or more for the professional grade lifts. If you are buying a drywall lift for a large home project or a business you run, our team recommends investing in one of the options above $500 that is well-reviewed and durable.

What Can You Lift With A Drywall Lift?

Drywall lifts are definitely intended to be used with properly placing drywall sheets, but lifts can be used for ceiling work as well as wall sheets when handling drywall or sheetrock.

Our Team’s Summary on The Best Drywall Lifts

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to choose the best drywall lift for your home or business.

Drywall panels are a great addition to the interior of modern homes. They can be customized to reflect the personality of the house-dwellers. Then again, installing them on high walls and ceilings is a difficult job, and you need a team of construction workers to do help if not for being able to utilize drywall lifts.

The best drywall lifts do the tough part of lifting and holding the panels in place as you nail them on the wall or ceiling. While renting a lift can cost you roughly $30 per day, the above options will cost you less in the long run if the drywall lift is regularly used or needed for a long-duration project. Now that you know which drywall lift will save you valuable time and give you proper returns, wait no more!