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The Best Cordless Drills For Grip and Power

By: Darion Robinson

Whether I do different tasks on the production site or around the house, I always find myself incomplete without a cordless drill. Do you often work in the product assembly or automotive line of work? It’s true that my corded drill has been able to take me through numerous different tasks, but in my opinion, corded drills lack the flexibility and satisfaction that is delineated by the cordless drill. 

Many people still ask me which cordless model best suit all types of works. To help make their selection process more manageable, I picked 10 of the most exceptional cordless drills available in the market today so that I can discover which one is the best overall.

For this, I did a lot of research which includes reading the customer reviews, doing a survey, and checking overall features of each model. At the end of my study, I concluded that the Makita XFD10R Drill is the best one of all (Click to view on Amazon.com). This model has received top scores on my customer experience survey. It has a versatile design and long-lasting battery, plus it is a lightweight piece too. With its highest turning speed capacity of 1900 RPM, this cordless drill can create up to 480 in-lb of torque. Moreover, the weight of this drill is just 3.3 pounds–extremely lightweight! 

Top 10 Cordless Drill Sets Comparison Chart (2020 Buyer’s Guide)

*List recently updated for 2020


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You will notice that cordless drills come with varying power ratings similar to any other power tool. Therefore, the performance factor differs a lot from one model to another. So while buying any of these drills, you must focus on battery life, weight, and the overall performance.



MAKITA XFD10R 18V 1/2" Cordless Drill With Driver Drill Kit

The Makita XFD10R, in many ways, is my overall excellent pick among all other cordless drills. 

It’s because this drill is best for both professional and DIY home activities. I call it superb among all others for the fact that it works beyond my expectations. Not only it has a more extended battery life, but it also recharges quickly. Above all, its smooth rubber grip comes with an ergonomic design that assures the utmost comfort.

My Impression

This drill best suits you if you regularly adjust the drill while working. That’s because it has almost 21 clutch settings. I particularly like those dual LED lights because they allow me to work in the dark. The pack of this drill includes an extra battery, carrying case, and a charger. To this date, the product has around 77 customer reviews on Amazon. It looks like almost 84% of customers recommend this drill to others. Why not? There is very less to complain about it. An average of 4.5 ratings out of 5 is a good achievement. Isn’t it?

What could be better?

As said above, I find it hard to choose something that can describe the downside of this drill. Well, its warranty period is notably short even if it’s an overall best drill. The drill itself has the warranty of one complete year whereas the batteries have three years warranty. This warranty period is quite less to what I found on other drills.

More features:

  • The drill has dual LED lights allowing users to view what they’re doing clearly. It makes it perfect to work in dimmed surroundings.
  • Maximum Speed of 1900 RPM
  • 21 Clutch Settings
  • Lightweight among all other drills (Weight: just 3.3 pounds)
  • Quick charge time. It takes less than 30-minutes to charge completely.


DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

At this moment, I would like to keep DEWALT DC970K-2 in the second place when it comes to top-rated drills. Its price makes it hard to go for some other cordless drills in the category.

As everyone knows, the brand “DeWalt” ensures top quality and high-grade performance. The product has over 3,900 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. By now, you can understand that not only is this a top-selling drill out there but is also a top-rated competent product. Customers typically don’t write positive reviews if the product doesn’t satisfy their needs entirely. 

My Impression

One thing that I like most about this drill is its size. It’s very compact which makes it absolute to use anywhere. Now let’s talk about what’s inside for you. Well, when you order this cordless product, you also get additional accessories including two batteries, one charger along with a contractor bag. So you can place one battery to charge while another one is in use. It means that you will never run out of a fully charged battery. Amazing! I doubt if you could ever obtain a better product than this under $150.

What could be better?

I want to propose a couple of improvements to this product. First of all, I expect an extended use of this drill before it begins to give up. In other words, there should be some improvements in the chuck lifespan. No wonder if you need to tighten it up excessively while using it for a long time.

More features:

  • Battery Reliability: One thing I must speak about DeWalt product is their battery reliability. Both batteries are reliable with short charging time, hardly an hour.
  • Comfort and Balance: DEWALT DC970K-2 is a very comfortable and well-balanced drill. It doesn’t undergo painful even after using it for several hours.


BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

I can describe the BLACK+DECKER Drill in only two words; sturdy and durable. This cordless drill has many striking features, and one of them is an 11-position clutch.

