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The Best Biscuit Joiners of 2020

By: Darion Robinson

biscuit joiner

For those who are in the woodworking business or those who enjoy making DIY furniture, a biscuit joiner is a must-have tool. Otherwise referred to as plate joiners, these tools consist of small blades that you use to make crescent-shaped holes on two sides of a piece of wood. 

Following this, the compressed and well-dried concave biscuits are used to attach components to wooden parts. Usually, the wooden biscuits are attached to the wood components using glue. The unique adhesive also causes the biscuits to expand, thus improving the bond between the parts.

With such good DIY tool, you can be sure of faster and more repeatable work. It is a tool that helps to streamline an otherwise tedious process – thus letting you complete more work in less time. You will eliminate all the guesswork from your woodworking. 

At this point, the main question for you is – “Do I need a biscuit joiner, and how do I choose the best one?”

Using Biscuit Joiners

While biscuit joiners are available in many different designs and models, these tools usually work through a few key ways. Typically, the workpieces are often combined with the woodwork. Then, the user develops a specific location for placing the biscuits. More so, precise measurements are not often required, as the biscuits are sometimes hidden when assembling the pieces. Thus, using a pen to mark both pieces where they align is an important factor. The components are then separated, and the machine is used to cut the curved biscuits.  

The body of the machine that consists of the spring is loaded. Then, place the blade in a normal position, where it is then retracted. You then have to align the machine, and also apply some force to direct the body forward on the base plate to develop the cut. Then, the waste material from the cutting is removed from the slot on the right section of the plate. 

Since the slots are sometimes longer than biscuits, you can still slide the panels either side once you assemble the joints. Such a unique design makes biscuit joiners simple to use because they don’t require exceptional accuracy or jigs to develop quality joints.

You can easily adjust the height of the cut through the use of an adjustable stop. The small base is simple to rotate 90 degrees, and accessories are available for adjusting the offset of the bottom to the blade. Some biscuit joiners also make it simple to cut slots at specific angles other than ninety degrees. Thus, being able to adjust the angle in such a manner speeds up assembly procedures, such as when making cupboards.

How to Buy the Best Biscuit Joiner

Nothing beats biscuit joiner for projects such as DIY woodwork and more. All you need is to mill slots in the mating pieces, use some glue, put the biscuits in position, assemble and complete. The tools we have in this list follow various safety and design ergonomics factors. A recent study did well to show that ergonomics plays an important role in reducing tool work related injuries. In a few minutes, you should have a well-developed joint that is also well-aligned and suitable for weight-bearing applications. 

Some of the key features to consider when buying biscuit joiners include:

Integrated and Adjustable Fence

Accuracy is an essential factor to consider when developing joints, and a joiner kit should deliver. Usually, the biscuit joiner features a rack and pinion fence, that helps to ensure the fence and blade are placed in parallel. This is usually the toughest aspect of developing an excellent biscuit for woodwork projects. 

More so, the one-piece fences are also often integrated into the overall design of the joiner for convenience. Plus, they are usually adjustable, and you can tilt them at various angles to suit the nature of your work. The joiner should also have a unique configuration to make it easy to develop flush cuts without removing the fence. Also, an exclusive 45 degree locating notch on the fence, would make it easy to index an exterior biscuit metric.

Motor Power

The motor is an essential component of any good biscuit joiner. Thus, ensure that you evaluate aspects of the motor, such as the amp and RPM levels. A good motor should provide sufficient power for making cuts at specific depths, regardless of the type of wood. Also, the force behind the cut is a critical aspect of making tool use safely. 

This is because it helps to prevent any unexpected movements as you work on the wood piece. With a powerful motor, you can create a strong biscuit dowel connection that suits the nature of your projects. It will also help you accurately cut adjoining holes for butt joints, miter joints and more. 

Design Details Including Preset Stops

Convenience is essential when you want to exploit the full potential of your biscuit joiner. For instance, features such as non-marring and heavy-duty joiner shoes, helps you to clamp down the tool for stable stationary work. And whether you want to use the joiner in the clamped down position, or as a mobile unit – the anti-slip and retractable pins should help to hold the workpiece in place. This way, you can develop accurate cuts, which is an important step in home interior design projects. The tool should also be compact to provide ease of handling. Usually, such devices are available with a large top grip that provides optimal control over the tool, while a slim and ergonomic design offers convenient operation. 

Other Important Features

  • Depth control – these are functions that provide quick and precise adjustment for mortising depths, that are similar to the specific tenon sizes required for your woodwork
  • Pivoting fence – these are unique fences that you can use to create angled mortises with positive stops at various degrees
  • Mortise adjustment – being able to customize the width of the mortise makes it easy to align the joining panels 
  • Preset stops – the preset stops provide convenience because they include all the standard biscuit sizes
  • Product brand – the popular biscuit joiner brands include Makita, Festool, PORTER – CABLE and more
  • Dust collection bug – the ideal biscuit joiner also features a dust collection bag for optimal user convenience when working

Overall: Top 6 Biscuit Joiner for Professional WoodWork

vonhaus 8.5 amp wood biscuit plate joiner

Adjustable, convenient and reliable. These are some of the main values associated with using the VonHaus 8.5Amp Biscuit Plate Joiner. It comes with a dust collection bag that you can fit the joiner with just a simple push of a button.

