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7 Best Car Ramps of 2020- Complete Buyer's Guide

By: Darion Robinson

car ramps

Owning a car can be a convenient and exciting investment for your needs. While a car is a convenient way to get around easily, there are various key factors such as maintenance and repair that you have to consider. In this case, owning appropriate accessories for such procedures, can save you a lot of hassle and extra cash as well. 

Car ramps can accommodate a lot of weight, and they help to keep your vehicle stable even as you go about your work. Using the best car ramps provides optimal space for working on your vehicle, and also makes work safe. But how do you choose the best ones? Are they any better than other car repair solutions, such as jack stands? 

Here's What You Need to Know

Car Ramps vs Jack Stands. Which One is Safer?

Car ramps are considerably safer when compared to using jack stands. While both of these tools are common among car users, there is a lot to how these tools can benefit your user experience. The main reason for this is there is less likelihood of any human errors during the fitment process. More so, the car ramps are also available with many unique features, including steel to plastic ramps. Also, the car ramps will provide optimal ground clearance when required to get under the car. This way, you can drive up the vehicle onto them with the front wheels, park them in the wheel grooves.

Are Car Ramps Safe for Oil Changes?

Of course, the car ramps are perfectly safe for oil changes. However, you have to get sufficient space in front of the vehicle. The space provides ease of movement forward up onto the ramps. Then, the oil change can become a simple process, thanks to the easy access to the underside of the engine. 

If you have a reasonable budget, then consider getting two sets to lift the entire car off the ground and eliminate the need for wheel clocks. Wheel clocks are the items you place on the front tires to ensure your vehicle does not roll off as you work. 

Furthermore, ensure the car ramps that you purchase provide optimal weight capacity for your car. While they are not suitable for some sports cars that have low ground clearance, jack stands would be a better option.

Tips When Using Car Ramps

So, do you need to access the underside of your car without having to squeeze? Rather than go for an expensive professional car lift, a good set of ramps will serve the purpose during the next car service. The following are some tips to get optimal ground clearance and get your car up on to a set of ramps.


Even if using a pair of auto ramps is a simple process, never underestimate how much can go wrong without sufficient safety. In his book, How Cars Work, Tom Newton mentions that safety is the most crucial factor to consider is safety. Since you will most likely drive a heavy vehicle up the ramps, consider top safety tips to avoid any injuries. Find a flat surface when you want to use the car ramps. Any angles and slopes increase the likelihood that you will fall off the ramps.

  • Avoid wet, slippery or soft surfaces. If possible, consider using a non-skid mat to help provide optimal traction on the floor.
  • Also, pay attention to the weight capacity of the ramps. Usually, the ramp comes with specific indications of its average weight capacity. 
  • Consider using low clearance ramps for small vehicles that might have a low ground clearance level. These are components that will ensure that the undercarriage never scraps.
  • Ensure that the ramp has rubber stops or perhaps use a grip pad for enhanced traction. Maintaining optimal traction is vital to keep the ramps from sliding out as you work. 
  • Use wheel clocks on either section when you want to use the ramps. These work in tandem with the parking brakes to ensure the car never rolls off.


Proper positioning is essential when you want to place your vehicle on the ramps. Practice caution during this step.

  • Place the car on flat and open ground, ideally an open garage or any outdoor open space. Ensure you have adequate space to drive in front. Also, ensure the wheels of the car aligned and facing forward.
  • Place the ramps in front of the automobile. Following this, slide as close as possible to the wheel, in preparation for the climbing process.
  • Double-check the alignment of each wheel. Maintaining a proper position is crucial when you want to climb up the ramps. Failing to do so, and the ramp might crack, or the vehicle might fall off the ramps.
  • Once the vehicle is position, engage the parking brakes, such that the ramps can accommodate the weight of the car. Also, consider placing some wheel clocks on either side of the wheels.

Car Ramps FAQ

Are car ramps better than jack stands?

Jack stands are only suitable for necessary car repair procedures such as wheel removal. The car ramps are much more convenient and ideal for lifting the car for significant repair.

Can I make my car ramps?

While it is possible, a much better option is to invest in a pair of car ramps instead. The professional ramps consist of hard plastics and metals, which can withstand various types of car weight.

My car ramp has a deformity, is this normal?

You might come across a slight impression on the car ramp, especially if you have a super heavy car. Otherwise, any significant cracks or bends, are signals for ramp replacement. 

How do I store the car ramp after use?

Most ramps feature a stackable physical structure. Find some space in your garage, and place them in a stacked position. Also, consider putting them in any convenient location that is cool and dry.

How long or steep should the ramps be?

This relates to the structure of your vehicle. The suitable height will influence the angle and length of the ramp. Larger vehicles might require improved height and a steeper angle.

Top 7 Car Ramps

black widow psr295


A durable set of car ramps can improve the safety of your shop or driving experience. This way, you can enjoy easy access to the underside of the vehicle to engage in repairs, oil changes and more. For this reason, the Black Widow PSR295 is an excellent place for you to start.

