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Battery-Powered Vs Gas Lawn Mowers – Pros and Cons And Which Is Better

By: Darion Robinson

With 38 million lawn mowers being used in the United States (and increasing) my need for a lawnmower was just another statistic for manufacturers of this equipment. However, it was something different for me because I was making an investment to clean my garden and mow the extra grass in my backyard.

I did not want to make an investment in some equipment that was visible in practically every other household. I was determined to have a lawnmower which could not only help me to clear the extra growth of grass in the backyard but wouldn’t also need maintenance frequently. My backyard was moderately large and in the region of half an acre. The grass covering the area was thick and unless it was mowed down regularly it had the potential to make my backyard appear as a dump. I wasn’t intending to leave my backyard unattended and therefore decided it was essential for me to mow down the lawn in order to keep the backyard looking beautiful.

Battery-Powered Vs Gas Lawn Mowers

I was aware I simply had to visit the hardware store and pick up a lawnmower before I began cleaning up my back yard. I had information as well that I could purchase either a battery-powered or a gasoline powered lawnmower. The dilemma before me was which one I should be choosing. Should I stick to the traditional gasoline-powered lawnmower or should I look for the contemporary battery-powered versions? This dilemma made me visit a few hardware stores to have discussions with personnel to understand which model would best suit the requirements I had. It also gave me an opportunity to view various models available on the market and even to conduct some mock drills to understand whether the lawnmower I was choosing would be great for my place. Ultimately the choice boiled down to either a battery-powered or a gasoline powered lawnmower and it was at this stage that I began considering the pros and cons of both versions before making a decision.

I initially considered the gasoline-powered lawnmower as it was the model which is the most popular around the country. Moreover, it was also affordable and fit into the budget I had conveniently. However, I still wanted to understand whether this was better than the battery-powered lawn mower and therefore decided to look at the pros and cons between both models. Given below is what I discovered by visiting leading hardware stores searching for the perfect lawn mower for myself and my garden.

Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers


  • – Battery-Powered/Electric lawn mowers are quiet and require low maintenance.
  • – They are great for small lawns.
  • – Being lightweight they can be operated by anyone.
  • – They are easy to start.
  • – Most importantly they are environment-friendly.


  • – The cost of battery-powered lawn mowers is prohibitive.
    – They cannot be used in wet areas because electrical problems can occur.
  • – Corded models have a limited reach and can also be a tripping hazard.
  • – Cordless models are not suitable for areas that are over three-quarters of an acre.
  • – They cannot handle tall or thick areas of grass efficiently.

I certainly preferred the battery-powered lawn mower despite its higher cost because it was environmentally friendly and was easy to use. However, I wasn’t certain it would suit my requirements perfectly as my garden was moderately large. I had to ensure the lawnmower I purchased would allow me to clear the grass in my backyard in one round rather than make me go back, again and again, to have the battery charged. After understanding the pros and cons of the battery-powered lawnmower I decided to have a look at the traditional variety to understand how it could benefit me.

Gasoline Powered Lawn Mowers

is the gas lawn mower better than the electric?


  • This was a relatively inexpensive model.
  • I didn’t have to charge it indicating I could take the equipment anywhere I wanted.
  • The traditional lawn mower could run longer.
  • It was great to mow the lawn of any size.
  • It was even better for areas with tall and thick grass.
  • It is a safer model.


  • The gasoline-powered lawnmower can be pretty noisy.
  • It needs significant maintenance.
  • It is not environmentally friendly because of carbon emissions.
  • It is heavier.
  • It can be difficult to start.
  • It requires a pre-start-up routine similar to vehicles for checking oil and gas levels.

The pros of the gasoline-powered lawnmower made me wonder whether this was the model I should be looking forward to purchasing. The pros had everything in their favor but having a moderate size garden made me wonder whether I was prepared to torture myself with the loud noise every time I began mowing the grass. The fact that it was heavier meant that significant effort would be needed on my part during the mowing. The gasoline-powered lawn mower gave me a feeling that I was purchasing a second vehicle rather than some equipment simply to clear the grass in my backyard.

After collecting information about the pros and cons of lawnmowers of both varieties I began making a comparison between the two in order to understand which one I should be choosing. I had only considered the basic pros and cons of both the models and favored the battery powered lawnmower because it was environmentally friendly. However, I hadn’t considered the fact that purchasing a battery-powered lawnmower simply doesn’t mean that I can use it and put it away. I still had to ensure I cleaned it after every use and paid proper attention to the battery. I had to understand that if the batteries are left unattended they could fade away quickly. I didn’t have the option of leaving the battery-powered lawnmower sitting in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time. I had to keep watch over it regularly if I didn’t want the lawnmower to be dead when I need it most during the spring.

The gasoline-powered lawnmower was easier to put away in the winter and forget about it because it requires attention wherever it is being used. Considering that it was easier to use and maintain I almost made up my mind to invest in the gasoline-powered lawn mower but did not arrive at a decision until I also considered the following facts.

Having a discussion with my friends gave me information that a well-maintained lawn mower should last me for at least 8 to 10 years and therefore I was advised to ensure I was comfortable with the decision I made when selecting a model for myself.

I was advised to make a list of what my needs were along with the kind of yard I had. My backyard was moderate in size and therefore I was advised that a battery-powered lawnmower may not be suitable for my garden.

As my backyard was moderate with thick clumps of crabgrass the only option available to me was to consider a gasoline powered lawnmower. Here again, I had to look at my physical requirements, consider the power of the lawnmower and enquire whether the lawnmower I was considering was lightweight and easy to start. The discussions I had with my friends and the list I created gave me an understanding of what my lawn needs leading me to different hardware stores in search of the perfect model in both gas powered and battery-powered lawnmowers.

When I began my search for a lawnmower for my backyard I never believed I would be making an attempt to learn everything about lawnmowers. However, I even gained information about different types of grass which could be growing in my backyard which needed special attention. Despite preferring the battery-powered lawn mower I ultimately invested in the gasoline-powered lawnmower because of my back yard.

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