If you mainly work in small spaces, then this drill will help you work with ease. It’s available in two color shades- orange and black. I was stunned when I first checked out the reviews of Black Decker. On Amazon, it has over 4600 reviews with an average customer rating of 4.4. It marks popularity and also shows the acceptance of this drill among people. Customers are sharing their positive feedback along with the pictures, videos, and any additional thoughts.

My Impression

I find this drill extremely light in weight because of its compact size. Moreover, it uses a lithium-ion battery that lasts for a longer time than my expectation. The 11-position clutch is a fantastic feature as it prevents overdriving and stripping screws.

What could be better?

This drill is best suitable for small tasks, just say, for your DIY projects. That’s mainly because of its speed which is 650 RPM. So, it may not be that much ideal for hard jobs or professional projects. Beyond this, there couldn’t be any other major issue with it.

More features:

  • The drill has LED fittings that illuminate the work surface for precise and comfortable drilling in dark spaces.
  • It is one of the best products in the 20-V MAX system.
  • It weighs 3.3 pounds which makes it extremely lightweight. You can easily carry this drill anywhere.


Porter Cable PCC600LB 20V Max 1/2" Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

The Porter-Cable PCCK600LB could be the most reliable and handy cordless drill in the 20-V category. 

While it may not be the most potent or sturdy model, it will carry out most tasks you need. It is currently available in black and gray colors. This drill has over 30 reviews on Amazon. One thing that I noticed in the majority of these reviews is that customers love this drill for small tasks such as drilling holes in the wood. Many customers claim that this drill is better than what they expected.

My Impression

The best thing about this drill is its lithium-ion battery of 20-volt. This battery supplies adequate juice for driving screws and drilling holes efficiently. Some of the points I must highlight are its maximum speed which is 1600 RPM and maximum turning force which is around 330 UWO. This turning force generates enough power to collect positive customer ratings. Apart from this, the drill comes with 22 clutch settings. That’s a good part of this drill. It makes this drill versatile and also avoids the damage of any material you are working with such as stripping of screws due to too much energy or over-drilling.

What could be better?

Each product has room for improvements. Likewise, the Porter-Cable PCCK600LB should increase the overall life of their battery. Currently, it has a short-living battery. However, you can choose to purchase an additional battery so that you can use both of them simultaneously. An extra battery will be worth buying. Another minor improvement could be the carry case that you get along with the product. It is somehow flimsy, especially when you need to travel from one job site to another with a massive work case.

More features:

  • The Porter-Cable PCCK600LB has a unique feature of the battery indicator light. Do you know lithium-ion batteries can have more extended battery life when you charge them regularly and make sure that they never run out of charging? Therefore, this indicator plays a vital role.
  • You also get another unique feature with its dual-range speed control/gear. You can quickly switch the gear from high to low, depending on your needs.
Milwaukee Drill


Milwaukee 2703-22 XC M18 Fuel Brushless 1/2-Inch Drill/Drive

Among all other drills I tested, Milwaukee M18 has the most potent, long-lasting battery. However, it also needs much time to charge fully. 

It weighs 5.85 pounds, and therefore, it’s the most massive drill I have ever seen. It comes with all the basic yet essential accessories that I look for in this category and price range. Furthermore, it offers a generous warranty for five years. Just like what I anticipated, the customers are pleased with Milwaukee M18. Most of them are appreciating its high-capacity batteries, compact yet ergonomic design, two-speed systems, and in general, strong production which makes using this drill a real pleasure. More than 50 customers have reviewed this product with an average rating of 4.5.

My Impression

One factor that makes this drill stand out from others is its 24 clutch settings. That’s a considerable number on clutch settings. In short, this drill allows plenty of adjustment in terms of turning force. It also ensures that you don’t damage the material, either screw or wood while drilling. This feature is incredibly useful in finishing projects, for example, assembling furniture or fixing cabinet doors.

What could be better?

Now, let’s talk about the downside of Milwaukee M18. Well, the product is quite expensive as compared to most other drills. However, let me tell you the reason for this augmented price. As you can see, this product is a premium power device with fantastic performance and exceptional build quality.

More features:

  • This drill is incredibly powerful, giving almost 1850 RPM. It’s a vast speed that is most suitable for professional works on a job site.
  • It has fantastic batteries that last longer than you could ever expect. Besides this, the charging time is also low. It takes hardly 30 minutes to charge the battery completely.
Bosch drill


Bosch Power Tools Compact Drill Kit - DDB181-02 - 18-Volt

If you want to take on some hard, heavy work tasks, then this powerful drill won’t disappoint you. 