It can provide an exceptional 6.25 lift to ensure safe and stable lift results each time. More so, the generous 6,000lbs per axle weight capacity can accommodate various types of vehicles with ease. It also comes with rubber padding at the bottom of the lift, to ensure that it won’t slip on concrete shop floors. 

This set of plastic service ramps are also made using high impact plastic. The plastic makes up for excellent material that you can use to raise cars, trucks, SUVs and more. Equipped with a unique grid design, this unit will allow water, snow and dirt to flow smoothly, regardless of the conditions. The Black Widow brand has also done well to include a specialty support system that passes through the center of the ramp. This way, it can provide optimal support for weight distribution

The Good

  • Deliver an exceptional 6.25 lift – such a unique lift makes the car ramp suitable for oil changes and routine maintenance
  • Grid design – the car ramp also features a unique ramp design that allows snow, water and dirt to filter through 
  • High impact plastic construction – made using high impact plastic with an average weight capacity of 16,000lbs
  • Sits stable on most surfaces – the car ramps sit stable on various types of floor surfaces, thus making car repair easy

The Bad

  • Bulky in weight – some users find these car ramps to be rather heavy, which makes them difficult to carry around
  • Not suitable for large vehicles – these ramps are only ideal for small and lightweight cars 
discount ramps 6009-v2


Easily access the underside your low-profile vehicle by using the Discount Ramps 6009 Low Profile Service Ramps. These 4,400 lbs. Capacity ramps can lift your tires 2 ½ inches off the ground, to provide optimal room for maintenance and more.

As such, the ramps are perfect for low profile vehicles, that would have been difficult to lift with a service lift. More so, they also come with hollow honeycomb channels, that help to prevent the accumulation of moisture build-up. The ramps also have tire stops to ensure that your vehicles are appropriately positioned on the ram. 

Weighing in at 4-1/2 lbs. each of these units is perfect for either a home garage or a full blow auto service center. The Discount Ramp also has a unique low-profile approach, that provides exceptional clearance for most low-profile cars.

The Good

  • Dual low-profile ramps – the ramps provide an exceptional loading angle that will suit even the low clearance vehicles
  • Equipped with honeycomb channels – the inclusion of honeycomb channels help to regulate issues such as moisture build-up
  • Heavy duty plastic – the ramps are made using heavy duty plastic that can provide an exceptional 4,400lb weight capacity
  • Tire stop ends – the inclusion of tire stop ends helps to provide added user safety when working mechanics

The Bad

  • The ramp base is not large enough – some users with sports cars that have large tires appreciate large wheelbases
  • The honeycomb channels require maintenance – you might have to perform regular maintenance on the combs for optimal performance
rhinogear 11912 rhinoramps


Sturdy, durable and reliable. The Rhinogear 11912 Rhino ramps will provide reliable and convenient access to the underside of your car. They feature a patented polymer internal system and wide stance that will give exceptional weight distribution.

More so, the innovative “CoreTRAC” nonskid base, helps to reduce issues such as slippage. The unique 17-degree incline also provides easy use for vehicles with low clearance. With such a unique set of diverse features, these ramps work well for cars, trucks, sport utilities and more. 

Featuring only resin material, these ramps surpasses the standards of P.A.I.D and more, thus providing a reliable car maintenance solution. The ramp will also provide extra tire width to suit different types of vehicles. More so, the ramps also have a space-saving design that provides efficient storage.

The Good

  • Portable and heavy-duty design – these automotive pair of ramps are made using a rugged and structural material
  • Provides convenient car access – the car ramps will provide convenient access to the under section of your car
  • “CoreTRAC” nonskid base – the unique car ramp base has a unique tread and will reduce any slippage issues
  • Exceptional weight capacity – the ramps have an outstanding 16,000-pound GVW (gross vehicle weight) capacity

The Bad

  • 17-degree incline – the unique 17-degree incline provides optimal ground clearance but is not adequate for some users
  • Non-ergonomic structure – this unit only has a design suitable for hoisting your car above and not for carrying around
race ramps rr-40


For car enthusiasts and car lovers alike, the Race Ramps RR-40 40 Ramps are the perfect solution for your needs. These 40-inch race ramps are built to suit your specific car maintenance needs. If you want a no-fuss and solid ramp for your car, then consider this unit.

It can handle large tires of up to 8 inches high and lift your car 7 inches tall. Thus, it is a unique little ramp that provides you with optimal access to the underside of your vehicle. Additionally, the lightweight design makes them ramp easy to carry and set up. 

While the ramps are light in weight, they are also durable and suitable for long term use. The solid core of these ramps comprises of durable material, that will endure the harshest treatments. In other words, the ramps won’t slide, scoot or slip – even when placed on ice. 