Also, the suction function operates when this unit is in use, thus keeping your working area free of debris. You can also use the adjustable tilt fence in any position, to provide exceptional angled biscuit miter joints. 

This best biscuit joiner is also compatible with different types of woods. This, its idea for building wooden furniture, DIY projects, restoration and more. For accurate cutting, this unit has a secure dowel connection to suit different projects. It also works well for accurately cut adjoining holes or for miter joints. 

The large top grip also provides control over the tool, while the ergonomic body offers comfortable operation. For convenient use, the biscuit joiner also has pre-set stops, to suit the conventional biscuit sizes. It also features an M setting, which you can use to put the tool in manual mode conveniently.

The Ups

  • Powerful 8.5 Amp motor – this unit can make accurate biscuit cuts for super-strong miter joints and edge-to-edge corner joints
  • Adjustable fence – it also features an adjustable fence that allows for convenient placement of the tool at any angle
  • Dust collection port – the dust collection port and bag make it easy to clean up and provide an unobstructed view when in use 
  • Unique top grip – the top grip offers optimal control over the tool and stability over your tool

The Downs

  • Small dust collection port – you might consider swapping the dust collection bag with a larger version
  • Heats up after use – the section with the motor might heat up mainly if you use the joiner on a regular basis

Runners Up Category

aoben 8.5 amp biscuit cutter plate joiner

With the AOBEN 8.5 Amp Biscuit Joiner, you can be sure of an excellent addition to your tool collection. The biscuit joiner works well for various types of solid wood, chipboard, fiberboards and more.

Furthermore, users can also fit the dust bag to the joiner with just a simple push-on connection. The inclusion of a suction function means that you have a reliable cleaning solution. The suction function operates while the machine is in use, and it will keep your working area from debris. 

Aside from being highly durable, this unit also has an appealing finish. This way, you work on your woodwork projects with style and class. More so, the joiner also features pre-set stops, that can suit the conventional biscuit sizes.

The joiner also features a unique M setting, which places the tool in manual mode. This way, you can enjoy cutting custom depths to suit specific woodworking projects. Even more, the biscuit joiner features an adjustable tilt fence, which you can easily lock from any position.

The Ups

  • Suitable for different types of joints – this unit works well for a corner, miter, frame and centre wall joint
  • Convenient dust collection bag – the biscuit joiner also features a dust bag with a convenient push-on connection
  • Preset stops – the machine also has pre-set stops which are suitable for the conventional biscuit sizes
  • Smooth operation – the adjustable tilt fence is simple to lock from any position and to suit different applications

The Downs

  • Dust collection bag fills up fast – some users find it inconveniencing that the dust collection bag fills up quickly
  • The preset stops are not all accurate – the preset stops do not include all the specific dimensions for woodwork projects
porter-cable plate joiner kit

Offering as many as seven cuttings settings to suit various wood types, The Porter-Cable plate features several unique features for dependable performance. Whether you are a professional woodworker or cabinet maker, you will appreciate the versatile functionality of this unit.

This unit owes its exceptional performance to the inclusion of a powerful 7-amp 120-volt motor, that rotates at speeds of 10,000rpm. Furthermore, the fence can also tilt through various unique angles, thereby providing ease of placement inside and outside corner registrations. 

For optimal stability and control when cutting, this unit has a bale handle attached to the fence rather than the motor. Even more, the biscuit joiner comes complete with a lock-on trigger, which is a vital part of an exceptional fence system. 

This way, you can get accurate readings, fencing plate for stabilization and more. The inclusion of a keyhole slotted cover and spindle lock let you perform easy and convenient blade removable. Also, the seven cutting settings mean that you can address various types of biscuit sizes and fastening accessories with ease.

The Ups

  • Powerful 7-amp 120-volt motor – the biscuit joiner features a sturdy blade that rotates at exceptional speeds
  • Positive adjustable stop – the positive adjustable stop and micro height adjustment knob offers convenient biscuit positioning
  • Complete with a lock-on trigger – the innovate system with a pivot point guarantees accurate height readings each time
  • Dynamic blade sizes and face frame biscuits – features a technologically advanced system that accepts two blades and face frame biscuits

The Downs

  • Blades are difficult to replace – the blades are sometimes prone to damage and can be challenging to replace
  • Produces some noise in operation – the motor is not well muffled during operation
festool 574432 domino joiner

Joining has always been a challenging and slow process. Never again, all thanks to the Festool 574432 Domino Joiner DF 500 Q Set, which is an excellent addition to your professional work regimen. The system comes with a unique Domino joiner, Tenon and pre-fabricated Beech.