The Bosch DDB181-02 can produce impressive power and speed to get any job done within as less time as possible. It can generate around 350 inch-lbs torque. Thus, the drill can quickly attain a pace of about 1300 RPM. Besides this, the arrangement of LED lights can ensure easiness in the night or dark surroundings. More than 500 customers have shared their thoughts about this product. And surprisingly, most of them are speaking about the product’s compact size and handy nature. Nothing can beat the product if it is lightweight and convenient. This phrase turns true in the case of Bosch DDB181-02.

My Impression

I like the handy nature of this drill. The size is something that makes any drill convenient. I can easily hold this drill in my hands and move it around any enclosed or tight place. You might think that this drill is more useful for small, homely DIY projects. However, I have seen many electricians and plumbers practicing this tool in the workplace. That proves the usability and reliability of Bosch DDB181-02.

What could be better?

The laces of the boots wear off quite easily and are not of best quality if your work involves going into forests and bushes. It is also that they are very long and can easily get stuck somewhere. If the laces are made of better quality and suitable size, that would help. 

More features:

  • There is no doubt that this drill is intense, but you might get disappointed if you plan to use it excessively. Better, if you don’t stretch it beyond capabilities. Otherwise, it will turn useless. Similarly, if you want to work on concrete, then use hammer drill instead of this one.
  • In other words, even though Bosch DDB181-02 can breeze through common small projects, it may not be able to withstand the hardness of vigorous use.


Hitachi Cordless Lithium Ion and Impact Driver Combo Kit

The Hitachi KC18DGL seems like a sturdy machine that can work on almost any surface. This cordless drill includes an amazing 18V battery that generates an exceptional amount of power. 

It usually comes with two batteries. One of its batteries can produce around 400 inch-pounds of torque. This amount is high enough to use this machine on wood and concrete. Do I need to talk about the reviews of this product? Well, the brand name “Hitachi” itself declares the quality. More than 135 customers have reviewed this product. It has an average rating of 4.4. So, if you carefully observe the rating scores, you will notice that more than 87% of reviewers are giving four stars and above. The customers love its mechanism and the way its batteries charge so fast.

My Impression

They are great fit according to the size I ordered and are equally comfortable to wear. They are great to wear for work because these boots are very light weighted and very much fashionable. I do not have to worry about the safety of my feet during heavy working conditions because one can easily trust the strength of these boots.

What could be better?

There should be improvements in battery life. Many customers state that the battery dies quickly and they need to charge it completely even after a small use. However, this could be an issue with that individual product. Maybe, that particular product might be defective.

More features:

  • Hitachi KC18DGL comes with two separate lithium-ion batteries of 18V.
  • With its DS18DGL battery, the machine can produce around 400 in-lbs torque.
  • With the WH18DGL battery, the machine can produce around 1280 in-lbs torque.
Cartman drill


Cartman Drill With Speed Control, 12 Bits, and 2 Battery Packs

The Cartman 20V is an amazingly powerful cordless drill that can help you complete all the workloads. It has a long-lasting, powerful battery (20V lithium-ion) that keeps you working for several hours. 

Furthermore, you get an additional battery with this drill so that you can work without any pause. I find this drill convenient because it gives a dominant performance. Also, its size is something I like the most. I can carry this drill anywhere without even feeling the pain of lifting a machine. I read the reviews of customers to back up my survey. These reviews give me an idea about the overall performance of any particular machine. If you check out the reviews of Cartman cordless drill on Amazon, you will find that this is a top-selling drill out there. More than 20 customers found this useful.

My Impression

This drill can become a perfect solution for contractors who want to add a versatile device in their arsenal or artisans that need extra power. Another significant attribute I want to mention is its weight. The Cartman cordless drill is light in weight. It weighs just 5.5 pounds. Thus, if you are using a cordless drill for the first time, then I would suggest you use this drill. It produces excellent torque of around 221 in-lbs which is ideal for satisfactory performance. Plus, this drill can reach the speed of about 1500 RPM as it uses a heavy-duty motor.

What could be better?

This drill may not be ideal for those who work around heavy tasks like drilling on concrete or metal. Though this drill can withstand any form of work, I can suggest you use it for small, DIY projects.

More features:

  • The drill is uniquely designed for artisans, hobbyists, and contractors.
  • It can generate an extreme amount of torque (221 in-lbs).