The Good

  • Lightweight and simple to carry – these ramps are easy to maneuver, and won’t cause a scratch or mark on your floors
  • Exceptional ramp capacity – the ramps also have a 1500 pounds per ramp capacity, which suits different types of cars
  • Robust core design – the ramp features durable material that can withstand the harshest treatment, and won’t slip or slide 
  • Durable physical structure – the car ramp also has a durable design that suits different car repair purposes

The Bad

  • The incline angle could be slightly lower – some users with low clearance sports cars find the incline on this unit rather high
  • Heavy in weight – while these ramps are perfect for vehicles, they are somewhat bulky and can be challenging to carry around
nicky nice solid steel auto ramp set


Make automotive oil changes and general maintenance on your car simple with the Nicky Nice Solid Steel Auto Ramp Set. Designed to support well over three tons of weight, these ramps are suitable for various types of cars.

Furthermore, the ramp set also features a unique powder coat finish, that is both unique and durable at the same time. Therefore, you get the opportunity to work on your car with both style and functionality. The ramp set can also provide an exceptional weight capacity of 6500lbs. 

The ramp set features raised safety tips on the side and extruded traction holes on the incline for enhanced ramp performance. It also features an innovative non-skid base, that helps regulate issues such as slippage. The unit also has a 17-degree incline that offers ease of use for vehicles with low clearance. 

The Good

  • 6500lb. gross vehicle weight – this car ramp has a unique weight capacity to suit different types of vehicles
  • Durable powder coat finish – the powder coat finish is both unique and durable for raising car ramps
  • Non-skid feet included – the unique non-skid provide optimal traction and will reduce any traction issues during use
  • Heavy duty ramp design – this only resin ramp has a unique design that meets and surpasses various standards

The Bad

  • Available in one finish – these car ramps are only available in a specific finish, which is somewhat redundant for some users
  • Small wheelbase – car owners with large automobiles such as RVs would appreciate a slightly larger wheelbase
bunkerwall wheel ramps


Still trust your vehicle with cheap auto service ramps? Consider, the BunkerWall Large Heavy-Duty Car Ramp that is ideal for oil changes. This unit is suitable for various types of automobiles, including cars, SUVs, campers, tractors and more.

Furthermore, the large and rugged truck ramps will ensure reliable and convenient access to the under-section of your vehicle. Similar to most high-quality ramps, the dynamic design of this unit means that you can also use them as wheel clocks. The ramps also sit stable on various types of floors and grounds, which is ideal for people who move around a lot.

With high traction and non-skid bases, you can be sure of a stable ramp that suits various surfaces. Thus, the ramp will easily reduce issues such as slippage and rubber grips with low wear. Thanks to the durable steel material construction, these ramps will provide years of reliable longevity.

The Good

  • Dynamic car ramp – the ramp is suitable for cars, SUVs, RVs, pickups and various types of vehicles
  • Large and rugged ramps design – the ramp not only has a heavy-duty design, but it also offers convenient access to the under section of your car
  • High traction and nonskid base – the unique non-skid base and tread pattern will efficiently address issues such as slippages
  • Individual load capacity – with an exceptional 20lb capacity, this unit offers reliable performance for various types of vehicles

The Bad

  • Not suitable for low clearance vehicles – these ramps are suitable for vehicles with a high level of ground clearance
  • Could use ergonomic grips – carrying the car ramps around is not easy and they could use added ergonomic features
shop tuff stf-924twr


Make your car repair projects much more convenient Shop Tuff STF-924TWR is the ideal solution for your needs. The ramp is compact, and with an exceptional 6 tons per single unit making it suitable for tandem trailers.

Furthermore, the changing ramp can also provide a lift of 5.5 inches to make it simple enough for changing tires. Made using heavy duty and durable polypropylene material, this ramp is built to last and be tough. 

Furthermore, the ramp has gripping traction treads to provide a secure hold for your vehicle. The dynamic design of this unit means that you can also use it as wheel clocks for enhanced traction. Designed to be simple to use with drive on capabilities, you have to place the right tire on the ramp.

The Good

  • High capacity – this unit has an exceptional 6-ton capacity and is durable for longevity purposes
  • Made using heavy duty polypropylene – the durable polypropylene material is suitable for car support applications
  • Traction treads – the inclusion of traction treads help to provide a secure hold and enhanced car ramp performance
  • Dynamic ramp design – this ramp also functions as a wheel clock or an in a pair for oil changing purposes

The Bad

  • Traction treads are not durable – the traction treads might fall off or get compromised with time
  • The exterior finish is prone to exposure – the exterior of this unit prone to issues such as exposure to water and dust


As a car owner, it’s your responsibility to learn about basic car repair techniques to ensure that you enjoy driving with peace of mind. In this case, learning about the best car ramps is an excellent first step to becoming the ideal driver. These are simple tools that you can store in the trunk or the car garage for convenient access. 

Accessing the underside of your car is not always easy, because it’s a machine with immense weight. You are exposed to issues such as the weight of the vehicle on your body. Furthermore, calling a car repair service or borrowing a friend’s tools is sometimes unnecessary. Thus, a suitable car ramp does well to lift your vehicle, and also provide a safe user experience each time. 

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