To be specific, the Domino Joiner offers an advanced cutting method and simple indexing features, to make flawless mortises each time. More so, the Domino Tenon is equally as impressive, because it provides 100% rotation proof and is far stronger than the traditional biscuits. 

On top of that, it also features an ample sized gluing surface area, to provide added strength. It also comes with a unique and patented cutting mechanism, that also features a spiral cutter with carbide tip. The tip oscillates at high speeds to deliver exceptional mortises every time. 

Such a unique design provides the ideal entry for a flush surface while preventing issues such as heat accumulation. It also comes with stop pins that provide consistent indexing on the edge of your workpiece, which is vital for alignment when joining panels. This way, you can produce precise and dependable joints to suit different types of professional work projects.

The Ups

  • Unique patented cutting action – the biscuit joiner rotates to provide a clean, perfect and repeatable mortises each time
  • Pivoting fence – the pivoting fence makes it easy to develop angled mortises at unique angles and with precise positive stops
  • Dust extractable design – such a unique design offers clean mortise holes for enhanced glue adhesion and improved cutting life
  • Precise positioning structure – features an adjustable fence angle, adjustable cutter height and exact mortise depth stops 

The Downs

  • Blade replacement is not easy – while this unit performs well, maintenance is often a challenge for some users
  • Somewhat heavy in the hands – some users find this unit to be slightly heavier than the conventional biscuit joiner
makita xjp03z

Are you planning to develop small cabinets for your shop or large in-built solutions for your house? If yes, then owning a biscuit joiner is the ultimate solution for your needs. The Makita XJP03Z Lithium-Ion Plate Joiner is the ideal solution for your needs.

This tool lets you cut the slots in pieces, add glue and insert a convenient biscuit with ease. It also features a tungsten razor sharp tipped blade, that will provide seamless wood joints with exceptional precision.

 For enhanced versatility, the tool can also be powered by Makita 18V and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries. The XJP03Z offers as much as 320 cuts or 60 joints in a single charge. The plate joiner also has a durable design that will withstand almost anything that you throw at it. 

Customization and maintenance of this unit is also easy, thanks to its straightforward physical design. More so, the rack and pinion fence system is developed to provide accurate fence adjustments. The cast aluminum front body will provide optimal durability to suit different woodwork projects.

The Ups

  • Tool-less blade cover and shaft – these two components allow for fast and convenient blade changes for your needs
  • Non-marring rubber inserts – the inclusion of the rubber inserts are developed to prevent any material slippages
  • Slim and ergonomic design – such a unique physical design makes the tool simple on the hands and dynamic as well 
  • Cast aluminum front body – the durable design of this unit is durable and offers longevity

The Downs

  • The rubber inserts are not durable – you might have to replace the rubber inserts over time due to repeated damage
  • The grip is not suitable for users with large hands – some users with large hands find it difficult to hold the grip 
dewalt plate joiner kit

Change how you take on your DIY projects with the DEWALT plate joiner, that boasts of many unique features for our needs. Featuring a powerful motor that is both silent and efficient, you can be sure of a reliable tool for working hardwoods.

Even more, it comes with a dual rack and pinion fence that make it easy to develop accurate joints every time. The integral one-piece fence is also adjustable and can tilt at various angles. Accuracy is essential when developing joints, and the DeWalt Plate Joiner Kit delivers when you need it. 

It comes with a dual rack and pinion fence, that will ensure that blade and fence are always parallel. The once piece fence is also integrated into the design of the joiner to provide convenience. 

Furthermore, it is also adjustable, and you can tilt it at various angles to suit the nature of your project. The plate joiner also has a unique configuration that makes it easy to develop flush cuts without detaching the fence. Also, a 45-degree locating notch in the fence delivers easy indexing of an exterior registration.

The Ups

  • 45-degree location notch – the powerful locating groove makes it easy to perform indexing off the outside surface of the mitered joint
  • Dual rack and pinion fence – these are components that are always in parallel to deliver accurate joints each time
  • Non-marring and heavy-duty shoe – the heavy-duty show makes it easy for the joiner to be clamped to a stationary platform
  • Preset depth stops – the inclusion of the preset depth stops means that the tool can suit different biscuit sizes

The Downs

  • Cleaning the dust collection bag is not easy – the dust collection bag is not easy to detach for some novice tool users
  • The grips on the handle are not durable – while the grips help to provide optimal tool control, they fade away with time


Owning proper tools is essential when it comes to the woodworking business. For instance, the best biscuit joiner is an excellent tool for those who want to work on small DIY projects. It’s a tool that lets you produce various types of woodwork, as though have been working professionally for years.

We have identified some of the top brands for you, along with some critical design features and factors. While the VonHaus 8.5 Amp Wood Biscuit Plate Joiner is outstanding, you can still get value for your money from the other tools mentioned in the list. These tools are reliable, simple to use and a must-have for any savvy woodworker. A good biscuit joiner is compact and ergonomic, thus making it perfect for your work performance. Get a good biscuit joiner and instantly take your woodworking projects to the next level.