Ryobi P208 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Drill/Driver 1/2 Inch Keyless Chuck

I like the Ryobi cordless drill for many reasons. First of all, it provides a two-speed transmission mode and almost 24 position clutch settings with a rubberized handle. 

Therefore, it is ideal to use this drill on slippery surfaces. There is a magnetic tray that comes along with this drill. You can store fasteners and additional bits into this tray. Also, there is a LED light arrangement which ensures that you will never run out of sufficient light in the dark places. The Ryobi model P208 is robust, efficient, and quick. So, it’s perfect for any level of work, especially simple DIY projects.

My Impression

I appreciate the provision of two-speed transmission mode which allows me to customize and adjust the amount of power according to my drilling needs. I can also shift it from high to low-speed drill, particularly when I have a very less battery charge remaining. In short, I can use this drill with various bits and across numerous jobs. The best product deserves the best ratings from customers. This phrase comes true for Ryobi cordless drill. On Amazon, this drill has more than 340 customer reviews, out of which, almost 79% rate this drill 5 stars. It looks like the buyers of P208 are happy with their investment in this drill.

What could be better?

One of the significant points I find wrong with this Ryobi cordless drill is prolonged charging time. The battery needs more than three hours to charge completely. Plus, this drill doesn’t include a charger and an additional battery in its pack.

More features:

  • Its magnetic tray is a unique feature. It is beneficial for storing additional bits, fasteners, and other small items.
  • Its 24 position clutch settings and two-speed transmission mode are excellent.


Tacklife 12V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver Set (LED)

The Tacklife Cordless Drill (model PCD02B) is an ideal drill for a variety of home projects. It has much amount of power incorporated in a small package. 

With eight drill bits, eight driver bits, a carry case, and almost 19-position clutch, Tacklife offers you a great deal on this complete system. Tacklife has a good customer base. The majority of customers buy this drill mostly for their home projects. It has over 150 reviews on Amazon. It looks like many buyers appreciate this drill for its long-lasting battery life.

My Impression

This drill fulfills the basic needs that I specifically watch out for in any machine. It is lightweight and small in size. I also like to work around customizable torque settings. And fortunately, this drill comes with 19-position clutch settings. Apart from this, PCD02B also has a variable switch for speed moderation. You can quickly switch the speed from low to high. It can generate a pace of around 300 RPM when you use it in a low-speed mode. Likewise, the speed can rise to 1300 RPM when you switch it to high-speed mode.

What could be better?

Though this drill is a budget-friendly option, it’s not that much suitable for large drilling needs. It means you can expect this drill to work on metal, concrete, or any other sturdy surface. However, it is best suitable for small, simple home-based DIY projects.

More features:

  • It has 19 clutch settings that make this drill convenient to use.
  • It’s two speed (speed variable switch) mode works great.
  • It uses a lithium-ion battery of 2000mAh with quick charging feature.

Buyers Guide Questions About Cordless Drills

I think this post will be incomplete if I don’t cover some of these significant questions. Many buyers, especially first time buyers come across a variety of queries when they search for the best cordless drill. So, let’s check out some of the common questions below.

Which Brand of Cordless Drill Is Best?

You must consider various factors when it comes to picking a particular brand in drills. They are performance, size, and battery life. Seeing these three factors, I will recommend Makita to be the best brand in drills.

Which Is the Most Powerful Cordless Drill?

It’s hard to determine the most powerful cordless drill because the technology changes every day. Similarly, new products regularly come to the market. To this date, I find two cordless drills to be more powerful. They are Makita XFD10R and Milwaukee M18 Drill.

What Is the Best 20 Volt Cordless Drill?

In the 20-Volt category, I find no other competitor to BLACK+DECKER.  This 20-V (1500 watts) drill can produce 115 in-lb torque and around 650 RPM.

Using a cordless drill (basics)

Conclusion on the Best Cordless Drills of 2020

That’s all about the top 10 best cordless drills. All of these products are good with each product having its unique features and performance level. Moreover, most of them are highly affordable. Picking the best cordless drill isn’t that simple. That’s because you get to see so many competing, top class choices in the market. You can further classify drills in terms of brand, different features, model, and performance. So, it can be a time consuming and troublesome process.

And yet, there is no guarantee that you will pick the correct drill that can meet your requirements. That’s why I decided to make a small attempt to lessen your worries. As a result, I created this list based on my skills and experience. Be it DIY or professional work; I hope this top-10 list will help you get the correct drill for your next project. Which of these machines do you plan to get for your next project? Don’t hesitate to share your plan in the comment section.